Goblin Vs. Worgen

Of all the non playable races we encounter in our everyday experiences in Azeroth, the Golbinshave played one of the largest rolls. We run into them everywhere! Gadgetzan, Booty Bay, that other place, here, there, Goblins are everywhere! They make a very obvious choice for one of the next player races. They have great lore, and amazing in game experiences to build up their species even more. Tinkerers, curious, money-grubbing, EXPLOSIVES!!! There are so many reasons to want to play these guys when they go live with Cataclysm(which will be a long time…I’m sad over this). They look amazing. The art released by Blizzard is awesome. They have stepped up their game again, good job to this point Blizzard, keep it up.

That leads us to the Worgen. What can I say. WOW. As Mr. Nimrock (aka dungeon master, fellow blogger, and one of my best real life friends) can tell you, I;m overly excited to play Worgen. So much in fact that I’ve started a not so side project of leveling a dwarf paladin to gather heirloom gear for the beasties when they go live. This is totally foreign to me, as I’ve never leveled an alliance toon past 20. It’s a blast, don’t get me wrong, and I’ve met alot of awesome people on the Alliance side, but I have also met your typical alliance stereotypes (both side has them) THE DINOSAUR NINJA JET PACK. Oi. Back to Worgen. Blizzard has done a great job presenting the why’s and what for’s of the Worgen coming into the Alliance. I mean how they came to be is a good twist in itself, well, what they are telling us so far. The art looks amazing, and from what Mr. Patrick said on The Instance, the art animations for them switching from human form to worgen, are A-MAZE-ING.

I’m really excited about both races after going through everything. At first I was ready to hang up my Hordeside ways, and roll alliance until the cows came home. Not that I’m giving up on that, but a goblin might be needed as well. Who am I kidding, I’m an altaholic, and will play both many times over I’m sure. I’m looking forward to these two playable races, but I’m guessing it won’t happen until what, march? August of next year?

There we go, i was wondering how to end this post, and it has come to me, what are your predictions for release dates on the  next expansion? I’ll even make it interesting. Whoever gets the closest date wins a loot card. I’m not sure what yet, I have a /dance one at home, but I’ll be on the look out for something better, heck I got time!!!

Giving stuff Away to make your day,
~Uncle Sy


6 Responses to “Goblin Vs. Worgen”

  1. You know … I was gonna plug out a long comment here, but I think I might just save it for my own blog post … you’ve given me a good subject for one.

    I’ll leave it up to other commenters to guess dates and try to win loot. Just don’t let me forget to write my post! :p

  2. Hmmm, you know they announced LK when? Was it a Blizzcon? I can’t remember if it was or if it was the French thing, I think D3 was Blizzcon and we all thought it was Arthas eyes. Anways, I’m guessing it will be late next summer, I’m saying August, let’s say August 03, 2010. You better get crackin, we need to get you some heirloominess. 😛

  3. I know! I’ve been crazy busy the past week! I hope it slow’s up a bit, but no promises! How is the guild on death knights,lol

  4. December 9, 2010, Goblins will take over the World!!! (of Warcraft)

  5. Dmgdelaer Says:


    let me just say i have played wow since it first came out me and my family all together we have 15 80’s (horde) and around 8 70s (alliance) i used to be hardcore alliance but i got tired of losing so many bgs so i transfered over to horde and i have been horde ever since BC and i love it every once in a while ill play my af but 10 mins go by and i gert bored. Anyways talkign about new horde and af races

    Worgen; Well for one i dont like how they gave alliance them how in the heck do they tie into alliance, what they should have done is give them furbolgs or something peaceful, if u want something savage alliance then switch to horde alliance is about good guys, Sorry to bust your bubble. And i dont like how the females look they look like they got makeup, MAKE THEM MEAN!!!!!

    Goblins; well i love how blizzard made them look they look mean and awsome, i love that the made them on horde because they go perfectly with horde. But i think this expansion they should have gave af furbolgs or something else even dryads and horde goblins/worgens they even could have put worgens in this one and put goblins in a next expansion. But i do think the game is coming to a end in a way think who is next that we know arthas is dead and deathwing is the last one, unless the Burning legion comes back. But i look forward to the movie i hope it is sick!!!!

  6. Too late to guess? I mean, it hasn’t been announced yet, so I don’t see why! I’ll go for November 10th. 😛
    Oh, and Goblins will definitely rule.

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