Ironman Kor!

Lok’tar friends!  So Ashes of Tirisfal has done some pvp this week! Fiak, our near-invincible disc priest had started BGs on Monday with Roz, the four mages of doom and boom and so a few of us tagged along, including Halk and Jaarka the BM beasts and Grubs the PvP’ing DK of awesome.  Yes, Grubs, you are totally awesome!  We did a ton of pvp, mainly Alterac Valley and WG.  Horde won most of the AVs that we were in that night, and our server ruled Wintergrasp at least until we logged off.  There was even a very close battle where the Alliance had the door down with a few of them running in.  Luckily, a well-placed disc priest fear sent them running around as the entire zone saw that the Horde defended the keep.  It was great.

So along comes tonight and we decided to giver another go.  Starting with a devasting loss in WG, pretty much the opposite of the last one the night before, we moved on to a few Arathi Basins and some Warsong Gulches.  We won all the BGs that we went into I think.  I don’t remember losing anyways.  The ABs were very much back and forth and then we went into WSG and I decided that Kor was going to try the flag carrying.  Luckily, we had 3 priests and 3 dks that battle.  Fiak followed me for a while, but another disc priest (from another server) stayed attached to Kor’s hip throughout and he never dropped below 50% health.  And after capping the first flag, she and I ran out of the hold and tried again, getting another cap.  Then we capped a third time.  Fiak, Roz and Halk spent most of the time racking up enormous amounts of destruction and Kor ended the BG with this:


PvP Iron Man Achievement


I owe a great deal of the thanks to the priests, but truth be told, the real reason behind this achievement is this little guy.  The most awesomest evar.  Definately better than the big-tongue dud.

PvP Wolvar Beastie

He just totally looks bad – @$$!

To top off the night, while in Wintergrasp, we learned the fate of the infamous Tom Breaver! 

PvP Tom Breaver Sighting

He’s been kidnapped by those foul alliance DKs and been forced to do their bidding.  We had to slay him of course, but don’t worry Tom, your day with the Horde will soon return when we raise you from the ashes of some rotting corpse… and then never do anything to lose you again!

So all in all, PvP has been hella fun lately, and I plan on continuing with the fun.  Kor’s ultimate quest will be getting to the Conqueror title, and while I don’t want to simply grind it out and do nothing else, it is something that I’m aiming on achieving before the end of Wrath.


— Fikkle

May the Horde be with you


2 Responses to “Ironman Kor!”

  1. That sounds awesome! Sounds like you all had a ton of fun!

    P.S. – Horde always wins WSG. 😛

  2. I want that title in game. “Fiak the near invincible”

    Once the alliance saw that, I’d have so many gnome rogues crawling on me the only part of my title you could see would be “e n”.

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