Fikkle’s Thoughts on Cataclysm

Lok’tar friends!  So Blizzcon has come and gone and everyone who’s interested has already read all the news about the announcements made their about Cataclysm, the next expansion for World of Warcraft.  I’m not going to get into the news.  But I am going to talk about what has me excited and what has me, well, not really caring too much.  I’m sure most of my guildies have heard me mention this stuff a few times, but I don’t think I’ve really put my thoughts down on the blog. So here they are. SPOILER ALERT! You’ve been warned.  And you can go tell Illidan that you are now prepared.


The fundamental reality of the next expansion is that there is going to be a global disaster (termed The Cataclysm) that occurs when Deathwing re-enters the mortal realm.  This is going to change almost every zone in some way.  The ‘old world’ is going to be redone, graphically and thematically (as in the story) so that it presents an entirely new levelling experience.  As anyone who’s read almost any of my posts in the past knows, I’m a self-proclaimed altaholic.  I have an alt of every class and I enjoy levelling through the game.  Recent changes, specifically the heirloom gear, has brought a whole new level of fun to the levelling experience for me and I’ve really enjoyed it.  But the change in Cataclysm is going to create new content and different looking zones through which to experience this all again.  This is by far my favorite thing coming in the expansion.  The ability to continue levelling alts and have it be completely new all over again.  I’m a tiny bit saddened that I won’t ever get to go level through the old stuff, which I’ve done so many times already, but that I still enjoy.  But the excitement of this change just blows that out of the water.


The new race for the Horde.  First off, I just want to comment on the hysteria that seemed to grip part of the wow community when this was leaked early.  People went nuts, as if the Swiss were going to start WWIII. Goblin neutrality, in my mind, never came into question. Of course Blizz wouldn’t take a whole race of neutral NPCs and switch them to one faction.  Lets look, for a second, at some of the other playable races in the game. Orcs are scattered throughout the Eastern Kingdoms, remnants of the Second War that never joined Thrall’s Horde.  For Trolls, the question isn’t where are they in game, but rather, where are they not. Blood Elves now battle against High Elves, who are technically an alliance friendly faction in some cases, but there are plenty of High Elves that the Horde kill for quests. There are some Forsaken in Ashenvale, I believe that the Alliance have to kill for one of their quests there. Tauren in Stonetalon Mountains and Thousand Needles are killable.  That’s just the Horde races.  Need I go on?  Probably not, but I felt the need to mini-rant about that. 

So, Goblins for the Horde!  Woot!  This is pretty much my new favorite race.  Way back during one Halloween event, my hunter Grimshot was turned into a Goblin with a wand or something.  I took (which I do), this reason alone would make me super excited about this change.  Another quick side note, a few weeks back I read on some blog that I can’t remember that someone said no one was excited about Goblins.  To you, my fellow blogger, I flat out say this: YOU’RE WRONG.  I can’t wait to roll a Goblin!


The new race for the Alliance.  So while I’m more excited about having Goblins on the Horde, I’m still pretty stoked about this race.  I think Blizz has something really cool in the lore of Gilneas and the curse of the Worgen that they’re afflicted with, and I’m truly looking forward to this as well.  I am actually interested in rolling low level Worgen on an RP server with my guildies for the sole purpose of roleplaying, with levelling perhaps being incidental. 


So this change is pretty exciting to me as well.  Once again, everyone’s a flutter with proclamations a la chicken little, but I’m actually excited to see this specifically from a lore perspective.  If the race-class combos had remained constant, it would provide stability for the accuracy of some lore, but at the same time, it makes the races seem less alive.  The fact that there are a few Tauren in TB, right now, philosophizing about leading there people to embracing the sun as the complement to the moon, makes me feel like these races are more alive, having the potential to grow and expand and become more than what they were in the past.  That’s just plain cool.  /LoreNerdGeekOut


So this is tied in with the removal of specific stats with gear, like armor pen and defense, which players will be getting from their specs instead.  Now, gear will contain mastery, and increase your bonuses in your talents based on that.  I don’t know that I understand exactly how they’re going to do it yet, but I like the fact that the gear you choose will be much easier to compare.  People who want to min/max will still be able to, they’ll just be calculating different things.  The other bonus is that one set of gear will potentially work in multiple specs, depending on the class.  The mastery will increase the effectiveness of that spec when you’re talented into it and the other when you switch.  A nice change.


So far I’m pessimistically hopeful for this.  I don’t like the ‘gated’ system.  The Argent Tournament is a good example of this.  If I have extra time one day to be able to put into it, I don’t want to be held back because it only allows you to do so much per day because inevitably there are days when I can’t do it, and then I feel I completely set myself back.  Whereas if it was more ‘grindy’ (/gasp) then I could do as much as I wanted to on days I had the time and wouldn’t feel like I was missing out on days that I didn’t.  But, this is the way Blizz is going, so I’ll just have to deal with it.  One thing I do like about this is that there are going to be some pretty interesting story lines involved with these “Titan Cults”.  I think they’re going to be pretty cool and I’m looking forward to trying the different ones on my different alts.  The other thing I think is really cool about it is that unlike the Scryer/Aldor and Oracle/Frenzyheart choices, its going to be much less black or white and much more different shades of grey, so to speak.  What I mean by that is that there are going to be multiple options instead of one or the other, which I think is so much cooler.


I’ll admit, this is one aspect of the expansion that I’m not really looking forward to all that much.  I will say however, that I bet Blizz implements this new profession so well that I’ll end up eating my words.  Right now, I don’t really like to level cooking and fishing since it feels so boring and because I have so many alts I have to grind it out repeatedly, and it never changes.  First aid I do as a necessity, because you never know when that little bit of bandaging will help, but I can send cooking products from one character to all the rest, as well as fish, so it doesn’t seem worth it to do it on multiple toons.  Since this is going to be tied to Path of the Titans, I likely won’t have a choice, but I’m still pretty “meh” about it.

So that’s all I can think of at the moment, although there was so much announced, I’m sure I’m forgetting something.  If there’s a specific bit from Blizzcon you’re interested in that I missed, let me know and I’ll try to update the post.



May the Horde be with you


5 Responses to “Fikkle’s Thoughts on Cataclysm”

  1. nice little summary, Im much the same as yourself however Worgen are much cooler than goblins so the excitement levels are through the roof for me, so much so I’ve abandoned my horde toons and have a little operation alliance project to get my toon to 80 and get some heirloom gear.

    Worgen Rogue, Worgen Druid, Worgen Warrior, Worgen Death Knight………. Finally the alliance have a cool race 🙂

  2. I enjoyed reading that little summary. Good points presented and in a very concise manner.

    Worgen… Hmmmm… I am a Horde player by heart, but I find myself drawn to Worgen, although I have a feeling there are going to be TONS of new Worgen toons on that first day. That starting area is going to be a mess.

    I have to say though, a Worgen Warrior may be on the board for me. I have no Alliance characters, but I may just give them a shot. Perhaps I should create an Alli character so I can get them to 80 and do as the above poster suggested, get some heirloom gear! Sounds like a plan! Maybe a Gnome DK? LOL!

  3. Thank god the Alliance have a cool race, of course you can just faction change to horde now…lol

  4. Honestly, I do not like the look of the Worgen, they seem like they’re a giant furball, not so much a Worgen.

    Goblins in my opinion are much better looking, they like they are much more of what they are supposed to look like. (My perspective mind you)

    I’ll roll both of them to see the starting quests, but honestly I do not think the Worgen are my thing.

  5. Cataclysm… speaking of which… imagine if II was cheeky enough to link to Sylus’ blog from here… that would just be shameless…

    The World Of Sylus

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