Random Email Chain of the Day:Character Lineup

Pie Writes:

Since Sy and Nim and Roz have become “dirty alliance scum” a lot…and left Fikkle and I to our own devices (which usually involve pwning noobs in bgs) and Jaarka is busy being a school bum.  Oh and Slig and Grubs are cheating on WOW with some “other” game….

I thought I would let you all know my proposed Cataclysm lineup.

For the Horde:
Halke — Orc Hunter with Red Drake (the bestest flying mount of all time(TM) )
Naciasto — Tauren Druid (some drood is black with grey main cat (cat is 4 fite) and black and grey bear (bare is 4 tank)  also sumtimes is owl.
Forpaj — soon to be Tauren Priest because sometimes Cow is for heals and for lots bubbles (oh and the current Forpaj can haz prayer of Fort..rawr)
Tombreaver — Undead Rogue because Lady S needs her some good Deathstalkers

I currently have a Orc lock, and two placeholder characters on Dawnbringer, I may go Goblin Mage and then I’ll probably roll an orc warrior, or switch my current Tauren Warrior to an Orc.  One of my new characters will be a Tauren paladin.  I actually got in the entire NPC conversation in TB the other day, so I am really stoked about them.  Depending on what I do with my orc shaman (see below) may be a goblin shaman in the mix.

Dirty Alliance Scum:
Piepal — Soon to be Draenei Paladin because face it male Draenei look awesome in plate.  Also, I can bring +hit for joo
Xorak — currently orc shaman will become Dwarf Shaman when it opens…dwarf + shaman…nuff said.  Or may stay with the orc shaman and roll new dwarf.
Peperic — Dwarf Hunter like Halk, can never change, plus Dwarf plus bear for tankage…
Unamed Worgen Druid — Drood and not night elf, this is all win and you know it.
Bratwurst — Human DK — Because nothing says rep grind is easier than a human…

I am probably going to go with a gnome lock and mage and I really think I am going Worgen Rogue because that stealth animation is all win.

I am almost at the point where my bank alt will be just that, a bank alt.  Nothing more than a level 1 character etc.  Too long have my bank alts ended up being something I want to play and then wham, the end up stuck in a city.

What do you all think of my lineup?  Feel free to include your own lineup or not, no pressure.

LinzieBug AKA Grubs Writes:

like it!!! Tauren priest is all win in my book 🙂 (well tauren anything really!)

I’ve actually been thinking of deleting everyone except Oz and Grubs, getting all the others gold, mats and stuff in 1 place and starting over when the xpan hit. I can’t make up my mind though…I’d be really sad for sure.

Uncle Sy Writes:

FYI, I was Horde-Core all morning(servers were back up before 10 central time?) I got the bronze drake(bringing mount total to 70), pwned the black knight, and once again lost the roll for the brewfest ram…oh, and destroyed H-An (the daily) in the process. I was in a pwn things mood, and got into an amazing pug of people I had pugged with before, I logged in and they were like, hey guy, long time no see, now come pwn stuff. Then I ate lunch, watched two episodes of Sanctuary on netflix, did some homework, then battlegrounds till work. Now I work. Tonight, put together shelves with manly powertools, then battlegrounds!

Uncle Sy follows up with this one:

Okay, lineup time.
Gozz 1.0-80 Orc Hunter on DB, 70 mounts, working on 100.
Gozz 2.0-28 Dwarf Hunter on WH, Hunters are all win, and he is tearing up the BG’s
Sylus-80 Undead Rogue on DB, stabbing is for fun.
Abadon- 80 Belf(will be an orc) Death Ka-nig-it(Montey Python spelling, sound it out) on DB.
Kohen-72 Belf(barf)priest on DB, if I decide to keep playing him, he will be a cow.
Boldrid-69 Dranei pally on WH, he brought all the heirloom gear over, his purpose os fulfilled.
Impios-53 Undead lock on DB, if I ever play him, he will be an orc evetually.
Gozra-55 Orc Shammaness on DB, she’s like 55, so I may get her to outlands and tear on.
Kovari-40ish Troll Slave, I mean banker, yeah, banker on DB
Redux- 29 Rogue twink(without gear atm…I stole the rogue gear to go to WH…I’m replacing it, sheesh!)
Bg-12 Cow Druid with heirloom gear, may keep, may try a /shudder….troll druid.
Cow Priest, replacing Kohen.
Cow Pally, replacing Errebus who went to the WH side.
Worgen Beast Mastery Hunter
Worgen Assassination Rogue
Worgen Affliction Warlock
Worgen Unholy Death Knight
Worgen Frost Mage
Worgen Holy Paladin
Worgen Feral Druid
Worgen Holy Priest
Worgen Enhancement Shamman
Worgen Protection Warrior
Worgen marksman Hunter
Worgen Combat Rogue
Worgen Destruction Warlock
Worgen Blood Death Knight
Worgen Fire Mage
Worgen Retribution Paladin
Worgen Balance Druid
Worgen Unholy Priest
Worgen Elemental Shamman
Worgen Arms Warrior
Worgen Survival Hunter
Worgen Subtlty Rogue
Worgen Demonology Warlock
Worgen Frost Death Knight
Worgen Arcane Mage
Worgen Protection Paladin
Worgen Resto Druid
Worgen Disc Priest
Worgen Resto Shamman
Worgen Fury Warrior
Worgen Bard
Worgen Banker
Worgen War Priest
Worgen Berserker
Worgen Fighter
Worgen Shadow Dancer
Worgen Thief
Worgen Monk
Worgen Center Fielder
Worgen Plumber
Worgen Professional Bull Rider
Worgen Wide Reciever
Worgen Tight End
Worgen Center
Worgen Warchief
Worgen PSU graduate
Worgen Baby
Worgen Teenageer
Worgen Mother
Worgen Boss
Worgen Employees
Worgen Telemarketer
Worgen Rock Band
Worgen Guitar Hero
Worgen Dance Partner
Worgen General
Worgen Canadian Air Force Captian
Worgen Zoo employee
Worgen Student
Worgen Sam Jack(wait, we already have him)
Worgen Pie
Worgen Brother
Worgen Sister-in-law
Worgen Reeses Peanut Butter Lovers Peanut Butter Cup
Worgen Soap Opera Star
Worgen Used Car Salesman
Worgen Mechanic
Worgen Barista
Worgen Bartender
Worgen Space Fighter
Worgen Zergling
Worgen Marine
Worgen Terren
Worgen whatever else I can think of! Yeah, I’m a bit osessed with the worgen, and there is no way to tell how many of these puppies I’ll have…get it, see what I did there? puppies, worgen?!? FUNNY! Slap your knees!

Rozjin Writes:

Sy … you are paying for my hernia that I got from laughing so hard. Seriously dude, you crack me up sooo much.
Lineup? Oh geez.
Rozjin, 80 troll mage, he ain’t going nowhere, Fiak needs his pew pew partner
Junahu, 80 tauren hunter, being as she was my first toon and has the most achievements/mounts/pets .. she’s the collector/achievement whore
will anything else get leveled? I dunno. The alts are:
DItzul, 76 troll DK
Galor, 27 belf paladin (no, he’s not turning tauren)
Zerbrez, 24 troll priest
Cruljin, 23 troll warrior
then there are the twinks
Maldrice, 18 undead rogue
Kubrez, 16 troll hunter
and a bank alt, Zalazku, 8 troll shaman
I have one slot left, which will be a goblin something or other to see the starting zone, and then be a troll druid
Karius, 77 (or will be in two bars) human mage – if I had to name which toon is my main, it would be him
Katia, 70 draenei DK – ya know, I won’t ever reroll her because she has the Flame Warden title, but … a race change isn’t out of the question
Sanbec, 48 human warrior
Ragle, 41 human priest
Kaladis, 16 nelf druid, he’s really cute
Kyrandre, 16 draenei paladin, may become a bank alt
Kerick, 9 (I think) human paladin, because Kyrandre just isn’t my type
hmm…I missed someone. I know I have 9 slots filled.
Oh, Kardios, 7 nelf hunter, I just want to be able to hear a nelf die every time I FD. Maybe I’ll delete him and transfer Valleris over.
And Keodd, 2 human rogue, teh banker for now.
My worgen I think will be a warlock. Picture a human, who turns into a worgen, who turns into a demon at the bottom of the demonology tree. Yeah. Awesome!

Fikkle Finally chimes in:

you’re such a noob…. I am so not counting that… did you hit your character limit or will you need to pay blizz another 15 greenbacks a month?

Sy’s one liner follow up:

I’d have to pay up I think!

Roz follows up with this:

Hm I think I noobed it up and only replied to Sy instead of the list.


(I think they’ll all see it now! Shenanigans have been made public knowledge!!!)

~Uncle Sy


14 Responses to “Random Email Chain of the Day:Character Lineup”

  1. Worgen Telemarketer should get you banned for life.

  2. I was stretching it for a few of the ideas, ya think?

  3. Sy: “there is no way to tell how many of these puppies I’ll have…get it”

    Rozjin: “Sy … you are paying for my hernia that I got from laughing so hard. Seriously dude, you crack me up sooo much.”

    Sy you will be paying for my dry cleaning bills and PC repair…

    Must not drink coffee and read ForTehHorde

  4. 4theHorde: ruining keyboards and monitors sense 2008!

  5. Wrong, 2008 made no sense. That one was for the grammarhammer.

    This one is for a worgen Canadian air force captain… You know sy used up his supply of word of the day toiletpaper for the next three months to write that email.

    Now that’s a wipe.


  6. And don’t think I didn’t notice that worgen frost Mage near the top. You better damn well try a Mage at some point!

  7. “Worgen Bard”

    I’m Brewmaster Nimrock and I approve this message.

  8. Don’t “frost. bah.”! As I recall a certain little frosty gnome helped you get your brewfest mount. 😛

  9. frost. bah. /punts Schubert :p

  10. Oh I don’t know Roz, Frost is pretty freakin’ sweet! They give my Healers the Mana to keep me alive so they deserve some High Fives for sure.

  11. Okay, so I was stretching it a bit, and yes Fik, I will try a worgen mage. He’s in the works too! But first I have to keep destroying hordies in battlegrounds as my dorf hunter. I’m loving it. I’m like Mcdonalds. Get it? Yeah…you get it.
    ~Uncle Sy

  12. Frost… bah! I play mage and hunter and none of them has a replenishment spec. NONE, do you hear me?! That is for other people to provide for me. :p

  13. Tell you what, I’ll give your healer focus magic so your heals crit more often. How does that sound? ^^

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