Things I Take for Granted


I’ve always been a huge fan of Player Versus Player Combat, or PVP. I’ve tried it out on several different classes, Hunter(PEW PEW), Rogue(GRAB MY FLAG AND I’LL STAB YOU), Priest(KILL ME NOW!), Paladin(YOU CANNOT KILL ME, BUT I CAN NOT KILL YOU!), Warlock(DOT DOT DEAD), and Death Knight( I HAVE THE POWER).  I’ve loved every minute of it.

I adore warsong gulch now after the recent timer addition. It makes for some fast and furious games. Even if it goes the entire 25 minutes, it’s still a rush to see who can cap the flag first so if it ends in a tie you get the win. I love it!

Arathi Basin has long been a one of my favorite battle grounds. The idea that with a decent group you can grab three nodes, stick five guys on each node and wait them out is strategically genius(even if most of the time everyone is playing roadkill…you know who you are).

Alteric Valley was always my battleground of choice. I love the idea of the epicness that is forty people working together(or in many cases against each other) to perform a common goal of total annihilation of the opposing faction is just,well, for lack of a better word, LEGENDARY!

Eye of the Storm was good in its day, but with the new changes to the amount of resources needed it’s better. The two newer battlegrounds offer up something different, and in many cases, me for example, are still under played.

World PVP has always been my PVP of choice for my rogue in particular. The idea of sneaking up on some unsuspecting flagged player and destroying them with your superior speed, maneuverability, and ability to keep them stunned for what seems like an eternity is just plain SICK. The PVP quests in Grizzly Hills are my favorite in the zone, if not dailies I’ve ever done on ol’ Sylus(the Rogue). Old World PVP objectives need to be done away with in most cases. I’ve done some of the Silithis pvp, the Eastern Plaguelands, Terrokar Forest, and Zangarmarsh tower taking, and meh. I never see anyone anymore, and the bonuses they offer are okay, but not THAT good. I mean let’s be honest, 5% extra damage isn’t that OP when you are already bringing full sets of Heirloom gear to the table in the case of most alts these days. World PVP ist still on top for me. It’s such a rush.

Now, You may be looking back over my rant and wondering:
What the crap is he talking about, what about this is he taking for granted?”

What I’m talking about is I’ve done all of these things. I’ve had thousands of PVP honor kills between all of my toons, twinks, and mains, but all of them have come as Hordies. One of the main things, besides the Horde lore, keeping me coming back to the Horde as my “main toons” is pvp. I’ve loved killing Gnomes, Nelfs, Humans, Dwarfs, and Dranei. It’s been a blast! I love nothing more than laying out a Nelf hunter with a few carefully timed stabs in the back. Human Paladins have been my arch nemesis. Holy ones are worse!!! I love killing alliance. There, I said it. It’s so much fun.

Now, as many of you know, I’ve put my Horde toons on the back burner for a bit. They are going nowhere, and will always be my “mains.” I’m just taking advantage of the situation we are currently in to level a few alliance toons in preparation for the Worgen onslaught that will be brought down on Azeroth. In doing so, I’ve transferred over my Blood elf Paladin(I never liked Belfs much anyway) and now he resides of Winterhoof with the boys and girls in Crits and Giggles. He’s almost 70, and basically holds the gold for my leveling hunter. I love hunters. Dwarfs are awesome as well(I’ll trade dwarfs and Worgen for Belfs and Trolls, sorry Roz).

Now, as I’m leveling my hunter in all our heirloom gear(dagger x2, XP gains from Chest and shoulders, and the Amazing looking Bone Bow) I’ve been wondering about all the talk of XP gains in battlegrounds. This works well for me, for one, I want to do PVP, I love PVP. I also am leveling so fast, It would be tougher for me to go back and get reputation with other factions to get their sweet mounts.(I am talking about you Nelfs and your sweet cat mounts) So, PVP mounts look promising to me! I started out doing battlegrounds in WSG, but with a twist. See, this is what I mean by things I take for granted. look at this map:

If you look at WSG for a minute, you notice a few things. Horde start in the south, Alliance in the north. The first time I came barreling out of my tunnel it blew my mind that I was running North on my minimap instead of south…it’s a simple thing really, but can mess with you at first. Trust me. If just for a second you feel like a noob for realizing that you’ve been in this battleground thousands of times, and now it suddenly feels different.

Arathi Basin was the same for me. After getting into my mid 20’s I decided it was time to start hunting in AB. I barrel out of my gate on the ol’ Ram and head for where the Farm flag should be, just to the left of the farm…wait, I get there, this fence houses a graveyard…wait, CRAP, Alliance doesn’t rush for the farm first, we rush for the stables, and crap, I’m headed South this time instead of North….. UNNERVING!!!! It’s a simple thing I know, the direction you run on your minimap, but it’s huge when you have preconceived ideas of how things are suppose to go! With WSG at least the layout of the flagroom and tunnel area are the same! This is a switch of a few more things in my opinion. It was also wierd to see we gained a node before they did(yes, I’m implying that Stables is closer to the starting point than the Farm. You (Blizzard) fix things when they are in our favor(AV) why not when they are in the favor of the alliance?!?)

In Conclusion, I rattle on and rant about things way to much. PVP has been a blast for me, and will continue to be. I love pvp, but it is definitely taking some getting use to as one fo the evil races. (Yes, alliance you are the evil ones. )

For the Horde,
~Uncle Sy


11 Responses to “Things I Take for Granted”

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  2. Um … how about, I’ll trade you dwarves and gnomes for belfs and trolls.

    My ‘evil’ human has tried AV once .. and I know exactly what you’re talking about. It was completely disorienting to be running south. I made a beeline for … Belinda. Wait, what? Oh crap, this is a baaaaaad place to be. *squish* One little mage buried under the entire army of the Horde. oopsie.

  3. Dwarves are awesome. But so are Trolls.

    Draenei, Orc, Troll, Dwarf, Tauren, Worgen = best faction ever

    Gnomes, Goblins, Undead, Blood Elf, Night Elf, Human = ACK RUN AWAY

  4. Ooh, this is a fun game. Let’s see, how would I want them ….

    Belf, Human, Nelf, Troll, Undead, Worgen = awesome

    Draenei, Dwarf, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, Tauren = no way

    *based mostly on how much I like the males of each race, and in alphabetical order because I’m too lazy to categorize them in any order of preference*

  5. After getting level 80 and 10k kills or so on an alliance DK, I started a new horde one where I am currently playing and had the same effects. The worst moment for me was when I was the first to get to the blacksmith in my first horde match, to which I proceeded to dart to the right side of the island right into a full assault of alliance crossing the bridge.

    I seriously didn’t even realize there was no flag where I was fighting or wtf I was for that matter until halfway through that battle, I just kind of attributed it to just “feeling wierd” at first while I’m sure half the rest of my team attributed it to “me being retarded”.

  6. ooooo, I like the faction game! I want to play too!
    I’ll go with the dream faction
    The Followers of The Mighty King Sylus:
    Orc, Worgen, Goblin, Dwarfs, Tauren, and Undead.(I’d be okay with no pally’s)

    Evil Followers of That Other Guy:
    Gnomes, Trolls, Belfs, Nelfs, Humans and Dranei

  7. “I just kind of attributed it to just ‘feeling wierd’ at first while I’m sure half the rest of my team attributed it to ‘me being retarded’. ”

    I totally hear ya there, each time I head into a new BG as a dirty alliance I feel like that guy!
    ~Uncle Sy

  8. It can be so disorientating entering as the opposite faction…

    You get over the Ohhh I am going in the wrong direction a few moments after it all begins…

    Then, you fight, then you spin yourself around and… hang on, which way is up?

  9. @Gnome- Yup, when you get into it, it’s easy to get turned back around and end up on teh wrong side! I even went up to an orc once thinking, zug zug, then he was like, DIE, then I was like…dead….
    Go figure…
    ~Uncle Sy

  10. ROFLMAO. ilu Sy 🙂

  11. @sylus: lol… It’s like I have always said… you can’t trust an Orc… couldn’t he tell you were on his side?

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