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How to be Super-Pro

Posted in Tips & Tricks on September 30, 2009 by Nimrock

If, like me, you play WoW in between work, school, reading for work, reading for school, reading for pleasure, laundry, cold cut trio subs, sleeping and Super Contra, then you may not have the benefit of vast amounts of time to learn all the nifty tricks of the warrior way. I’d like to help. Here I present what I hope to be the beginning of a series of quick tips for becoming a warrior of legend.

 Brewmaster Nimrock’s Sure-fire Method for Looking Super-Pro in an instance.

This is a little something I use to bring a pinch of class into a normally boring heroic instance run. I also use this method to impress PuG’s I happen to be tanking for. After all, what’s all the Effective Health in the world going to do for you if you can’t pull in style?

  1. Find a group of trash that contains at least one caster. When in doubt pick the mob that is wearing a dress and carrying a staff.
  2. To be most impressive, try to find the group with a caster that is as far away from the melee as you can.
  3. Target that mob and mark it as first kill, say you use skull.
  4. Pick another mob, at random, and mark it as second kill, say you use X.
  5. Be a warrior, level 80 and have Juggernaut, Heroic Throw and Gag Order.
  6. Prepare for the pull.
  7. Target skull, hit heroic throw, target X, charge, thunderclap.
  8. If you have done it correctly, an enormous weapon will fly at the caster, stunning him and locking out his spells. Immediately after you will rush in the opposite direction leaving an afterburner jet trail in your wake. Lightning will burst from your feet, all melee mobs will attack you, and the caster, unable to bring spells to bear, will limp over to hit you with his nancy staff.

Enjoy the benefits of this flashy trick. If you happen to be a member of the lesser tanking classes, I’m sorry but I can’t help you.


Random Email Chain of the Day:Character Lineup

Posted in Random with tags , , on September 29, 2009 by sylus

Pie Writes:

Since Sy and Nim and Roz have become “dirty alliance scum” a lot…and left Fikkle and I to our own devices (which usually involve pwning noobs in bgs) and Jaarka is busy being a school bum.  Oh and Slig and Grubs are cheating on WOW with some “other” game….

I thought I would let you all know my proposed Cataclysm lineup.

For the Horde:
Halke — Orc Hunter with Red Drake (the bestest flying mount of all time(TM) )
Naciasto — Tauren Druid (some drood is black with grey main cat (cat is 4 fite) and black and grey bear (bare is 4 tank)  also sumtimes is owl.
Forpaj — soon to be Tauren Priest because sometimes Cow is for heals and for lots bubbles (oh and the current Forpaj can haz prayer of Fort..rawr)
Tombreaver — Undead Rogue because Lady S needs her some good Deathstalkers

I currently have a Orc lock, and two placeholder characters on Dawnbringer, I may go Goblin Mage and then I’ll probably roll an orc warrior, or switch my current Tauren Warrior to an Orc.  One of my new characters will be a Tauren paladin.  I actually got in the entire NPC conversation in TB the other day, so I am really stoked about them.  Depending on what I do with my orc shaman (see below) may be a goblin shaman in the mix.

Dirty Alliance Scum:
Piepal — Soon to be Draenei Paladin because face it male Draenei look awesome in plate.  Also, I can bring +hit for joo
Xorak — currently orc shaman will become Dwarf Shaman when it opens…dwarf + shaman…nuff said.  Or may stay with the orc shaman and roll new dwarf.
Peperic — Dwarf Hunter like Halk, can never change, plus Dwarf plus bear for tankage…
Unamed Worgen Druid — Drood and not night elf, this is all win and you know it.
Bratwurst — Human DK — Because nothing says rep grind is easier than a human…

I am probably going to go with a gnome lock and mage and I really think I am going Worgen Rogue because that stealth animation is all win.

I am almost at the point where my bank alt will be just that, a bank alt.  Nothing more than a level 1 character etc.  Too long have my bank alts ended up being something I want to play and then wham, the end up stuck in a city.

What do you all think of my lineup?  Feel free to include your own lineup or not, no pressure.

LinzieBug AKA Grubs Writes:

like it!!! Tauren priest is all win in my book 🙂 (well tauren anything really!)

I’ve actually been thinking of deleting everyone except Oz and Grubs, getting all the others gold, mats and stuff in 1 place and starting over when the xpan hit. I can’t make up my mind though…I’d be really sad for sure.

Uncle Sy Writes:

FYI, I was Horde-Core all morning(servers were back up before 10 central time?) I got the bronze drake(bringing mount total to 70), pwned the black knight, and once again lost the roll for the brewfest ram…oh, and destroyed H-An (the daily) in the process. I was in a pwn things mood, and got into an amazing pug of people I had pugged with before, I logged in and they were like, hey guy, long time no see, now come pwn stuff. Then I ate lunch, watched two episodes of Sanctuary on netflix, did some homework, then battlegrounds till work. Now I work. Tonight, put together shelves with manly powertools, then battlegrounds!

Uncle Sy follows up with this one:

Okay, lineup time.
Gozz 1.0-80 Orc Hunter on DB, 70 mounts, working on 100.
Gozz 2.0-28 Dwarf Hunter on WH, Hunters are all win, and he is tearing up the BG’s
Sylus-80 Undead Rogue on DB, stabbing is for fun.
Abadon- 80 Belf(will be an orc) Death Ka-nig-it(Montey Python spelling, sound it out) on DB.
Kohen-72 Belf(barf)priest on DB, if I decide to keep playing him, he will be a cow.
Boldrid-69 Dranei pally on WH, he brought all the heirloom gear over, his purpose os fulfilled.
Impios-53 Undead lock on DB, if I ever play him, he will be an orc evetually.
Gozra-55 Orc Shammaness on DB, she’s like 55, so I may get her to outlands and tear on.
Kovari-40ish Troll Slave, I mean banker, yeah, banker on DB
Redux- 29 Rogue twink(without gear atm…I stole the rogue gear to go to WH…I’m replacing it, sheesh!)
Bg-12 Cow Druid with heirloom gear, may keep, may try a /shudder….troll druid.
Cow Priest, replacing Kohen.
Cow Pally, replacing Errebus who went to the WH side.
Worgen Beast Mastery Hunter
Worgen Assassination Rogue
Worgen Affliction Warlock
Worgen Unholy Death Knight
Worgen Frost Mage
Worgen Holy Paladin
Worgen Feral Druid
Worgen Holy Priest
Worgen Enhancement Shamman
Worgen Protection Warrior
Worgen marksman Hunter
Worgen Combat Rogue
Worgen Destruction Warlock
Worgen Blood Death Knight
Worgen Fire Mage
Worgen Retribution Paladin
Worgen Balance Druid
Worgen Unholy Priest
Worgen Elemental Shamman
Worgen Arms Warrior
Worgen Survival Hunter
Worgen Subtlty Rogue
Worgen Demonology Warlock
Worgen Frost Death Knight
Worgen Arcane Mage
Worgen Protection Paladin
Worgen Resto Druid
Worgen Disc Priest
Worgen Resto Shamman
Worgen Fury Warrior
Worgen Bard
Worgen Banker
Worgen War Priest
Worgen Berserker
Worgen Fighter
Worgen Shadow Dancer
Worgen Thief
Worgen Monk
Worgen Center Fielder
Worgen Plumber
Worgen Professional Bull Rider
Worgen Wide Reciever
Worgen Tight End
Worgen Center
Worgen Warchief
Worgen PSU graduate
Worgen Baby
Worgen Teenageer
Worgen Mother
Worgen Boss
Worgen Employees
Worgen Telemarketer
Worgen Rock Band
Worgen Guitar Hero
Worgen Dance Partner
Worgen General
Worgen Canadian Air Force Captian
Worgen Zoo employee
Worgen Student
Worgen Sam Jack(wait, we already have him)
Worgen Pie
Worgen Brother
Worgen Sister-in-law
Worgen Reeses Peanut Butter Lovers Peanut Butter Cup
Worgen Soap Opera Star
Worgen Used Car Salesman
Worgen Mechanic
Worgen Barista
Worgen Bartender
Worgen Space Fighter
Worgen Zergling
Worgen Marine
Worgen Terren
Worgen whatever else I can think of! Yeah, I’m a bit osessed with the worgen, and there is no way to tell how many of these puppies I’ll have…get it, see what I did there? puppies, worgen?!? FUNNY! Slap your knees!

Rozjin Writes:

Sy … you are paying for my hernia that I got from laughing so hard. Seriously dude, you crack me up sooo much.
Lineup? Oh geez.
Rozjin, 80 troll mage, he ain’t going nowhere, Fiak needs his pew pew partner
Junahu, 80 tauren hunter, being as she was my first toon and has the most achievements/mounts/pets .. she’s the collector/achievement whore
will anything else get leveled? I dunno. The alts are:
DItzul, 76 troll DK
Galor, 27 belf paladin (no, he’s not turning tauren)
Zerbrez, 24 troll priest
Cruljin, 23 troll warrior
then there are the twinks
Maldrice, 18 undead rogue
Kubrez, 16 troll hunter
and a bank alt, Zalazku, 8 troll shaman
I have one slot left, which will be a goblin something or other to see the starting zone, and then be a troll druid
Karius, 77 (or will be in two bars) human mage – if I had to name which toon is my main, it would be him
Katia, 70 draenei DK – ya know, I won’t ever reroll her because she has the Flame Warden title, but … a race change isn’t out of the question
Sanbec, 48 human warrior
Ragle, 41 human priest
Kaladis, 16 nelf druid, he’s really cute
Kyrandre, 16 draenei paladin, may become a bank alt
Kerick, 9 (I think) human paladin, because Kyrandre just isn’t my type
hmm…I missed someone. I know I have 9 slots filled.
Oh, Kardios, 7 nelf hunter, I just want to be able to hear a nelf die every time I FD. Maybe I’ll delete him and transfer Valleris over.
And Keodd, 2 human rogue, teh banker for now.
My worgen I think will be a warlock. Picture a human, who turns into a worgen, who turns into a demon at the bottom of the demonology tree. Yeah. Awesome!

Fikkle Finally chimes in:

you’re such a noob…. I am so not counting that… did you hit your character limit or will you need to pay blizz another 15 greenbacks a month?

Sy’s one liner follow up:

I’d have to pay up I think!

Roz follows up with this:

Hm I think I noobed it up and only replied to Sy instead of the list.


(I think they’ll all see it now! Shenanigans have been made public knowledge!!!)

~Uncle Sy

Things I Take for Granted

Posted in Alts, PvP with tags , , , , , on September 25, 2009 by sylus


I’ve always been a huge fan of Player Versus Player Combat, or PVP. I’ve tried it out on several different classes, Hunter(PEW PEW), Rogue(GRAB MY FLAG AND I’LL STAB YOU), Priest(KILL ME NOW!), Paladin(YOU CANNOT KILL ME, BUT I CAN NOT KILL YOU!), Warlock(DOT DOT DEAD), and Death Knight( I HAVE THE POWER).  I’ve loved every minute of it.

I adore warsong gulch now after the recent timer addition. It makes for some fast and furious games. Even if it goes the entire 25 minutes, it’s still a rush to see who can cap the flag first so if it ends in a tie you get the win. I love it!

Arathi Basin has long been a one of my favorite battle grounds. The idea that with a decent group you can grab three nodes, stick five guys on each node and wait them out is strategically genius(even if most of the time everyone is playing roadkill…you know who you are).

Alteric Valley was always my battleground of choice. I love the idea of the epicness that is forty people working together(or in many cases against each other) to perform a common goal of total annihilation of the opposing faction is just,well, for lack of a better word, LEGENDARY!

Eye of the Storm was good in its day, but with the new changes to the amount of resources needed it’s better. The two newer battlegrounds offer up something different, and in many cases, me for example, are still under played.

World PVP has always been my PVP of choice for my rogue in particular. The idea of sneaking up on some unsuspecting flagged player and destroying them with your superior speed, maneuverability, and ability to keep them stunned for what seems like an eternity is just plain SICK. The PVP quests in Grizzly Hills are my favorite in the zone, if not dailies I’ve ever done on ol’ Sylus(the Rogue). Old World PVP objectives need to be done away with in most cases. I’ve done some of the Silithis pvp, the Eastern Plaguelands, Terrokar Forest, and Zangarmarsh tower taking, and meh. I never see anyone anymore, and the bonuses they offer are okay, but not THAT good. I mean let’s be honest, 5% extra damage isn’t that OP when you are already bringing full sets of Heirloom gear to the table in the case of most alts these days. World PVP ist still on top for me. It’s such a rush.

Now, You may be looking back over my rant and wondering:
What the crap is he talking about, what about this is he taking for granted?”

What I’m talking about is I’ve done all of these things. I’ve had thousands of PVP honor kills between all of my toons, twinks, and mains, but all of them have come as Hordies. One of the main things, besides the Horde lore, keeping me coming back to the Horde as my “main toons” is pvp. I’ve loved killing Gnomes, Nelfs, Humans, Dwarfs, and Dranei. It’s been a blast! I love nothing more than laying out a Nelf hunter with a few carefully timed stabs in the back. Human Paladins have been my arch nemesis. Holy ones are worse!!! I love killing alliance. There, I said it. It’s so much fun.

Now, as many of you know, I’ve put my Horde toons on the back burner for a bit. They are going nowhere, and will always be my “mains.” I’m just taking advantage of the situation we are currently in to level a few alliance toons in preparation for the Worgen onslaught that will be brought down on Azeroth. In doing so, I’ve transferred over my Blood elf Paladin(I never liked Belfs much anyway) and now he resides of Winterhoof with the boys and girls in Crits and Giggles. He’s almost 70, and basically holds the gold for my leveling hunter. I love hunters. Dwarfs are awesome as well(I’ll trade dwarfs and Worgen for Belfs and Trolls, sorry Roz).

Now, as I’m leveling my hunter in all our heirloom gear(dagger x2, XP gains from Chest and shoulders, and the Amazing looking Bone Bow) I’ve been wondering about all the talk of XP gains in battlegrounds. This works well for me, for one, I want to do PVP, I love PVP. I also am leveling so fast, It would be tougher for me to go back and get reputation with other factions to get their sweet mounts.(I am talking about you Nelfs and your sweet cat mounts) So, PVP mounts look promising to me! I started out doing battlegrounds in WSG, but with a twist. See, this is what I mean by things I take for granted. look at this map:

If you look at WSG for a minute, you notice a few things. Horde start in the south, Alliance in the north. The first time I came barreling out of my tunnel it blew my mind that I was running North on my minimap instead of south…it’s a simple thing really, but can mess with you at first. Trust me. If just for a second you feel like a noob for realizing that you’ve been in this battleground thousands of times, and now it suddenly feels different.

Arathi Basin was the same for me. After getting into my mid 20’s I decided it was time to start hunting in AB. I barrel out of my gate on the ol’ Ram and head for where the Farm flag should be, just to the left of the farm…wait, I get there, this fence houses a graveyard…wait, CRAP, Alliance doesn’t rush for the farm first, we rush for the stables, and crap, I’m headed South this time instead of North….. UNNERVING!!!! It’s a simple thing I know, the direction you run on your minimap, but it’s huge when you have preconceived ideas of how things are suppose to go! With WSG at least the layout of the flagroom and tunnel area are the same! This is a switch of a few more things in my opinion. It was also wierd to see we gained a node before they did(yes, I’m implying that Stables is closer to the starting point than the Farm. You (Blizzard) fix things when they are in our favor(AV) why not when they are in the favor of the alliance?!?)

In Conclusion, I rattle on and rant about things way to much. PVP has been a blast for me, and will continue to be. I love pvp, but it is definitely taking some getting use to as one fo the evil races. (Yes, alliance you are the evil ones. )

For the Horde,
~Uncle Sy

Sticks and Stones

Posted in Arse Chapeau on September 23, 2009 by Kor

Sticks and Stones may break my bones… and axes and maces and swords, etc.  But I’ll let a GM deal with you.  Oh, and a little thing called the internets.

Asshat of the Year Award

Gous from the Blood Furnace server, level 33 Troll Priest… Congratulations, you have my vote for Asshat of the year.  Have fun dealing with Blizzard.

Brewfest is Here!

Posted in Holiday Event on September 20, 2009 by Kor

Lok’tar friends.  Brewfest is here and there is a new pet this year. Check out the Pint-Sized Pink Elekk!


Just a few quick notes for anyone who is going to do Brewfest:

1. If you wanna toss a mug and hit the mechanical dude, BE DRUNK OR YOU WILL MISS.

EDIT: Okay, he appears to just be bugged, if you’re still having trouble hitting him, run up close to him and toss it.

2.  Pink Elekks are not in Tirisfal Glades. They are in the Ruins of Lordaeron (and Mulgore and Eversong Woods).

3.  When Ram-Riding (in Durotar) for the daily run, there are four apple things for the Rams.  If you run past each, you NEVER HAVE TO SLOW DOWN! That’s right, if you hit all four (and if you get good, only three are needed), you can run at the fastest speed and not slow down.

4. In order to do the daily ram-riding and beer delivering quest, you need to talk to the quest giver after doing the initial quest and click the text box to do it again.

5. Dark Iron Dwarves attack every 30 minutes.

6. You need to be drunk to see the Wild Wolpertinkers and Pink Elekks (the ones for the quests).

7. No Brew’ing and Mounting!

Have Fun!


— Fikkle

May the Horde be with you

Horde Pets, and the Toons that Love Em!

Posted in Alts, Hunter, Leveling with tags , , , , on September 19, 2009 by sylus

I debated about where to put this post. I don’t want the hardcore Hordies to hate on me over this, but it could have easily been put elsewhere for fear of alliance hate! In the end, It was more of a tale of the Horde, a side of beef, and a petthat is only available through a Horde quest. This was the natural place to put it, right? …right?

Lets start at the beginning shall we? In anticipation of the alliance getting by far their coolest race, the Worgen, I have been playing a few alliance toons. This has a few benefits. One, I can get some heirloom gear on my alliance server, and two, I can get a feel for the alliance.

As many of you know, I’m a hunter. I love the hunter class. I love where it has been, where it is currently, and where it is going.( Can you say good bye mana!?!?) It was natural for me to want to level a hunter again. I’m a fan of dwarfs, in fact I’ve often said if I could trade the blood elfs for the dwarfs the Horde would be perfect! (I’d also trade the trolls for gnomes, but if I said that out loud Rozjin would mow me down with a fireball!)  Back to the hunter story.

I switched my paladin over to the alliance, and he brought with him a full set of hunter and rogue heirloom items. This has made leveling the dwarf to this point cake, or pie, depending on your viewpoint! Once I was able to get a pet at level ten I found all of the “normal” pets lack luster. I missed my white lion, Echeyekee. I can’t get said white lion though on the alliance side…. it takes a hordie to blow the horn to summon him, and what hordie would stand around and let me tame it while they end up failing the quest… NONE! That’s right, I wouldn’t do it for any dirty alliance when I’m playing on my horde toons, I wouldn’t expect them to do it for me!

Now I’m still in this predicament. I want that cat, but have no way of getting it on my dwarf hunter…then I have a brilliant idea. I should level a horde toon, summon the lion, and exit out really quickly, log in the dwarf, who will be on site, and tame the beast…BRILLIANT!!! Seriously, I only have to get to level ten to pick up the quest that starts the line. The creatures might be a bit tough, but heck, if I go with a hunter, and a tankie pet, no worries.

This is where the side of beef (Lets not give this toon a name, I want no attachments) comes in. Nimrock was going to level a tauren shaman with my tauren hunter until we can get the quest. He was going to summon it for me. Beautiful. Well, the best laid plans fall apart sometimes. Nim and my play schedule have been very much not lining up, and I had a free morning. I plowed through to the barrens, picked up the quest line and threw myself at the mercy of level 13 plainstriders, level 14-15 zevras, and level 15-16 savannah prowlers. Not to mention the roving raptors and hyenas in the area! By the time I was able to pick up the quest I was rolling at level 12. It was tough, I can’t say I didn’t go unscathed. I died a few times, but it was totally worth it.

I parked my side of beef in the inn and logged over the dwarf. Mind you, I did all of this without knowing for sure I could even pull this off. Would the white lion despawn when I logged  out?  Is it even tamable by alliance toons? I had no clue, but if I could pull it off, totally worth it. I began the long run from Ironforge to Minithil Harbor. From there I took the boat to Duskwallow Marsh east of the Barrens and bolted for the barrens! I was afraid for my life, and only died once running through an area with mobs in the mid thirties! It was quite the adrenaline rush. Heading north I bypassed Camp T and the Crossroads heading onward to my destination, a pile of bones in the northern part of the barrens.

Parking myself on the hill next to the pile of bones I sat down for the logout. twenty seconds later I’m bringing the side of beef back into the game to summon the majestic white lion. After the loading screen I was grateful to see a level 19 warrior clearing out the cats. He summons his lion, brings her down, and goes along his merry way with the hide. The path is clear, no bad guys to speak of, so I blow the horn and exit the game.

CRAP I have an authenticator, it takes me a good thirty seconds to get back into the game with the dwarf. The lion is still there, and so I begin the twenty-second stare down. Working my spell over on the white lion as he chews on my kneecap is always nerve wracking, especially when it’s a rare or hard to get pet. twenty seconds later I am now the proud owner of a brand new, white and shinny lion.

I stone back to Ironforge, log the side of beef back on, and stone him back to the inn. I promptly log him out of the game, presumably never to bring him back into the game again. I sat back in my chair a bit saddened by what I was about to do. In fact, what I had already started to do. There in front of my avatar sat the delete box. All I had to do was hit the enter button. I had already typed out the obligatory delete command in the prompt. Instead I hit the cancel button. The side of beef has a name. He has a story, and it’s like pulling teeth getting me to delete a character I’ve interacted with for any amount of time, even if he was just here to help out a dirty dwarf.

For the Horde,

Fikkle’s Thoughts on Cataclysm

Posted in Cataclysm, Discussion on September 15, 2009 by Kor

Lok’tar friends!  So Blizzcon has come and gone and everyone who’s interested has already read all the news about the announcements made their about Cataclysm, the next expansion for World of Warcraft.  I’m not going to get into the news.  But I am going to talk about what has me excited and what has me, well, not really caring too much.  I’m sure most of my guildies have heard me mention this stuff a few times, but I don’t think I’ve really put my thoughts down on the blog. So here they are. SPOILER ALERT! You’ve been warned.  And you can go tell Illidan that you are now prepared.


The fundamental reality of the next expansion is that there is going to be a global disaster (termed The Cataclysm) that occurs when Deathwing re-enters the mortal realm.  This is going to change almost every zone in some way.  The ‘old world’ is going to be redone, graphically and thematically (as in the story) so that it presents an entirely new levelling experience.  As anyone who’s read almost any of my posts in the past knows, I’m a self-proclaimed altaholic.  I have an alt of every class and I enjoy levelling through the game.  Recent changes, specifically the heirloom gear, has brought a whole new level of fun to the levelling experience for me and I’ve really enjoyed it.  But the change in Cataclysm is going to create new content and different looking zones through which to experience this all again.  This is by far my favorite thing coming in the expansion.  The ability to continue levelling alts and have it be completely new all over again.  I’m a tiny bit saddened that I won’t ever get to go level through the old stuff, which I’ve done so many times already, but that I still enjoy.  But the excitement of this change just blows that out of the water.


The new race for the Horde.  First off, I just want to comment on the hysteria that seemed to grip part of the wow community when this was leaked early.  People went nuts, as if the Swiss were going to start WWIII. Goblin neutrality, in my mind, never came into question. Of course Blizz wouldn’t take a whole race of neutral NPCs and switch them to one faction.  Lets look, for a second, at some of the other playable races in the game. Orcs are scattered throughout the Eastern Kingdoms, remnants of the Second War that never joined Thrall’s Horde.  For Trolls, the question isn’t where are they in game, but rather, where are they not. Blood Elves now battle against High Elves, who are technically an alliance friendly faction in some cases, but there are plenty of High Elves that the Horde kill for quests. There are some Forsaken in Ashenvale, I believe that the Alliance have to kill for one of their quests there. Tauren in Stonetalon Mountains and Thousand Needles are killable.  That’s just the Horde races.  Need I go on?  Probably not, but I felt the need to mini-rant about that. 

So, Goblins for the Horde!  Woot!  This is pretty much my new favorite race.  Way back during one Halloween event, my hunter Grimshot was turned into a Goblin with a wand or something.  I took (which I do), this reason alone would make me super excited about this change.  Another quick side note, a few weeks back I read on some blog that I can’t remember that someone said no one was excited about Goblins.  To you, my fellow blogger, I flat out say this: YOU’RE WRONG.  I can’t wait to roll a Goblin!


The new race for the Alliance.  So while I’m more excited about having Goblins on the Horde, I’m still pretty stoked about this race.  I think Blizz has something really cool in the lore of Gilneas and the curse of the Worgen that they’re afflicted with, and I’m truly looking forward to this as well.  I am actually interested in rolling low level Worgen on an RP server with my guildies for the sole purpose of roleplaying, with levelling perhaps being incidental. 


So this change is pretty exciting to me as well.  Once again, everyone’s a flutter with proclamations a la chicken little, but I’m actually excited to see this specifically from a lore perspective.  If the race-class combos had remained constant, it would provide stability for the accuracy of some lore, but at the same time, it makes the races seem less alive.  The fact that there are a few Tauren in TB, right now, philosophizing about leading there people to embracing the sun as the complement to the moon, makes me feel like these races are more alive, having the potential to grow and expand and become more than what they were in the past.  That’s just plain cool.  /LoreNerdGeekOut


So this is tied in with the removal of specific stats with gear, like armor pen and defense, which players will be getting from their specs instead.  Now, gear will contain mastery, and increase your bonuses in your talents based on that.  I don’t know that I understand exactly how they’re going to do it yet, but I like the fact that the gear you choose will be much easier to compare.  People who want to min/max will still be able to, they’ll just be calculating different things.  The other bonus is that one set of gear will potentially work in multiple specs, depending on the class.  The mastery will increase the effectiveness of that spec when you’re talented into it and the other when you switch.  A nice change.


So far I’m pessimistically hopeful for this.  I don’t like the ‘gated’ system.  The Argent Tournament is a good example of this.  If I have extra time one day to be able to put into it, I don’t want to be held back because it only allows you to do so much per day because inevitably there are days when I can’t do it, and then I feel I completely set myself back.  Whereas if it was more ‘grindy’ (/gasp) then I could do as much as I wanted to on days I had the time and wouldn’t feel like I was missing out on days that I didn’t.  But, this is the way Blizz is going, so I’ll just have to deal with it.  One thing I do like about this is that there are going to be some pretty interesting story lines involved with these “Titan Cults”.  I think they’re going to be pretty cool and I’m looking forward to trying the different ones on my different alts.  The other thing I think is really cool about it is that unlike the Scryer/Aldor and Oracle/Frenzyheart choices, its going to be much less black or white and much more different shades of grey, so to speak.  What I mean by that is that there are going to be multiple options instead of one or the other, which I think is so much cooler.


I’ll admit, this is one aspect of the expansion that I’m not really looking forward to all that much.  I will say however, that I bet Blizz implements this new profession so well that I’ll end up eating my words.  Right now, I don’t really like to level cooking and fishing since it feels so boring and because I have so many alts I have to grind it out repeatedly, and it never changes.  First aid I do as a necessity, because you never know when that little bit of bandaging will help, but I can send cooking products from one character to all the rest, as well as fish, so it doesn’t seem worth it to do it on multiple toons.  Since this is going to be tied to Path of the Titans, I likely won’t have a choice, but I’m still pretty “meh” about it.

So that’s all I can think of at the moment, although there was so much announced, I’m sure I’m forgetting something.  If there’s a specific bit from Blizzcon you’re interested in that I missed, let me know and I’ll try to update the post.



May the Horde be with you