A Gear Post That Even Nim Will Wanna Read

Now this is a gear post that even Nim will want to read!  That’s right baby.  So I did some looking at some of the new gear and found out that Blizz decided to name the Tier 9 sets after major lore figures.  So the Shaman sets (Horde side) are named Thrall’s [gear] and the Warrior sets (Horde side) are named Hellscream’s [gear].  How freaking cool is that?!?!1! I totally want my Shaman to be running around in Thrall’s gear.  And if I had a high level warrior, it would be super cool for him to be wearing Hellscream’s stuffs.  Yes, cause there are more than one stuff, therefore stuffs.

Anyways, since I know how much Nim loves lore and how much lore loves Nim, I know he’s gonna get a kick outta this if he hasn’t already seen it.

If you wanna check out the sets, you can see them here and here.


Oh, and Brak is back!


— Fikkle

May the Horde be with you


6 Responses to “A Gear Post That Even Nim Will Wanna Read”

  1. I’d like to wear Cairne’s Battlegear of Obsolesence myself.

    T2 set bonus would be +10% to autographs given during Children’s Week
    T4 would be a lower cooldown on having snowballs thrown at him during Winterveil.

  2. Wow. The Horde priest set is named after a troll! /dance

  3. owait…my priest is only level 23 tho. hmmmm

  4. Who is this Brak guy?

    And who let him post on my blog?

    wabak man

  5. It’s those damn Orc Warlocks sucking the essense out of the once great Thrall and handing it over to a commo blacksmith…

  6. @ Gnomeaggedon – Woot for Shamans everywhere then… Well maybe not the Exodar, but everywhere else!

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