Thank You Jinx

About six months back, right after the world of warcraft gaming mouse became available, I picked one up. It was great. I used the snot out of that thing. I loved the visuals of it, and the gameplay functionality was really good. I had so many different button combo’s plugged into that thing.It was  Amazing. Then I severed the cord. Long story, I may write about some time, but I still need time to heal… What Really sweetened the deal was the Jinx buy one get one free  coupon that came with it. I stuck it way in a wow book(Day of the Dragon I think), and used it as a bookmark, thinking, I’d get around to using it soon. The other day however, I realized it was September first. wait…something rang a bell about that date…. I got out my book, and found the coupon. CRAP, I HAD MISSED THE EXPIRATION DATE BY ONE STINKING DAY!!!!!

I figured, what the heck, lets go see if the code is still good. I logged onto and picked out two t-shirts. The new Epic Hunter shirt, and just the plain ol’ for the horde shirt. went to the checkout box, plugged in the coupon code…and wala, buy one get one free…. I thought for a minute, I wonder if I could get a few hoodies, so I removed the t-shirts from the cart, and added the black world of warcraft hoodie, and the navy blue +20 Frost Resistance. WOOT! BUY ONE GET ONE! So I proceeded to checkout, paid for the items, and then within two business days, I’m now the proud owner of two new hoodies! Too bad it’s 85 degrees outside. Totally not hoodie weather yet, but just wait, October is around the corner!!!

wow hoodie

frost protection

Nothing says Dork like my wardrobe,
~Uncle Sy


One Response to “Thank You Jinx”

  1. Invidianna Says:

    we sell that frost resistance hoodie at work. It went to clearance and when we have the extra half off clearance sale it was never seen again lol. I wanted it, but in Utah it was a HOT item! Grats on the gear though!!!!!! /cheer

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