Where I play the Bad Kitteh

Updated! Added text link to movie for RSS readers.

funny-pictures-kitten-asks-his-mom-for-forgiveness Nimrock let it be known through our daily shenanigans email thread that he has standards. Cue Homer prancing around like a pixie elf using a sing-song voice: OOoooOOOooo, “STANDARDS!”

So today I intend to mock him for it.

He has thusly declared the following topics to be off-limits when one of us swaps blog days with him, and I quote:

  1. loot posts
  2. what boss we killed
  3. blogrolls
  4. anything with the word tard in it
  5. a review of what all your characters are doing

Just so y’all know. I guess that means he doesn’t read WoW Insider any more. (HA!)

So what does that leave me to write about? Well, he didn’t expressly forbid me from pimping my own blog, on which I wrote an eloquent essay about Blizzard’s missteps in the marketing of WoW. But that would be crass and shallow of me, wouldn’t it? Maybe we should add “cross-blog link-baiting” to Nim’s list. (Sorry, Sy.)

Oh, and what about…

I mean, it’s wayyyyyy too boring to post about any of those things, so I shan’t. They must all go on The List.

Instead I have decided to offer you a precious, precious gift. Here is the first part of my semi-autobiographical in-process movie. The song is “The Long Way Around” by the Dixie Chicks. (Buy it!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Lastly, I want to add one more banned topic to The List. We should probably kill posts in which the blogger rambles and whines about what to write. Those kinds of posts are clearly the most annoying.


7 Responses to “Where I play the Bad Kitteh”

  1. Nim is so going to let you die in the next instance. Healer aggro? huh…nah.

    Truth be told though, you switched days with me, since I had the recruit post ready.


    ~Uncle Sy

  3. Also, I am unashamed that I plug my own EPIC blog that gets like 15 hits per day! it’s good to know that 5 of those are from you guys!…maybe….

  4. @pie: Understood. But I needed a topic! And Nim was kind enough to spark my imagination. Besides, we’ll see WHO let’s WHO die first!!! MUUUHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. I hold Tuesdays with Nim to a higher standard. There’s no shame in that!

    Honestly, those are the topics I tend to skip on other blogs when my blogroll gets bloated so those are the topics I personally don’t want to write about. It’s basically either skip those posts or, as the Honorable Gnome from down under says “flamestirke” the whole feed-list. Besides, there are so many people here that are so much more qualified to write than I.

    Great post Slug.

  6. Looks like the movie didn’t embed into the RSS feed. BAH! Here it is: http://www.wegame.com/watch/The_Long_Way_Around/

  7. Mmm I like the inward looking “How I blog” posts…. they always cheer me up…

    Note to Nim: Can’t Flamestrike Gnome Mage Blogs… we is fire resistant!

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