Horde Pets, and the Toons that Love Em!

I debated about where to put this post. I don’t want the hardcore Hordies to hate on me over this, but it could have easily been put elsewhere for fear of alliance hate! In the end, It was more of a tale of the Horde, a side of beef, and a petthat is only available through a Horde quest. This was the natural place to put it, right? …right?

Lets start at the beginning shall we? In anticipation of the alliance getting by far their coolest race, the Worgen, I have been playing a few alliance toons. This has a few benefits. One, I can get some heirloom gear on my alliance server, and two, I can get a feel for the alliance.

As many of you know, I’m a hunter. I love the hunter class. I love where it has been, where it is currently, and where it is going.( Can you say good bye mana!?!?) It was natural for me to want to level a hunter again. I’m a fan of dwarfs, in fact I’ve often said if I could trade the blood elfs for the dwarfs the Horde would be perfect! (I’d also trade the trolls for gnomes, but if I said that out loud Rozjin would mow me down with a fireball!)  Back to the hunter story.

I switched my paladin over to the alliance, and he brought with him a full set of hunter and rogue heirloom items. This has made leveling the dwarf to this point cake, or pie, depending on your viewpoint! Once I was able to get a pet at level ten I found all of the “normal” pets lack luster. I missed my white lion, Echeyekee. I can’t get said white lion though on the alliance side…. it takes a hordie to blow the horn to summon him, and what hordie would stand around and let me tame it while they end up failing the quest… NONE! That’s right, I wouldn’t do it for any dirty alliance when I’m playing on my horde toons, I wouldn’t expect them to do it for me!

Now I’m still in this predicament. I want that cat, but have no way of getting it on my dwarf hunter…then I have a brilliant idea. I should level a horde toon, summon the lion, and exit out really quickly, log in the dwarf, who will be on site, and tame the beast…BRILLIANT!!! Seriously, I only have to get to level ten to pick up the quest that starts the line. The creatures might be a bit tough, but heck, if I go with a hunter, and a tankie pet, no worries.

This is where the side of beef (Lets not give this toon a name, I want no attachments) comes in. Nimrock was going to level a tauren shaman with my tauren hunter until we can get the quest. He was going to summon it for me. Beautiful. Well, the best laid plans fall apart sometimes. Nim and my play schedule have been very much not lining up, and I had a free morning. I plowed through to the barrens, picked up the quest line and threw myself at the mercy of level 13 plainstriders, level 14-15 zevras, and level 15-16 savannah prowlers. Not to mention the roving raptors and hyenas in the area! By the time I was able to pick up the quest I was rolling at level 12. It was tough, I can’t say I didn’t go unscathed. I died a few times, but it was totally worth it.

I parked my side of beef in the inn and logged over the dwarf. Mind you, I did all of this without knowing for sure I could even pull this off. Would the white lion despawn when I logged  out?  Is it even tamable by alliance toons? I had no clue, but if I could pull it off, totally worth it. I began the long run from Ironforge to Minithil Harbor. From there I took the boat to Duskwallow Marsh east of the Barrens and bolted for the barrens! I was afraid for my life, and only died once running through an area with mobs in the mid thirties! It was quite the adrenaline rush. Heading north I bypassed Camp T and the Crossroads heading onward to my destination, a pile of bones in the northern part of the barrens.

Parking myself on the hill next to the pile of bones I sat down for the logout. twenty seconds later I’m bringing the side of beef back into the game to summon the majestic white lion. After the loading screen I was grateful to see a level 19 warrior clearing out the cats. He summons his lion, brings her down, and goes along his merry way with the hide. The path is clear, no bad guys to speak of, so I blow the horn and exit the game.

CRAP I have an authenticator, it takes me a good thirty seconds to get back into the game with the dwarf. The lion is still there, and so I begin the twenty-second stare down. Working my spell over on the white lion as he chews on my kneecap is always nerve wracking, especially when it’s a rare or hard to get pet. twenty seconds later I am now the proud owner of a brand new, white and shinny lion.

I stone back to Ironforge, log the side of beef back on, and stone him back to the inn. I promptly log him out of the game, presumably never to bring him back into the game again. I sat back in my chair a bit saddened by what I was about to do. In fact, what I had already started to do. There in front of my avatar sat the delete box. All I had to do was hit the enter button. I had already typed out the obligatory delete command in the prompt. Instead I hit the cancel button. The side of beef has a name. He has a story, and it’s like pulling teeth getting me to delete a character I’ve interacted with for any amount of time, even if he was just here to help out a dirty dwarf.

For the Horde,


3 Responses to “Horde Pets, and the Toons that Love Em!”

  1. Long live the side of beef!

  2. waaaaaay way back in the day my little dwarf hunter had that lion. I love that lion and one of these days I’m gonna make another hunter and tame him again. I got so many whispers…it was like having a spirit beast now. It was great, but sadly the little dwarf was deleted a long time ago. Now I feel the need to make another one….thanks 😛

  3. I stumbled across this searching for vanity pets,lol. I loved your story. I just started playing wow and I made a Troll hunter to start with. I tamed a common worg and have fallen in love with him. I can’t imagine having another hunter without him, so I can sympathize 🙂

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