Don’t you wish your tank was sexy like me?

Normally on Wednesday, you would have been reading the smooth writing of Slig…

But Slig, due to computer issues and “losing that loving feeling” with WOW, has left the game. For Now. And Ashes of Tirisfal and Azeroth as a whole are less fun. We have some awesome new recruits. Recruits Slig will love when he (hah!) returns. But Slig is part of the family that is our guild, and nothing short of her return to the game will lessen that loss. This is in by no means a way to try to get Slig to come back. No, she made a decision that is right for her, but that doesn’t mean we don’t hurt. I will miss playing my druid without a hunter’s mark over the mob. I will miss getting her own brand of Bloodlust. I will not miss the player as much because we chat in emails. Apparently she has one more post to do about those emails. We will await that post with expectation. We will continue to visit her own blog…. We will miss you Slig and Calysong and Solareclipse.

And other changes have been made in game as well. First, Fikkle gave the GM role to Sy…which is scary. And Piepal became a tank.

Yeah like your tank never tanked in a dress.

Yeah like your tank never tanked in a dress.

I am enjoying tanking because it is something pretty new to me.  I started a paladin to give me something different to play when I wasn’t playing my hunter.  I am finding that I really have to concentrate and study the fights, things I never really had to do as much with my hunter.  Oh, when I was raiding I did, just to keep up, but really most fights were, here’s your target, kill it. Oh and don’t stand in stuff.

So now I tank.  I am really practicing my rotation because it’s important as the tank to not threat cap the DPS.  If I do my job right, then the DPS can do their jobs right.  And the healers don’t have to do their jobs for as long.

There have been loads of blog posts and threads and insane amounts of pixels devoted to how raiding has changed in Wrath.  It really hasn’t.  It’s still the same.  Tanks still tank, healers heal and DPS, kills things.  How you go about these roles may change fights, but in the end, the basic core of raiding or grouping or even leveling is, can you kill the mob before it kills you.  You might need to dance every so often, or get in a vehicle or dragon to do it.  And on that point, what makes reasonable players lose their minds when they get on a vehicle of sorts?

This post has rambled. Not because I didn’t have a topic, but because I had too many thoughts rambling around in my head.  So many changes over the past few weeks.  Sometimes you just have to talk it out.

For those of you that read this blog, AoT and 4thehorde are still strong.  We will be stronger if/when our prodigals return.  And if they don’t, we wish them the best on their journey.



6 Responses to “Don’t you wish your tank was sexy like me?”

  1. I still think next time you tank in a dress, Roz is gonna dps in his sword, cloak, and tabard.

  2. Priestgiblet Says:

    Did you actually tank the bosses in the dress? I was to busy watching health bars to really notice. Maybe we should do it more often, mages have successfully tanked wearing dresses, so why shouldn’t a real tank be able too 😛 And if roz gets to dps with sword cloack and tabard does that mean i get to heal in my pvp gear?

  3. If this sillyness continues, Gozz shows up with a tanacity pet, a pea shooter, and his “stripper outfit.” Oh yes, he ahs one. Ask me sometime, I’ll show it too you.

  4. Priestgiblet Says:

    Just go get Lil’ Timmy’s Pea Shooter Sy

  5. Here I was thinking “his” “taunt” was going naked…

    That tends to be my fear bomb…

    Although, it’s my party mates that run away… the mobs just see soft pink flesh with a green garnish…

  6. […] So, I’m sure many of you following along at home are familiar with Pie’s penchant for tanking heroics in a dress. If you’ve read that, you know that I’ve threatened to have Roz dps in his cloak, sword […]

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