For the Horde:Rise of the Lycan…I mean Worgen, I meant Worgen!

This is going to be a very tough decision, okay, not really. I’ve had my mind made up for weeks. I told Nim that if the Worgen were released as the next alliance race, then I would definitely be switching sides to play the new race. I’ll admit, I’ve always been pretty Hordecore. I mean I’ve had a hard time playing alliance. If you remember a few months back we took a brief stint playing alliance after an april fools joke went wrong, but It never took hold. I mean, I never got a toon above 15. Now here I am, ready to switch sides for a race of werewolf’s?!?! Yeah, I am! I’m totally not abandoning my boy’s here Horde side, but I have to take this opportunity to get an alliance toon to 80. Yeah, I’m prepping the way for a few worgen. If I can get this new alliance toonto 80, I’ll be able to gather a few pieces of leveling gear for the new guys! Now, Our good friend Ace, aka, Rozjin has been talking up a guild for a bit now, Crits and Giggles. So, I’ve got a Dwarf Pally doin a bit o’ damage in their neck of the woods. Tonight I’ll introduce him to the guild,a nd see if they’ll take another 4thehorderefugee. I’m guessing it won’t be a problem, I’ll still be around for guildies as needed, but the future Sy project for the time being is prepping the way for worgen…and I mean WORGEN, I mean, LOOK AT THESE GUYS!!!!

I MEAN SERIOUSLY! I totally ripped this photo off the webs, but they are werewolf’s! I’m a sucker for werewolf’s! I’ve been trying to let Nimrock, also my DM in D&D to let me roll up a worgen for our next campain for months! So to find I can play these guys in my favorite online game, wow. BLOWN AWAY!

So, sinse this here blog is called 4thehorde, I guess I can update my alliance happenings at my personal blog, The World/Mind of Sylus.

Don’t worry, I’m not totally slacking off here. I’ll keep up with the Hordeside fun too. When guildies need me, I’ll be there. And I’ll take screenshots!@! I gotta have some stuffs for this here blog right, eh fikkle? eh? Okay, I’m off to the races, ala homework style. Yeah, I’m back in school in other news. Boo right? Right. Catch ya on the Flip.



5 Responses to “For the Horde:Rise of the Lycan…I mean Worgen, I meant Worgen!”

  1. We LOVE paladins!

  2. Yeah, when I can get in game this evening I’ll shoot someone a tell…who should I shoot?

  3. I wanna be a werewolf too!

  4. […] post or two over at 4theHorde, I’ve started an alliance toon on winterhoof in anticipation of WORGEN! I’m keeping it small scale over there, one real toon, and the dk who wil eventually get […]

  5. I resubbed and took the dive into Alliance as soon as I saw the worgen transformation video. The Goblins look kind of cool as well, one thing which is annoying is my human paladin looks a bit crap when compared with my bloodelf, blizzard need to work on the older models I think.

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