How to be Super-Pro

If, like me, you play WoW in between work, school, reading for work, reading for school, reading for pleasure, laundry, cold cut trio subs, sleeping and Super Contra, then you may not have the benefit of vast amounts of time to learn all the nifty tricks of the warrior way. I’d like to help. Here I present what I hope to be the beginning of a series of quick tips for becoming a warrior of legend.

 Brewmaster Nimrock’s Sure-fire Method for Looking Super-Pro in an instance.

This is a little something I use to bring a pinch of class into a normally boring heroic instance run. I also use this method to impress PuG’s I happen to be tanking for. After all, what’s all the Effective Health in the world going to do for you if you can’t pull in style?

  1. Find a group of trash that contains at least one caster. When in doubt pick the mob that is wearing a dress and carrying a staff.
  2. To be most impressive, try to find the group with a caster that is as far away from the melee as you can.
  3. Target that mob and mark it as first kill, say you use skull.
  4. Pick another mob, at random, and mark it as second kill, say you use X.
  5. Be a warrior, level 80 and have Juggernaut, Heroic Throw and Gag Order.
  6. Prepare for the pull.
  7. Target skull, hit heroic throw, target X, charge, thunderclap.
  8. If you have done it correctly, an enormous weapon will fly at the caster, stunning him and locking out his spells. Immediately after you will rush in the opposite direction leaving an afterburner jet trail in your wake. Lightning will burst from your feet, all melee mobs will attack you, and the caster, unable to bring spells to bear, will limp over to hit you with his nancy staff.

Enjoy the benefits of this flashy trick. If you happen to be a member of the lesser tanking classes, I’m sorry but I can’t help you.


3 Responses to “How to be Super-Pro”

  1. I kinda want to be a tank now…that seems like fun!

  2. NIM! YOU’RE POSTING AGAIN!!!! Be still my beating heart!

    Also, I’ve realized I want to throw a huge axe at people in dresses….
    ~Uncle Sy

  3. I’m Arms (and loving it) for pvp levelling. But dual spec as prot will come and these tips are yummy. That and Nim Blogging are both win.

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