Warcraft Gourmet!

A conversation that started yesterday in email, and that has now boiled over onto the blog has brought up a few interesting questions. Lets go back to the beginning.

I’ve been working construction with a guildy, One Mr. Spiffy. It’s been a blast. He found out early on that I go above and beyond for our lunches, as we have a grill at the work site. I usually pool everyone’s resources, and prepare the items to be grilled the morning of and bring them ready to cook. This day was different. I had no time to prepare, so I brought everything with me, and would cut and prep on site. A true work site gourmet! Here’s the picture Spiffy snapped of me while I worked.


Yes, I’m using the cooler as a cutting board to cut a bell pepper. Yes the cooler looks dirty, but I cleaned every surface with soap and hot water before I used it. The stain is a plastic paint that bonds, and will not come off. It may not look appetising here, but when it is done, mmmmm so good.

mmmm, here they are.

Okay, so that is a ripped off pic from the web, but mine totally look like this with peppers, shrooms, and onions bursting forth from the perfectly grilled bacon wrapped brats.

Here are a few pics of what I have actually done in progress on the grill.




This leads me to my warcraft related question for the day. It took me a bit to get here, but here we are. What warcraft dishes that can be prepared in game, would you like to see cooked in real life. If you can come up with a good one, I will write up a post for my favorite one, complete with pictures of me cooking said warcraft inspired dish. I might even have a loot card lying around I could give out as a prize. I’ll have to wait and see, if not I’ll give out a drawing of your toon for free. You may not know this, but I haz art skillz.  Give me your best wow inspired recipes folks. I’ll even have Mr Nimrock from this here blog taste them, and give an open, and fair judgment of how they are! Have fun with this one, get as wild as you can!

~Uncle Sy


6 Responses to “Warcraft Gourmet!”

  1. *stomach grumbles*

  2. Priestgiblet Says:

    How about the Snapper Tartar?

  3. Flankstake Says:

    Bad Clams would be awsome to see. Except, in reality they should be made more like Rockefellar Clams. Cover the clam meat in bread crums, parmesan (sp check), bacon bits and green onion, then bake at 325 for 10-15 minutes until GB&D (gold star to the person who knows what that means Alton Brown is my hero!!!)

  4. Golden Brown and Delicious. Alton is also my fav food network guy!

  5. He’s a lefty!

  6. Flankstake Says:

    Good Eats = Good TV Gold Star for you Sy.

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