Freshman Hazing?

Ashes of Tirisfal has seen a boost in it’s numbers over the past few days. We have recruited two brand new members, on top of the winner of the “name my pet” contest. Our brand new recruits come to us from Earthen Ring, my old stomping grounds. Now, they are just as goofy as us, but I was a bit disturbed when I met them face to face….they like to be naked. Naked priest, naked mage. Naked Undead Priest, Naked Troll Mage…/shudder. You don’t believe me?



Oh folks, but it gets better, they tried blaming me!!!

WoWScrnShot_051709_232949So, I really don’t want you to feel like you wasted your twenty five dollars, so here it is, your nudy pic, on the Internet for all to see, all  for the low, low price of 25 dollars! We threw in the server transfer for free!!!! After an evening of goofing around in guild chat with these two, as well as the past few days with Roz, I have to say, we are getting the kind of recruits we are looking for. They are funny, goofy, and look at this as what it is, a game. A game full of other real life people that have lives, and families, and dogs, and jobs. Ashes has grown stronger today, stronger indeed. And just to prove I’m a nice guy, here they are, in their full glory, and fully clothed!

WoWScrnShot_051709_233327Now those two can stay!

Remember readers, it’s not to late to join us in our daily shenanigans, we are still recruiting via the blog. If you are interested in becoming one of us, the few, the proud, the odd and eccentric, leave us a comment on our recruiting thread. Until then, see you on the interwebs.

~Uncle Sy


9 Responses to “Freshman Hazing?”

  1. […] he forgot to warn us ahead of time that what he really wanted was to put us through our hazing!  (Gnomer, you might not want to click […]

  2. I would like to point out that I was fully naked in that pic. I’m so good, the halo stays up even with no gear.

    Just like in RL.

    I also am slightly alarmed that the thread that announces my arrival to the guild – the “Possibly related post” at the bottom is – Volcano Erupts in Chile.

  3. Oh great a priest with a piety complex.


  4. I don’t want to know about ERUPTIONS and CHILE and NAKED PRIESTS!! /runs screaming into the next room. Just kidding (mostly)! I kid, I kid! Welcome to all, look forward to seeing you online again soon!

  5. I gotta say I’ve had more fun leveling my little dk with you guys than I have had in a looong time…what a nice and very welcome change!

    nekkid undead, trolls and chili….OH MY!!

  6. Nimrock Says:

    Am I the only person who thinks that last picture there is inordinately menacing?

    Like, “Yeah, see that tree back there? We blew it up. You have a problem with that? We’ll float over to your yard and blow up your trees next!”

  7. The new guys definatly have the skills to blow up trees….be careful there nim, don’t let fangorn cross em! We’re glad to have all the new guys we can get, as long as they are as cool as these too!

  8. lol…

    So they have only made you get naked so far…

    There will be more to come…

  9. […] Cata. I’ve kept in touch with them all through e-mail since I joined them all on Dawnbringer way back when. So when Pie sent a group e-mail last week about wanting to run an ICC on Saturday night, I […]

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