Blizzard Hates Me

Yes, I am under the impression hat Blizzard does not want me to play Alliance. After posting my intentions to reroll Alliance, and after server maintenance of course, I was able to log into the game. I figured I’d check who was on in the guild. Onto Hordeside I went…No one was on…As I’m getting ready to log out, I see that I had received an item. Cracked Egg. I thought to myself, cracked egg? OOOOOO, Oracles egg, gotcha. So, lets cancel this logout timer, and see what I got…another tickbird hatchling? A shiny new pet cobra? Probably just another 8 or so aged yoke…yuk. As I right clicked the egg, to my utter shock, amazement, and dumbfounded-bleery-eyed-ness(new word, just made it up) there it was. Reins of the Green Proto Drake. I was speechless. I had been going all the way out to Sholizar Basin for Months. It was the first quest line I did when I hit 78ish. I’ve been at this for sooooo long. I counted last night. I have 7 tickbirds, 3 cobra’s and I’ve saved my yokes in the bank, I figured I’d hang onto it all until I got the drake. I had 76 STINKING AGED YOKES!!!! That isn’t counting all of the pets I gave away to guildies.  That throws my total mount number up to 70, and I think I’m out of easily obtainable mounts…

So Now, as I’m contemplating a huge game changer for me (rerolling mains on an alliance server) so when Cataclysm goes live, I’ll have had time to save up for some heirloom gear for the Worgen army that is going to take over my character log in screen. Yeah. I’m doing it all for the Worgens… Back to my story, BLIZZARD FINALLY GIVES ME THE STINKING MOUNT!!!! I’m all out convinced that Blizzard either, A. Hates me, B. Doesn’t want me to play Alliance, or C. IS MESSING WITH MY HEAD!!!!

I’ll leave you, the loyal 4theHorde readers with this for today.


Thanks Blizzard, you make my life Miserable!

I’m going with C.


14 Responses to “Blizzard Hates Me”

  1. I got moar useless pets. Surely everyone and their dog has a white tickbird hatchling by now. I’ll be surprised if I can even sell them. /sigh

  2. I think they are just messing with your head. 🙂 Blizz would get a huge chuckle out of it just for that purpose! 🙂

    ((from a NE druid who had the same experience getting the mount just last week))

  3. Bleh, I have not even bothered with the Proto-Drake. Eldadres refuses to ride anything that is not a Netherdrake. Spoiled, ain’t I?

    Funny how I got that and Champion of the Naaru almost a year ago and I feel retro now.

  4. Elgar got it on his second or third egg (it was really soon). 10 minutes before opening his egg he had bought epic flying skill. I’m not saying anything crazy, but I think it might have not been a coincidence. I might buy Schubert’s epic flying on the day he opens his egg as well. 😉

  5. I’m definitely voting C as well.

  6. Like I said before…I think Blizz just wants you to stick with horde 😛

    But I must say the same thing happened with me: quit playing alliance, rolled DK, loooove DK and my silly mage gets the mount…go figure

  7. Elgar sucks, he stole my horse :p

  8. Congo rats…of course I hate you now too.

  9. Elgar does suck. He got headless horseman and the green proto. My other toons conspire against him, but he has all the money, so they are nice to him…mostly.

  10. I’m a little more than nice to him … really, who else sucks up to him and calls him Great One? (other than Karon of course) And I still miss the banner with him on it that used to head your blog.

    But so help me, if you follow through on your threat to make him a gnome, the puntings will commence immediately. :p

  11. No Punting of the gnomes…Remember roz, I’m a fan of the gnome…I could protect him!(in a few lvls) Baby pally is squishy!

  12. Ha! You’ll need more than a few .. I’m 42 now .. no wait, 43. My pyroblast crits are hitting just shy of 1K now.

  13. Like I said before…I think Blizz just wants you to stick with horde 😛

    But I must say the same thing happened with me: quit playing alliance, rolled DK, loooove DK and my silly mage gets the mount…go figure;. All the best!!

  14. You mind is now officially messed with!

    But it doesn’t matter really… I mean Worgens are all good and stuff… but unless Gnomes can get bitten… and become Worgens… who really wants to be one?

    Gnome Worgen FTW!

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