Transient Twinks and Starving the Trolls

Lok’tar friends. So before Roz tries to blow me up with fire, let me expand upon the title. Trolls meaning not the Darkspears, but forum trolls. It goes with the cliché “don’t feed the trolls.” I listened to the final episode of the How I WoW podcast yesterday and Scott Johnson, the prolific podcaster and unique internet personality gave his advice for dealing with Trolls. And I paraphrase here:

“It took me a really long time to learn, but eventually, whenever someone sent me a nasty or hurtful email my initial reaction is to defend myself. But now, I count to 10 and normally just respond with ‘thank you for your feedback, I’ll consider it.’ Instead of getting into a flame war, it usually just ends there.”

That may not be an exact quote, but it gets the meaning of what he said across. It just so happened that last evening in the 20-29 BG bracket, someone said something that normally would’ve started a flame war. We were in a WSG, with two level 28s on our team, with most of the rest being 24 and below. I was 22, Grubs and Pie were 21. Basically, we were getting stomped by Alliance Transient Twinks, or TT’s (Twinks in Heirloom gear that don’t turn off their xp, and only twink until they level out of a bracket). Pie made the comment in BG chat that we had too many low level characters and wouldn’t be able to compete. He was technically right, although that sounds very un-Horde-like Mister Pie. Anyways, this 28 then said: “You’re idiots for q’ing to low.” Or at least something to that effect, calling us idiots. Instead of allowing a flame war to begin, I simply typed the following: “Thank you for your opinion. We will consider it strongly when we decide to q for the next battleground.” The response? The 28 simply said thank you, and everyone moved on to a different topic. Did I consider it strongly when I decided to cue the next time? Of course not. I really don’t care if that person has an opinion, thinks I’m an idiot or feels cheated for it. But it ended there without devolving into a shouting match. They felt like someone listened. It didn’t hurt me any to pander to their ego.

The reality now, though, is that with heirloom gear (and possibly even without it) people are going to cue for BGs whenever they feel like it, even at lower levels. In the fifteen or twenty lower level BGs that I ran last night, all but that one were fairly even as far as the ratio of lower level players on each side. If you don’t like it, too freaking bad. Turn off your experience and go sit in a q for hours to wait to play against real twinks. The old mentality that lower levels have no place in BGs is antiquated and needs to be done with. Sure, at level 22, I miss with some abilities against higher level characters. Against a TT Mage or a TT Priest, I get kited and destroyed, usually doing almost nothing to them. You know what I say? Well, that sucks, I guess I’ll wait a few seconds, rez at the spirit healer and try again. Do I hurt my team? Not normally. The alliance usually has just as many low level characters on their side. When I come up against a character at the lower end of the bracket, say 21-24, I normally win. Why? My warrior is a TT as well, just hasn’t made it to the end of the bracket yet. But I can still compete. I also went one-on-one against some 28 and 29 characters and came out the last one standing. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. And it is possible.

All that being said, people need to realize that battlegrounds are no longer the area of twinks, but are now the area of TT’s. A TT can be a level 20 toon in the 29 BGs. They just haven’t got up to the end of the bracket yet. Is it going to be the fastest way for them to level? Maybe not. But if they want to level like that, THEY ARE ALLOWED. They pay the $15 a month and if they want to do low level BGs, they can. If you don’t like the fact that they end up as your teammate, well, you’re free to do something else. And complaining about it won’t really help either. If you wanna do serious twink battlegrounds, go see the little stealthed rogue for your faction, pay 10g and stop gaining experience. Then you can run around with others who take twink BGs really serious. You can then also feel what its like to be ridiculed for being an idiot for joining a battleground that you aren’t welcome in, prepared for, or capable of succeeding in. Feels nice doesn’t it? Didn’t think so. So, thank you for your feedback, but shove it up your self-important backside.

— Fikkle
May the Horde be with you


6 Responses to “Transient Twinks and Starving the Trolls”

  1. Point of Order….POINT OF ORDER!!!!

    My comment came before loser boy said we were idiots for q’ing so low.

    It was after another rocket scientist mentioned we played bad.

    And I suck at PvP. I only do it because chicks dig scars. Or so Keanu Reeves told me so.

  2. rofl

  3. Pugnacious Priest Says:

    I so bite my tounge in some bgs… and not in others. The argument just gets old. ” allies suck blah blah ” “why do we always lose” “Wow look at my Hk’s” I find the ignore button works just as well in a bg as in a city if they are ruining my mental state.

  4. I was looking for another good blog to keep my interest while not playing. Thank you for being that blog XD! I actually didn’t realize they had done this, and I have decided to make one of my lesser played chars a TT, Yay!

  5. Wow..Ancu called this a “good blog.” with writers like us I’m shocked! Just kidding, goad you like us Ancu, keep coming back, we’ll keep throwing you some bones!
    ~Uncle Sy

  6. […] boys at ForTheHorde! reminded me that I needed to get back into Pee Vee Pee and not worry about the Transient Twinks, so I have been getting in and getting […]

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