Fikkle Friday’s Noon News with Fikkle

This just in: Sy gets pants-ed by guild.  In related news, Kansas residents have been suddenly struck ill.  At this stage authorities are speculating that the contagion could be eye-born and they are recommending people stay in their homes with their blinds closed and whatever you do, don’t go looking for small objects around the neighbourhood.

 In Ashes of Tirisfal news, the ever elusive Fikkle made an appearance in guild earlier this week.  Some guildies were shocked, others horrified, and yet others ran in fear.  After a few guildies were revived, having “passed out from manly hunger” the introductions were passed out and the newest additions to the guild were able to say hello to the unfamous guild leader (yes, I said unfamous… I don’t care that it isn’t a word…. This is the Fikkle Friday Noon News with Fikkle, not the Evening Report with Ran Dather).  So where was I?  Right… the newest additions to the guild were able to say hello to the unfamous guild leader and finally see what all the hype wasn’t aboot. That’s right, aboot.

 After the usual pleasantries, Fikkle shocked the guild with a stunning slash command and then pointed, laughed and quickly ran and hid under a rock, which happens to be the only safe place at the moment.  What could possibly be so terriblaar you ask?  Ask it, damn you.  Nothing short of the apopcapolypse:

 /gleader Sylus

 Cue end of the world music

 That’s right, the fallable Fikkle has stepped down as the master of mystery and arbiter of absence, leaving only the Sillyus to lead the lambs to their slaught-… err, to their celebration.

 The spokeswoman for Sillyus, a Ms. Belf Rouge, had only this to say: “Partay’s at the Dark Portle.  Wen? Weneva?  Just show up and bring gifts, Mr P. Boss likes to receive presents, yo.  Othawise, you may become a casualt-… err, you may become like Fikkle.”

 We here at Fikkle Friday’s Noon News with Fikkle would like to say this to all those suffering under the current regime in the Ashes of Tirisfal.  Update your wills.

 That is all.


 — Fikkle

 May the Horde be with you


4 Responses to “Fikkle Friday’s Noon News with Fikkle”

  1. Congrats to Sy! Long live Fikkle!

  2. Okay, yes, I am you new fearful, I mean, fearless leader. As first order of business, I want to ask you guys, guildies, for advice. What direction do we need to be going as a guild? I’m totally okay with the casual place we ahve to come, play a few hours at a time, goof off with friends, and enjoy an instance run every now and then. If this is waht you are wanting, great, if not, leave me some suggestions. We obviously want to start doing a bit of raiding again in the near future. What works for everyone? I would like to start setting up run nights, and a raid night once per week, as it has been in the past. I also still want to be that helpful guild that goes above and beyond for others.

    On that note, Ditzu, you rock. Let me say that after last night, I have no doubt Ditzu is Ashes material. Let me tell you the story. We had just grouped our death knights to go do the hellfire instances(ramps and BF). We grabbed a few pug’s, and one asked for help with cruels intentions before we started. I was in zangermarsh questing, waiting for a summons, but ditzu jumped at the opportunity and went north to help. A group of knight elfs helped ditzu and the annonymous pug guy to down cruel. Then Ditzu stuck around to help the knight elf when the perosn who origionally needed the help took off. Two deaths later, the nelfs downed the guy, and we resumed heading for the instance. That definatly goes above and beyond the call of duty. Ditzu, you rock, your death knight rocks, and we’re very glad you and fiak transfered over!

    I’ll be posting an official looking acceptance speach on monday…yeah, something like that!
    ~Uncle Sylus

  3. My cheeks are pretty much the colour of Ditz’s hair right now, mon. But c’mon…just because they’re alliance (and both male nelf huntards at that) doesn’t matter … if they helped, they deserve help in return. That’s just the right thing to do. /shrug

  4. male night elves?

    /shakes fist

    but you done good Ditz.

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