Return of the Horde?

How are ya Azeroth? It’s been a while, and all of a sudden it looks like 4theHorde is back! Several of us have been taking a bit of a break, which is always needed. It does appear that the break may be coming to an end for some of us.

Two days ago I had the opportunity to level one of my death knights. It was awesome. When I started, the mini DK was sitting at a measly 64. By the end of the night I was busting at the seems as I sported a larger number by the ol’ name… 68!!! Yes, you read that right, 4 levels in one day! Woot fo real!!!

It’s nice to be writing again as well. I’ve been trying to boost my personal blog over at world of sylus, and that has been fun. Now with me playing a bit more, I can come back to 4theHorde with a vengeance!

Keep it sexy Azeroth, Sy is back!
~Uncle Sylus


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