We obviously haven’t done enough

Euripedes posted a great discussion on culture and our (gamers) place in it. Sadly I have proof that we’ve not come as far as we might think.

Bookworm Adventures is Popcap’s closest attempt at an RPG and I started playing it when I was at a computer without Plants vs. Zombies. You are a bookworm named Lex and you travel through sewers littered with literature references, battling monsters by spelling words. The longer the word, the more damage you do. To do damage, you spell a word from the given letters (blue tiles are poisonous.) If it’s a real word, the “Attack” button glows yellow and you strike your foe down. 

bookworm woot











Fight the good fight my nerd brothers and sisters, we’re not there yet.


4 Responses to “We obviously haven’t done enough”

  1. But we are getting there. Words like carpocalypse and noob are on the verge of becoming part of the dictionary.
    Just google “millionth word in the english language” and you’ll find many references to it.

    – is also a damn fine read if you’re interested in linguistics.

  2. It didn’t recognize it because you didn’t spell it the leet way. j/k ~_^

  3. Uh. I don’t know what carpocalypse means. Does that make me a noob?

  4. @ Slig

    Only if you are somehow involved in either the automotive industry or economics in general.
    It refers to the recession and it’s effect on car companies.

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