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And the Winner is…

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First of all, let me say thank you to everyone that came by my site adn entered my contest! If you came by my site, didn’t bother to say hi or anything, even enter the contest, well, you guys are cool too. (Unless you didn’t enter because you thought my art work was crap…then I’ll hunt you down like the little gnomes you smell like. Yeah, we know you were here, we have good noses…) Anyway, the traffic increase here and at World of Sylus was amazing. No sales of toon picks yes, but I’m assuming that’s because you all want to know if you won the free toon drawing first. (that’s what I’m telling myself to keep from crying at night. )

We had many great comments, and many more people pimp my art work via twitter, blogs, and even facebook. Thank you all for the kind words(even if they were to get in my good graces to win the artwork) I still love you! So, here’s how I picked the winner. I wrote down all of the people that pimped my stuffs on the internets. (Twitter posts with links, facebook posts with links, blog posts, etc) After I had all of your names on little pieces of paper,(Gnome, you had your name in there like 6 times I think, YOU ANIMAL!) the lovely LadyGil drew one random name out of the bucket. (it was this candy thing for Halloween, scary!) Now, I know who that name is, heck I want to tell you who that name is, but I think I better not just yet. Let me spend a little bit more time rambling on and on about how awesome this contest was, how cool my artwork is, and how amazing you all were for entering and visiting the site.

Is that enough rambling? If not I can do some more, seriously. I can ramble for hours and hours without slowing down. Okay, I”m boring myself. The name drawn out of the hat, against all odds(seriously, how the crap was Gnome not drawn, he was in there so many times!) the winner of one custom toon drawing is none other than DotComLarry. Yes folks, DOTCOMLARRY. Good Ol’ Dot threw out a tweet during the second day of the contest I believe and came back here telling me to check it out. I did, and thank you for the kind words Larry! I’ll be contacting you via twitter to get your info on what toon you want, the screenshot, and where to send it too.

As soon as I’m done with this fine piece of artwork, I’ll post it out here on the interwebs for all to see. Now, I wasn’t going to do this, but Gnome, send me a direct message on twitter. I’m giving you a second place prize. I feel you earned it. I mean seriously, I got so much face time on Gomeageddon’s blog I was beginning to feel like I was a co-author or something, sheesh. It kind of creeped me out a bit, seriously, the view from down there is scary!

Well guys, thanks for the great contest and traffic. Keep stopping by, and remember if you want to purchase a custom piece of world of warcraft art for you or a loved one, check out my etsy shop, or leave me a comment at world of Sylus.

~Uncle Sy


It’s Official!

Posted in Achievements, Warrior on October 29, 2009 by Kor

Lok’tar friends!  Meet my new main!

Kor Hits 80

Kor is now a level 80 warrior!

Oh, and I’ve finally got my RP project off the ground.  I’m actually going to call it a fan fiction blog, but if you’re interested in going to read some stories about an Orc Warrior and a Human Warrior, you can go check it out at Dragontooth Chronicles.


Stay Hordecore!



Win a Free Character Drawing!

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Hey guys, it’s Sy again, with another contest! This one’s a good one folks, with prizes, pimpage, and passion fruit?… Okay, so maybe no passion fruit, but definitely prizes and pimpage!

Here’s the contest. I want you to tell the World…of Warcraft about how they can get their very own character drawn! Just find a creative way to tell the internet about either my etsy shop, or my personal blog and you could win a custom drawing of your character’s bust. Yes, bust. That’s his face, chest area, and shoulders(if they are sweet looking enough! No level 14 white shoulders here folks!

For your chance to win, just leave a comment on this post telling me where, and how you pimped my artwork. Wala, you are entered!

I’ll run this contest through the end of this week, picking a winner on saturday and getting contact info on how to get started on your award-winning piece. Yes, it will win awards, and I haven’t even started it yet. Now, you know I’m not a slouch at the art, but just in case you forgot, here’s my baby troll hunter’s face. This was done with Copic markers on 81/2 inch x 11 inch acid free paper. Your’s will be the same size, and of the same quality(or better!)


I’ve also got a tree druid up right now at Tree of Doom. yes, I did the header for Saresa’s tree blog. I like it. Now get out there and tell the World…of Warcraft, and get your hands on a custom toon sketch created by Sy just for You!

~Uncle Sy

Save the Best

Posted in Alts, Discussion, Leveling, PvP, Twink, Warrior on October 23, 2009 by Kor

I’ve had my mind made up for a while now and I may have mentioned it here before, but I wanted to talk about it one more time before its official.  When will it be official?  “Soon”

My history with the different classes in the game is a bit unique and very altaholic-ish.  That being said, I want to run a recap of characters that I’ve considered my main of that class. 

I started out as a Mage.  His name was Fikkle.  I retired him during BC (at level 70), but have kept the name as my internet persona.  He’s since been levelled to 74 in Wrath so he can port to Dal.  Yes, that is the only reason I levelled him at all.  After that I levelled two other characters at the same time.  The first was a priest.  He was going to be a raid healer.  He made it Terokkar before I dumped him and swore I’d never ever play a priest again.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some good priests, I just can’t stand playing one.  The other one was my hunter, Grimshot.  He became my main once he hit 70, taking over from my hunter.  He raided and was the character I took the farthest in current-at-the-time end game content.  After that a bunch of us decided to reroll on a pvp server to see what it was like.  My Druid Antaeus was born and levelled to 64 on that server before I switched him to a PvE server.  He then finished levelling to 70 and did some BGs and Arenas, never getting very far.  After that, I dual-boxed a Warlock and Shaman from 1-70 together.  The Warlock hasn’t been played since.  The Shaman, Brak, hit 70 just before the Scourge invasion and then became my first character to 80 in Wrath.  He’s been my main for the past year.  Once again going back to before Wrath, I had a Paladin that I’d levelled to 64 and never ended up getting back to.  After Brak hit 80, I pulled Juris out and quickly rocked through to level cap, getting my second character to 80.  After that I levelled a Rogue that I had at mid level (can’t remember when I got him there) up and he made it to 73, where he is now.  After that, I took my hunter back out, levelled him to 80 and decided that I’m no longer a hunter.  It was a sad day.  It was almost as sad as the day the music died.  Can’t remember when it was, but after having done 200 arena matches in the arena tournament as a Death Knight, I pulled my DK out of the starter area and levelled him to cap as my fourth 80.

If you’re keeping score, there is one class I haven’t mentioned yet.  Warrior.  I suppose I saved the best for last.  Not that I’m saying they are the best class in the game (they are the best class in the game) but they are the best class for me.  There are a few reasons for that though.  You’ll notice that I started with a caster, and with the exception of the hunter, I levelled all of the casters first, and even levelled my shaman and druid in resto builds (and maybe moonkin too, for the druid).  After hitting 70, my Shaman went enhance and I tried melee out for the first time.  I liked it.  I levelled my Paladin ret.  It was easymode.  I levelled a rogue.  Very sneaky-cool, Sir.  I played a DK in the arena tournament, and that I think had the biggest impact on it.  While there were times when I got frustrated and just logged out for the night before we’d met our quota, I really learned how to play a melee class in pvp from those 200 matches in a short amount of time.  The DK really allowed me to find my own spot in the BGs.  My live-server DK, Martog, was levelled to 80 before the changes to pvp levelling were introduced, so I never got to try that with him.  But my Warrior, Kor, has almost exclusively levelled in BGs.  That experience as well, has really helped me to learn the class well, what works for them and what doesn’t.  I think knowing ALL of the other classes helps as well, but when it comes right down to it, I’ve found me a home. 

My brother came to visit last weekend.  He saw me pvp’ing on my warrior for the first time and was blown away at how much I was outdamaging the next highest person in the BGs, and the tricks I was using to keep myself moving and living, while still killing everything else around me.  Now, I’m not trying to toot my own horn here.  I would never call myself ‘the illest’Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉  Then again, my warrior isn’t the son of the man.  Although, he could be, he’s not really sure.  He’s an orphan and doesn’t know who his parents are… (RP Story coming “Soon”)

 They’re definately not gnomes though.  I mean, I have green skin, not green hair.  

Anyways, all I’m saying is that I’ve learned a thing or two and decided to write some tips for anyone else who’d be interested.  I’m planning a multi-part guide to levelling an Arms warrior as a Transient Twink, called Arsenal.  Keep an eye out.  So right now, Kor is level 72.  I’ve been keeping him going, and I’ve got his gear wish list ready for both Prot (Primary spec) and Arms (Secondary spec) for when he hits 80.  I want to get back into raiding, I’m enjoying him that much.  I also plan on pvp’ing with him until he’s a Conqueror.  Those are his roots after all.  Maybe then I’ll be able to be the illestconquerorwarrior! Amirite?

 EDIT: /grammarhammer… I can’t believe I there’d a they’re… wow

Stay Hordecore


This pic disturbs me

Posted in Random on October 23, 2009 by forthepie
This is a gnome, not a cow...right?

This is a gnome, not a cow...right?

Blog Reader Super-pro Tip

Posted in Humor, Paladin on October 22, 2009 by Kor

Blog reader Super-pro tip. Don’t read FORBEARANCE at work unless you want to randomly giggle for half an hour while your co-workers rustle up a nice white jacket for you to wear.

So I’d never heard about FORBEARANCE until I read Gnomeaggedon‘s post yesterday about the return of the Megs! She’s guest posting for Jong at FORBEARANCE from time to time. And boy was this a blog match made in heaven… Seriously, go read and be ready to giggle uncontrollably. And welcome back Megs, we missed you!


Stay Hordecore


Real Life Expansion Packs and Heroic Dungeon!

Posted in Real Life on October 19, 2009 by sylus

This past week has been extremely busy, crazy and off the wall. Many of you knew that I was waiting on the release date for my newest real life expansion pack, and as of Wednesday morning(3:12 to be exact) the ex-pac went live! Let me tell you, this expansion pack (titled Fatherhood: Your Life will Never be the Same) comes only after completing one of the hardest(and disturbing!) 5 man dungeons in the game…HEROIC BIRTHING ROOM 2!!!

Now, let me give you a bit of detail about this encounter leading up to the expansion pac. First off, it’s your standard 5 man run. All of the standard group requirements are there. You’ve got your tank(the mother holding all aggro), your healer(doctor), your DPS class and support roles(nurses and me!). All in all pretty standard group makeup.

Now, something you need to know about HBR2(Heroic Birthing Room 2) is that it’s not a “normal” boss encounter. You see, at first the boss is this little gnome, all cute and cuddly. It’s not a normal fight either. Yes, the tank is keeping aggro, the healer keeps the tank(and group) from wiping, and the rest of us give our support, but there’s a new mechanic involved in this one too.  The fight is long and hard. When we ran the instance it took about 13 hours…Yes, hours. From what I have heard, 13 is nothing, some groups running it in as many as 36+ hours for a succesful run….ouch. During the encounter(the entire run involves a single boss(well, it could involve 2, 3, even 8(sorry octomom!)), ours was just he single boss mode…I guess that makes the others hard modes? Anyway…

This fight is done in ten stages, a diagram below illustrates this for you:


Sorry this pic is on its side…. the chart wasn’t cooperating with me. If you’d take a look at the progression, it gets larger, and more difficult as the fight goes, building in intensity throughout.

Now, this fight comes with its rewards, in fact, one of the best pieces of loot I’ve ever seen dropped! First, lets show off the regular ol’ gear drops.


Yes, two helms dropped! The little one is +20 frost protection, while the big one is +40. (This is the difference between the smallest and largest they give new born babies at birth!)

Now, the loot you’ve all been waiting to see….


That’s the tank(my wife…wait, tank doesn’t sound flattering…meat shield?) holding the legendary drop! Little Lily!

The stats on this one are amazing, 8lbs, 14 oz. 20 1/2 inches long, born at 3:12 am. Totally way past my  bedtime, but totally worth it! Thanks Ladygil for giving me an awesome new daughter,you are the greatest gal an orc could ask for!

Oh, and I got a new title as well!
~Papa Sy