To All the Pets I’ve Loved Before

I was taking a trip down memory lane this morning, while the servers are down, and I should be doing my homework, but who cares, right?!? Anyway, back to my story, stop derailing me brain, go look at the shiny in the corner! Back at it. I was looking through my screen shots and reminiscing about all of the pets I’ve had on my hunter, and then I realized, I did a horrible job of screen shotting every pet I’ve had. They have all meant something to me, and have all played a huge part in the life of Gozz, my main, and most played toon. I did however come to the realization that I of the ones I have, I have some awesome shots, and I wanted to share those with you guys, the loyal 4theHorde readers.


First we have Aslan. He was with me for the better part of my first 75+ levels. I picked him up in the barrens, and he was with me a long way. He was retired back to his native grasslands in the Barrens.


Here’s a variation of the bird I had at 70 for a long time. Name was falcor or something like that. I had the big red skettis bird, even had a great story to his plain ol’ jane name, Spot, but I’ll save that for later.


Meet Formic. Wasp 1.0 He eventually got replaced by the LSD Wasp of Doom. He still resides in my stable, as he’s no longer tamable(not this one, the LSD one)


Seriously, who didn’t level from 70-80 with a gorilla? They were so OP. Thunder stomp ftw.


Then we have the first spirit beast. I found this one on a random encounter while mining in Sholizar, the only SB I haven’t just madly sought after!


Then there was the crocolisk bug that made the summonable spirits tamable. It may look like a slime, but, alas, it’s a croc, and yes, his name was Vankman.


Ultimately I only had room for one of the spirits, so I stuck with the three headed Hydra, I call him Echo.


Then there’s Gondria, or as Grubs dubed her, Akemi from the naming contest.


Bonus here, We have me with Skoll, the latest SB, and Jaarka with Gondria, two killer BM hunters sporting their beasts with pride!

Thanks for sharing this walk down memory lane with me. One thing I’ve come to discover, I  need to take alot more screenshots. I can’t believe all of the pets I’ve had, and never took a picture of them. I’m a bad hunter. Keep an eye out, and if you see me with a dazzling new pet, go ahead and ask me, “hey, gozzy, did you screenshot that yet?”

Thanks guys,4theHorde!

~Uncle Sy


2 Responses to “To All the Pets I’ve Loved Before”

  1. Ooh that is an awesome shot at the end there! Now alls you need is one with Juna in there too. We could have all three spirit beasts in the same shot. 😉

  2. Great screenshots and an awesome idea! I too did a horrible job of screenshotting all my pets…oh wait. I really only had one pet until they gave them all their own abilities in what, patch 2.4?

    I’m the noob that levels with a bear.

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