Change we can complain about..maybe.

No, this is not a politically charged post. This is about changes that occur in WoW and how many of us are not equipped or inclined to handle that change. I am not talking about Temporary changes which Larisa did a great piece on, followed by a piece on I am talking about changes that are “permanent”.

Class changes like Druid Innervate, MP5 changes (which by the way stink for hunters) or Wintergrasp (OMG Trade channel was all a flutter about the WG fail!)

I really can’t speak to the Druid changes as my little druid is only 38 and he’s a tank right now. I can talk about the mana regen for hunters. It hurts. It keeps me in Aspect of the Viper more when out farming. I have not really done much instance running with my hunter since I changed to Survival. I suspect it will be okay because of replenishment and the like.

I actually like the Wintergrasp change because that means I can take both my level 80’s in once or twice a week to complete the weeklies and be done with it. Of course, once I realized how much was wasted on resilience on the heirloom stuff I may not want the shards anymore. Okay I lie, I’ll probably deck my little rogue out in full heirloom items when I can.

The MP5 issue and “nerfing” spells is one area that affects more than just hunters. It affects all spellcasting classes. Most classes have some way of replenishing mana though. Druids have Innervate and depending on the spec and talents, can regen mana with some of their spells. Pallies have the awesome Divine Plea, unless you are Holy and let’s be honest their mana pools are bigger than Donald Trump’s ego.

I have heard folks complaining about the nerfs and the changes and wondered if they are not reading the blogs I read. Sure, healers had to change their healing spells a bit. But from everything I read on 4Haelz and World of Matticus every thing seems to be okay…perhaps not what it was, but was it too much before?

I haven’t had a chance to talk to our new holydisc (yeah yea feelers hurt) priest Fiak about what he thinks but when I did my first tank run through HoL-Regular with only 4 people, I never heard him complain about lack of mana.

Tuesday night I tanked my first heroic with a druid healer. My normal attack plan is head left when you enter the zone, do Commander Stoutbeard first and work my way back through the bosses. After you down Mr. Rift Spawner, we head into the flower portion of the tour.

Based on what I saw the tanks I ran with, my goal is to get to the boss as quickly as possible. As a pally tank, I do best on chain pulls. As long as the healer has mana, let’s go. I don’t think the druid dropped below half mana for the fight. Sure the ret pally died during the chain pull, but when don’t they die?

Oh, did I mentioned I changed my spec to Prot? After basically stripping my bank of all my gold, I have enough defense to run heroics now.


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  2. pitrelli Says:

    Hey leave us retadins alone 😉 only time i die in instances is after the tank =P

  3. pitrelli Says:

    I should add that retadins still struggle with mana regen on occasion particularly when you arent given enough time to drink. They then wonder why you arent in the top two dps…. no mana = no dps

  4. @fiak

    Hush now, just hael me!

    Yes usually after tank was when I died to, but sometimes I would get creamed due to video lag or some odd little melee aoe thing. Don’t know how many times I died to Commander Stoutbeard

  5. I healed a WotLK isntance on my 77 Druid yesterday. No problem. I think I drank once or twice… but then I was in 50% feral gear. A few more quests and going specifically for healing gear… ran the same instance today and never stopped once. Re: Innervate. I can’t speak for how it works out for those in the end game, but for a leveling Feral Druid it’s just awesome now. Old Innervate barely shoved my mana bar up (often not even far enough to shift forms)… new Innervate means I can spam heals for 10 seconds before going OOM. Amazing.

    My Paladin doesn’t have many mana problems (except when solo-ing as Prot – I have to get a ton of mobs on me to keep me dodging and blocking).

    My Warlock… well… he’s a Warlock.

    I haven’t touched my mage in ages, so I can’t really report anything there.

  6. They have mana in the game now?

    I thought they removed that when WoLK landed so casters didn’t need to worry anymore…

  7. “I thought they removed that when WoLK landed so casters didn’t need to worry anymore…”

    And melee STILL dominates in pvp. Whoda thunk?

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