Recruitment update.

As you can see if you are actually visiting the site and not just reading this in your feeder, I’ve removed the Recruitment post as a sticky.  It’s not that we are done recruiting it’s that I want to give each author’s post their time at the head of the class…so to speak.

Several things have changed since we started recruiting.  Fikkle and Slig are on and indefinite vacation from the game.  Sy was…/shudder…given the role of GL.  Nim decided to work on his druid and probably heal or dps, I forget which. I switched from ret to maintankadin.  We’ve added two level 80 Disc Priests who think it’s fun to heal and dps at the same time.  We’ve added a level 80 Troll Mage who thinks boy trolls are the best.  We’ve added a level 80 Lock who seems to have a desire to fill all our bank tabs with goodies!  And we’ve added a few folks who decided to start over rather than transfer their characters, at this time.

To be honest we’ve added a few folks I am not sure I’ve met.

Ashes of Tirisfal has grown and we’ve added good folks.  We are still open to adding a few more, so if you’ve wondered what it would be like to be apart of this crazy guild, whisper one of us in game and comment in this post.


5 Responses to “Recruitment update.”

  1. Priests, Mage, Lock … well, one thing’s for sure …. we won’t have to shard any cloth drops! xD

  2. Priestgiblet Says:

    Maybe i’ll start working on the pally i started before i moved my priest…

  3. Or plate,as I know of a few dk’s on the move to 80! Mine will be a minute, he’s more of a project than a lvling machine,lol. I’ve cleared out Hellfire, zangermarsh, and terrokar forest, now I’m destroying nagrand, and already a good bit into 69, 70 here I come, with blades edge, shadowmoon, and that purple area to go!

  4. have fun in outland … Ditz is 68 and looking to hitch a ride on the next zep to vengeance landing. Not sure when that will be though, that other plate wearer is having some fun hitting barrens mobs in the face with his shield.

  5. I’ll be in game tonight, I’m debating, druid goes to barrens, or DK stomps around outlands a bit more….decisions. I also have to get a good post ready for Monday, I can’t use the “I haven’t played in two weeks” excuse this time!

    oooooo, I have to go get a mic…

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