My Orc Knuckles Bring All the Gnomes to the Yard

Lok’tar friends! If you don’t read Armageddon’s Coming, start.  Since you won’t have a clue what I’m talking about if you don’t, go read this.  I’ll wait.  Seriously, I’m a lot funnier with context.  Done?  So ya, my Orc knuckles bring all the gnomes to the yard….

Orc Knuckles

Then I slice them in two with my Bloodied Arcanite Reaper!

Arcanite Reaper

Okay, a bit lame, I know, but I’m chuckling.  And this here is my blog (and a few others as well) so I’ll say what I want!

To get to a bit of a point, I’ve been doing a ton of pvp lately.  I’ve been transient twinking, to be specific.  Kor, my Orc warrior has almost exclusively levelled in the BGs since level 17.  This is him at level 68 (today):


There have been a few quests here and there and a couple instance runs to help him get to 65 before the end of brewfest (thanks guildies!), but mostly I’ve been pvp’ing to level, much like Gnomer has been doing with Squidly.  Unfortunately, Squidly and Kor are not likely to ever meet in the battlegrounds since we play on different battlegroups, but we’ve both been enjoying pvp a lot lately (at least I assume he has since he’s been posting about it constantly, and I’ve been reading his posts like crazy).

I have an ultimate goal for Kor.  I want to be able to legitimately call him Conqueror Kor.  Our guild technically has a Conqueror rank, but its no in-game title and doesn’t mean anything in comparison with that grind.  Since Kor was only started about a month or two ago, he never had the opportunity to get the title back when you could turn marks in for rep (weren’t those the days?), so he has a long slog ahead of him to get exalted with the three factions required.  Currently, he’s about half way through friendly with the Warsong Outriders, half way through Honored with the Defilers and he’s already exalted with the Frostwolf Clan as of a few days ago. 

Conqueror Title Progress

Right now, Kor is sitting at level 68 and he’s been a blast for me to play.  So much so, that I’m once again planning on switching my main. 

Anyways, for anyone interested in what my experiences (as opposed to xp) have been like in the BGs, I thought I would post a few screenshots to give you an idea of what its been like.  In general, this is some BG info:

BG General Info

For each of the individual BGs, here’s some win/loss rates for me:

WSG Info

AB Info

AV Info

In case those are hard to read, the battles played to wins for each are: WSG: 121 played / 89 wins.  AB :143 played / 100 wins.  AV: 68 played / 43 wins.

Since I’ve been in the BGs quite a bit, I’ve also racked up a few achievements over the levels.  Looking at the meta achievements, here’s my progress in those three battlegrounds:

Master of WSG Progress

Master of AB Progress

Master of AV Progress

As far as those three go, WSG has only three achievements outstanding for the Master of Warsong Gulch meta.  Save The Day, which I haven’t quite managed yet; 100 victories, which I’m getting closer to; and exalted with Warsong Outriders, which I’m still a long ways off from.  In AB, I’ve got four outstanding and in AV I’ve got five left.  I’m pretty proud that I’ve managed to get some of them, like Ironman, which took a while, but they’re kinda in the backseat.

In the meantime, I’m in the Alliance Base Eating Your Babies!!!1! /rawr


Hey, he kinda looks like a baby.  GET IN MY BELLY!

Alliance Baby

Stay Hordecore!

— Fikkle


7 Responses to “My Orc Knuckles Bring All the Gnomes to the Yard”

  1. lol… Great finishing touch!

    You are definitely having a higher rate of success than Squidly… Get out of my base!

  2. After today you’ve awaken my hordecore side again 🙂

    That was too too much fun!

  3. OMG. Look at those win percentages.
    Alliance is so fail at pvp. We *finally* had wintergrasp TWICE last night. I even got to do VoA. But still … I’ve been running 2-3 heroics a day, and if we had WG most of the time like the Horde does … I’d be sitting pretty on a Black War Mammoth and planning which BoA gear to purchase next for my Alliance babies … you better not eat them!

  4. /gets salt and pepper

    /prepares to eat the dirty stinkin alliance babies.

  5. Dude, you wouldn’t want to eat gnomes..just tear em up, and leave em for the dogs to eat, they give you serious heart burn. Those are some sick stats dude, keep it up, and you’ll be conqueror Kor in no time! Now to catch you with conqueror Gozjin…
    ~PAPA Sy(yeah, I got a new title!)

  6. […] more impressive that Fikkles BG statistics… and did that Horde win ration make me cry…. […]

  7. For The Horde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    O O

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