Thursday Thoughts…with Pie

As a confessed Altaholic, I love the new mount changes that will come with 3.2.

Note to melee DPS: Charge stunning the skull before it’s reached melee range of the tank is a bad idea, mmmkay?

Gnomeaggedon has serious issues.

Preventing a guildmate from completing their work because you are chatting on Google chat is…win.

The new “Throwback” versions of Pepsi and Moutain Dew, very good. I will be sad when they stop making them. Luckily, I can always get Dr. Pepper the way God intended it. If I travel to Texas. Which isn’t a bad thing…just a long drive or lots of shipping.

Sy posted pics of carrots and hot dogs. Oh..they claimed (Sy and Nim) they were peppers. But Slig and I both thought they were carrots. Roz said it was a daily cooking quest. Sewer Stew

If you don’t read Big Bear Butt Blogger…You should. This post is why you should never give a bear leaves….

Surf control blocks a lot of WOW places at work. Luckily Google and it’s reader isn’t one of them. So, I keep up on WOW throughout the day on reader. Sadly, if the whole post isn’t sent through the feed, I can’t read it all. That makes me sad.

Gnomie was bad and got caught by Surf control recently. I think it’s because he has too many screenshots of himself. Vain gnome warning. Not to mention it’s epic in it’s length.

Fikkle popped into game the other day. He’s busy getting ready for his move to his new job. Apparently he has to pack or somesuch. This is where gnomes would be a good thing.

Going to the Royals Game tomorrow. Big fireworks show after the game. I am hoping I can get some good shots of them. If I do, I’ll post some over the weekend.


Here is the pic referenced above.

What do those look like?

What do those look like?


12 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts…with Pie”

  1. Have fun at the game. Eat a hot dog for me, will ya? … with extra carrots :p

    Now get back to work. Er … I need to get back to work. Something like that.

  2. Okay. Last time I’m saying it. I cooked them. I ate them. They were frikkin red bell beppers. Seriously, Carrots don’t even make any sense to put in the goodness that is stuffed-bacon-wrapped-brats. (stuffed with onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms. The red peppers are a bit sweeter, therefore a prime choice for this delectable treat. These need no garnish. Just a bun. They are even better with Spicy Jamacan Jerk marinated Hot links instead of brats. Wrap them in lettuce before placing in the bun for a nice crisp crunch for a change of pace that doesn’t change the taste of the deicalcy, just the texture. Are you hungry yet? I can go on. Last time I made them, I melted a smokey sharp cheddar and Muenster blend of cheese across the top for one more amazing layer of flavor. Hope your royals hot dog was good. hehehehe, royals hot dog,lol.

  3. I should post the pic and let the world decide.

    Also, I should post the comment your wife made too!

  4. No, conditions were not perfect for chefing, I sanitized ever everything with soap and hot water before I used any surface to cut on. I used the top of the cooler. It was not mud, it was a stain from a previous job. You can post the pic, but I stand by my statement. It was dang good. Nim will vouch. Enjoy that royals dog!

  5. The peppers look pretty orange in the pic, I could see why you would think they are carrots. but they aren’t!

  6. bacon /drool

    Sy, you’re evil 😦

  7. I am not vain, and I don’t have serious issues…

    Seriously… who could get enough of my Hot Gnome body?

    Actually, you are right… how do I fit enough hot Gnome bodies into one post… a serious issue indeed…

    Bring on the Troggs!

  8. My vote is carrots. But WHY you’re putting carrots in a bacon-wrapped brat…. that IS a good question. You sadistic, evil person you.

    I believe you should be required to share the entire recipe and construction technique of these delectable looking Brats. SHARE! (>.< please!)

  9. priestgiblet Says:

    who cares if it wasn’t sanitized, thats what you cook it for 😛 and anyways thats what the 5 sec rule is for (i occasionally stretch this to conform to my current wants).

  10. priestgiblet Says:

    And for the record i thought it was carrots too

  11. Flankstake Says:

    As a proud Texan myself, who incidentally graduated from Tarleton State University about 10 miles down the road from Dublin, I would like to say one thing: “We know how to make Dr. Pepper my good man, and thank you for recognizing that”. Also, bacon wrapped brats, you sir are a genius.

  12. […] was accused during the week of being vain! Can you believe […]

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