Making the Jump…

Yesterday was the best day ever. Okay, maybe that’s a huge exaggeration of what I really mean, but yesterday was good. I was able to spend two entire hours playing world of warcraft in the morning. Yes folks, two uninterrupted hours. I know, I know, it doesn’t seem like much. For me however, two hours of play time has become a rare thing! With school having started up, work hours increased, homework, a wife, a kiddo on the way, time is short my friends, time is short.

With the recent announcement that character faction transfers are available, I knew I had to send one to the other side. You know, the evil/dark side. Yes, the Alliance DUM DUH DUM!!! I know, total controversy!!! Here I am all out 4theHorde, and about to make the jump to playing alliance for a while…. Please don’t quit on me! I’m still Hordecore, I still love me some orc’s and trolls, well, tauren, trolls smell funny, sorry Roz, but you gotta admit, Sin’Jin village smells like rotten hobo underware. (warning, you may throw up if you click that link!)

Back to my story. So yeah, Errebus, my blood elf pally, who might as well have been an alliance toon from the begining, I mean come on, he’s a Belf…that’s so close to being a Nelf as it is! Plus, he’s a pally. Alliance nubs play pallies…Okay, Okay, all joking aside, I like paladins as much as the next guy, heck, I like belfs and the alliance as well. We have to have someone to rag on though, am I right??? I mean heck, if this were a star wars blog, I’d be totally ragging on Luke and his blue milk! 

Again, back to my story. (I’m a huge fan of bunny trails, I go down them all the time) I’m preparing my paladin to make the jump, not only to the other faction…but then to another server. Yeah, expensive. Here I am, about to sink another 25 dollars in for another server transfer, then top it off with a 30 dollar faction swap. yes Blizzard. I love you, let me count the ways. 1, 2, …55. Yes, 55 more ways I love you…

In preparation for the jump, I’m going to be bringing with him a swath of heirloom gear. For the first hour of game play yesterday I went through all of my lvl 80 toons and checked what I had available to them gearwise. On Abadon, my tanking DK, I had enough marks of heroism (after converting about 8 marks of conquest downward to heroism) to get another chest piece. I know when cataclysm comes out I want to roll a worgen rogue, and hunter for sure. I already have the rogue shoulders and two balanced heartseeker daggers. It was time to get the chest piece as well. I now had an entire set of heirloom gear for a rogue. One down, one to go. Logging over to Gozz, I knew I didn’t have any of the hunter stuff. I assumed it would be a month or two, especially with my current game play time of zero to none hours per day. I flew out to wintersgrasp, as the battle was about to begin anyway. I gathered up the quests, and checked out my currency page… hmmmm, 30 shards away from having enough for the pvp leveling shoulders for a hunter…I might be able to get those today… Wintersgrasp went great. We lost, but I was able to do three of the four quests with great ease. Hunter Shoulders were mine!

Next it was off to Dalaran to see what chest piece was available for the hunter…wait, I have 40 marks of heroism…I may be getting that today as well. Yup! Hunter chestpiece from the Hero vendor guy, woot! Off to the Crusader Vendor in Icecrown…wait, I have almost 80 marks, I’m close to being able to get the bow….WOW. I do all my dailies, and I’m like 4 short. I guess today I’ll head back out to Icecrown, suffer through a few more dailies, and then have the marks needed for my bow. I can’t wait. Then, off to the alliance with all this stuff. My Little Worgens better be happy!

Still a Hordie,
~Uncle Sy


One Response to “Making the Jump…”

  1. I was tempted to follow the same path as you and use my existing horde 80’s to grind me some heirloom items however I decided to just start again. I’ll no doubt return to horde at some point and the expansion is an age away so it gives me more than enough time to get my toon to 80 and grind badges/gold.

    Also I notice my old blog ‘Pitrelli’s MMO blog’ is on your roll, I deleted it a couple of months back and replaced it with my new one.

    Anyway enjoy alliance but remember your horde roots 😉

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