Greatest Lines Evar!

Under the influences of Bloodlust, yesterday in vent:

I have so much haste I’m dps’ing back in time…

 Today in gmail:

…I’m more comfortable dps’ing at this point: non-relativistic, time-travel, moonkin boom boom pow is really fun. But I can heal, if I have to, I guess…



That is all.


— Fikkle

“Lok’tar Ogar! For The Horde!”


4 Responses to “Greatest Lines Evar!”

  1. ROFL @ Bottled Nim

  2. Hello guys,

    I’m sure that the name will ring a bell when you go back and read the posts, but I just wanted to say I miss you and that I’ve been thinking about you all.

    Sy – Hope all is well with your wife.


  3. […] Also, I’d like to point out that I would have a screenshot of my VH achievement… but someone keeps looting the final boss so that my achievements get covered up. If I wanted a screenshot of the loot, I’d use AtlasLoot. Jerk. ❤ :Achievement Whore, […]

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