Pee Vee Pee

Lok’tar, friends. I’ve been playing a lot lately, which is arbitrary, but with the little free time I’ve had of late, I’ve been getting into the game as much as I can. I’ve been focusing on several things, like leveling my Dwarf Paladin, leveling a new warrior, an Orc this time, doing my dailies on Brak everyday to save Champion Seals for heirloom gear, and PvP’ing with my Death Knight, Kor, as much as I can. My post last week about getting the Ironman achievement has detailed a lot of the recent pvp I’ve done, but I wanted to start talking about it again for a few reasons. Two days last week we did guild pvp’ing where a group of us got together and joined the battlegrounds and tried to coordinate our efforts as much as possible. This was so much fun, I can’t even begin to describe it. Sure, we died, we lost some, but in the end we worked together which was the reason for much of our success. Having an excellently geared pvp healer (Fiak, the disc priest) made it all the better, because he could keep us alive through so much turbulence and burst that it gave the rest of us a chance to truly dominate. I don’t want to say that superior numbers will mean the difference in any pvp battle, because it doesn’t always, but superior teamwork can often be the difference between a loss and a win.

Yesterday I logged in and was the only one online for a while, so I hopped into some BGs to farm honor points and BG reputation. I want to be known as Conqueror Kor after all. But the difference between the two pvp nights with guildies and the solo PuG battlegrounds from last night were stunning. Last night I lost about 80% of the BGs I did. The other 20% were Wintergrasp and AV, where we ruled the day. But almost every WSG and AB that I went into failed miserably. There’s a few reasons for this. The foremost reason was a lack of coordination. In AB we often didn’t get a full 15 people until a minute or five into the battle. This meant that in the initial Zerg, the alliance was able to get into a better position and that left us fighting uphill the rest of the BG. This type of deficit isn’t insurmountable, but the problem became that some (too many) people would gather to defend the one node we had, sick of being outnumbered and killed off. The rest would attempt to steal back nodes in ones or twos, and often get nowhere. No coordination meant our efforts were doomed to fail, and even though one or two of us would try to join others to concentrate our efforts, there would often be too many who wanted to Lone Ranger the Alliance.

So I managed to make about 8 AB marks, all from losses, which was frustrating. But instead of flaming my battleground peers, I just kept quiet for the most part. Two or more generally began flaming each other from the get-go, so any comment really just makes matters worst.

WSG was no better. Seeing as how I had succesfully ran the flag in my previous attempts, I decided to try it again. Unfortunately, more disorganization and a lack of heals led to some early defeats. My last attempt turned out to be the only succesfully one. I died on my first carry attempt, and it seemed as if the Alliance would get the first cap, but a very good Tauren Enhance Shaman managed to kill their flag carrier in their flag room, getting us all the >Save the Day< achievement. After that, I got the first two flag caps, with a resto shaman in tow, while another teammate capped the final flag. In that particular BG, the resto shaman and the Enhance shaman got into it about lone wolfing (pun intended) and working together. The flame war lasted the entire BG, but I found it ironic that they were both right in their arguement. Resto stated that we needed to group up, work together and stop going off half-caulked by ourselves. He is right. It's why I died on my first run attempt, and it's why I managed to cap the first two flags. Enhance stated that his solo work is what helped us to get the first cap, and get a pretty cool achievement. He is right too. Despite my point throughout this post about needing to work together, there is a place in BGs for the lone ranger style. When it looks like the flag carrier is about to score, go for broke. Running to an empty AB flag to cap it uncontested to give your team some breathing room in the resources gap. Being the lone DK in Drek's room, death gripping enemies into the aggro radius to get them killed off before they cap the Relief Hut. All of these have their place. I used the last one a few times in AV to slow the Alliance offence long enough to let my own offence do their thing.

I don't think there is any single great truth about battlegrounds. Being reactive and flexible can give your team an edge. Blindly following a proven strategy works too. Working together is a huge part in a win. Being a solo fighter can often turn the tide at a critical point. That last one sounds cliche, but I'm still struck by Enhance's effort. Because he succeeded, we wnt ahead instead of falling behind. A new strat in WSG lately has been to cap first, turtle, and farm HKs in your flag room. Instead, the tide of the BG shifted our way and the momentum carried us to a win. That reminds me of the epic tales in the wow novels where victor or defeat falls to the actions of a few heroes.
Cliche? Totally! But it happened.

— Fikkle

May the Horde be with you


7 Responses to “Pee Vee Pee”

  1. “I don’t think there is any single great truth about battlegrounds.”

    There are a few great truths about battlegrounds.
    1. Green and or Pink Mohawk toting Gnomes with glowy daggers will slice my toons to shreds.
    2. Everyone who isn’t a Green and or Pink Mohawk toting Gnome will also tear me to shreds.
    3. I will be farmed for honor, usually around my graveyard spawn point.

    Hope this helps!
    ~Uncle Sy

  2. “Having an excellently geared pvp healer (Fiak, the disc priest) made it all the better, because he could keep us alive through so much turbulence and burst that it gave the rest of us a chance to truly dominate.”

    You forgot to mention my mad skillz.

  3. Pugs are such a different animal in everything you do that you almost take on your own style when in them. You really realize that you have adopted the mentality when you find yourself justifying moves with “well, what the hell”.

    Oh and I’m so the DGing DK in AV when my team is SoL.

    I’m also apparently an oft-user of acronyms.

  4. @ Fiak – Yes, your mad skillz are mad!

    @ Viktdk – DG’ing people into the leader is so fun, I sometimes skip doing anything else just to giggle as they die! 🙂

  5. “A new strat in WSG lately has been to cap first, turtle, and farm HKs in your flag room”

    Ohh I noticed this…

    it’s been a while since I hit the BGs, and have just returned with my young Shaman.. I had forgotten about the new BG timer…

    We were up 2/0 yet my team didn’t follow through.. couldn’t understand it at 1st, then it dawned on me… we have won anyway…

    Mind you they used a similar strategy later, and the F’n Horde came back to win…

    Likewise I have felt a lot of turtling… probably because all the potential flag carriers are shamed that there is one lowly Ele shaman taking out anywhere up to 3 of them… so now they come in 5’s once they know I am there.

  6. […] boys at ForTheHorde! reminded me that I needed to get back into Pee Vee Pee and not worry about the Transient Twinks, so I have been getting in and getting […]

  7. […] So the battle begins, and I come racing out of the gates…wait, I’m traveling south on my map…this is different. One of the first things I realize, there are a lot of low level players here from both sides. It was nothing to see 3-4 level 10 players in each battleground. They were cannon fodder. My hunter tore through them. I was two shotting clothies and taking down warriors and paladins quicker than I ever had. Then they found me, pair of tricked out level 19 undead rogues. They tore through me like I was warm butter. I of course got fed up with it, and decided to go hit level 19, level up my engineering to get the goggles, and spend way to much gold at the auction house gathering gear I’ll out level in a short few days. I didn’t care. I had been bitten by the battleground bug. I’m beginning to think it is very contagious, as many of the people I’ve been playing with lately have caught it. Nim, Fik, Roz, everyone is pee vee peeing! […]

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