Gozz is Back

With the release of 3.2 I was feeling the itch to bring my hunter back from the grave. Well, not the real grave, but Earthen Ring. I had transferred Gozz off of Dawnbring er to focus on other toons, and to allow me to play on ER with some friends. This really never panned out, and Gozz sat over there all by his lonesome. By now everyone has heard about Skoll, the new spirit beast that happened to fall into our laps with 3.2. That was my real motivation for bringing him back to dawnbringer. If I was going to be searching for him, I would want to be where everybody knows my name…yeah, like the cheers jingle.  Well, I was away the week 3.2 hit, so i wasn’t among the first to get him this time, but I do have him. That’s right, I have all three spirit beast pets. I am a glutton for punishment. Now what do I do if another rare pet drops? get rid of one of my beloved pets? I mean come on, three spirit beasts, the ghost hydra, and the LSD wasp of doom…I can’t part with any of em! You can’t tame the wasp or the hydra anymore, and the spirit beasts are like badges of honor to a hunter like me! Yeah, I know, I’m still beast master, but hey, I LOVE THESE PETS!!! Am I asking for more stable slots? well, it would be nice, but most of all I guess I’d just like a way to keep getting more and more rare pets! I’m sort of a collector. My only real hunter regret is not getting a ghost wolf when I could…. Anyway, here’s a great shot of me with the new spirit beast, aptly named Loqtar! (fyi, I’m not a dwarf, just disguised as one in the picture, blue’s a good color for Gozz!)


Until Next time,

~Uncle Sy


6 Responses to “Gozz is Back”

  1. Congrats on the taming, and I must say out of all the spirit beasts Skoll is definitely my favorite.

  2. Glad to have Gozzy back on Dawnbringer!

  3. And he’s glad to be back here as well!

  4. Who’s Gozz?
    And how did I miss this post?

  5. No clue rozz, how did you miss this post?

  6. Holy Crap..this post has a picture of me playing a dwarf…does this mean I predicted my future? who knows…. wait, with a wolf pet..worgen…me, alliance, wolf, worgen….my head is spinning….

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