What Is Up? Random Ramblings and Future Stuff

Lok’tar Friends!

Well, to be honest, RL has been the biggest culprit of monopolization of my time lately. Specifically, moving across the country, buying a new house, starting in allmost immediately in a new job. Things have been hectic. The past few days have been much better for getting back in game, seeing all the new content that went live with 3.2.

On that note, I’ve been working on a number of toons lately. Brak, my Enh Shaman and current main, has been hard at work on the tourney dailies, trying to finish off the last two races to be able to get his crusader title and the benefits that go with it. I’ve sporadically been doing Wintergrasp, but my past efforts have paid off, as Brak was able to pick up the Hateful Shoulders for his Enhance set and the WG belt for his resto set. In addition that, Brak has been into the new 5-man (regular) a few times, getting a new set of Enhance boots.

My second focus has been on Kor, my fourth level 80, a Death Knight who I’ve given a strict PvP focus too, specifically with Wintergrasp. Kor was levelled full-on Unholy, and continued to be Unholy in his PvP adventures throughout his first few weeks at 80. The recent (nerfs) changes to DK necessitated some talent changes. I also wanted to give him more options for pvp specifically, as his build kept some functionality that was specifically designed for utility, like farming. I looked around for builds that were PvP specific, bit didn’t find much. I ended up settling on a 0/36/35 DW build. At first I was extremely unhapy with its perfoormance but decided to give it some time before making a final decision. Kor’s been doing PvP and his tourney dailies. He also did the new 5-man once and pick up a new chest piece, which happened to be the same day that he also picked up the Hateful helm, which goes nicely with his shoulders. Next up, he’ll either be getting the gloves or pants, depending on need, and then he’ll follow up with some neck pieces and rings.

Lastly, I’ve decided to join some guildies who’ve decided to begin rolling twinks in the 29 bracket. My 29 Druid from Coilfang was pulled out of mothballs as well as a 22 (stopping at 29) Rpgue that I haven’t played in a very long time.

As for the blog, I know posts have been extremely sparse as of late, and I do want that to change. I’m not going to promise a specific schedule, unfortunately, since I won’t be able to pin down exactly when I’ll be free to write from week to week, but I will be trying to come back to it more than I have over the last few months. As you may or may not know, 4theHorde is co-authored by several of my close friends (and guildies). I don’t want to commit them to posting more than they have of late, but I will be sending them invitations to rekindle their blogging as well. I swear the invitations are in the mail!!!

So up-and-coming I’ll be doing some class specific stuff for the three classes I’m currently playing (Shaman, DK, and leveling/twinking Druid). Specifically, I’m going to take a look at some of these:

My current Enh spec
My current Resto spec (Shaman)
My current DK pvp spec
My planned DK tank spec when he dual specs
Possible changes to my DK pvp spec if I feel it’s necessary
My Feral Druid twink spec
A planned Feral levelling spec (for another Druid)
Why I stopped playing half my 80’s (Hunter/Paladin)

That’s just to name a few… Something else I may try to get rolling in conjuction with those is a bit of a mini-series style set of posts going. Specifically, Slig’s take on Shaman from an Ele/Resto perspective; Sylus’ take on DK’s from a PvE dps/tank perspective (oops, think I just ooted him); Nim’s take on endgame Druids specifically looking at the Bovine Branches and the BoomBoom Cow side of things (Resto/Bal); and lastly Pie’s take on the two classes I stopped playing: Prot Pally and XY Hunter (where x=s, y=v or x=m, y=m or x=b, y=m)… Ya, I have no idea what spec his hunter is. >.>

All of those will likely be individual author permitting of course. All of that being said, I’m hoping to revive our site as a place where casual gamers can come and hang out and talk about the thing that matters most in the World (of Warcraft)… SHENANIGANS!!!

— Fikkle

May the Horde be with you


3 Responses to “What Is Up? Random Ramblings and Future Stuff”

  1. Happy to oblige, dude! My own blog is gathering dust, too. Guess I’d better shape up!

  2. I am almost to the time in which I will write again…almost, like one more week…can you wait that long? I can….

  3. Looking forward to the Shaman stuff.. espec. the resto/ele stuff…

    Squidly hit 42 the other day, and the talents are starting to look a little more complicated (less of the +x% to crit etc, more of the will make things go boom if used at the right time).

    For Gnomeragan!

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