Ashes of Tirisfal Recruiting.

Are you a player who would love to raid in a close knit guild that is more worried about you as a person and less if you are the best theorycrafter out there? Do you want to raid but aren’t willing or can’t put 4 hours a night or 4 days a week into raiding? Do you understand what true altism is and how it can’t really be cured?

If you answered yes to several of those questions then Ashes of Tirisfal may be looking for you. You’ve read about the guild on this blog. You’ve laughed with us as we detailed our shenanigans, now you can perhaps be part of those shenanigans.

Before the mad rush to apply occurs let us be clear. AoT is not a hardcore raiding guild. We are a hardcore “family” guild. Above all else, we don’t want guild drama, unless it’s why we can’t discuss House, M.D.’s new developments because Fikkle watches it a season at a time and doesn’t want spoilers. Or…did Han shoot first? Or possibly Picard or Kirk? In other words, we take no drama or candle!

We sometimes have to cancel raids because real life comes first. We sometimes do odd things like roll up alliance toons and go crazy with them. We laugh, we joke on each other in guild chat and on vent. Sometimes we do goofy things like face pull bosses. Or go AFK in the path of PATs.

What we need, for 10 man raids:

    We need a tank or two and a healer or two and about three DPS.

But we would really love to have great people who won’t mind transferring or rolling up a new toon and joining in the fun. You see, with our guild, you usually have a few of us with multiple 80’s, so we have some flexibility with our needs.

What say you?

How can you apply:

–Post a comment in this thread saying you’d be interested. Perhaps links to your characters if you have any Horde side. Oh see, we wouldn’t be opposed to bringing folks from the dark side over to the light…

–Be prepared to roll up a toon on Dawnbringer. Dawnbringer is a PVE realm based on the Central Time Zone. Data Center is in Boston. PvP Battlegroup is Retaliation.

–More importantly, be prepared to have fun. Most of us have a few different toons (see Altism) and would be more than happy to help you as you level a baby toon (if you are looking for a change from Alliance to Horde) and we would want to talk with you about your goals, likes/dislikes etc.

–Understand we have women in our guild. Apparently, Slig is a girl…well Slig isn’t a girl, he’s a boy cow. But the player who runs Slig is a woman. There are guys who play girl characters and girls who play guy characters.

–We have Canadians in our guild. In fact, our guild leader is one, eh.

–We have gnome lovers in our guild. /cough Sy /cough

–We have a Vent server. We like to talk on it. It’s not mandatory, except for raids. And then it’s not mandatory you talk much.

–We do, in many cases, develop RP stories for our characters. We don’t require it, we don’t always live in the RP. RP is just part of the game.

–We are adults, but we are silly. We have a few guild rules, foul language is frowned upon, but we sometimes slip. BUT, we do not condone the use of the word “rape” in any connotation. We respect everyone, even when they are being a total noob, nub, newb or /facepalm. We handle things that pop up with respect and intelligence.

–Bring cake. (this was edited in by Nimrock)


49 Responses to “Ashes of Tirisfal Recruiting.”

  1. Seconded, bring cake.

  2. Aw, man. You guys sound like you have so much fun and are exactly the type of guild I’d be looking for….know how to do the serious stuff but know that it’s a game and is supposed to fun. (Yes, alts definitely count as fun!) If I could talk my best buddy into coming along, I’d seriously consider it…especially since he and I are like, the only ones in our guild that play more than once a week.

    Maybe I’ll roll an alt over there just to hang out with you guys and see what happens. You have room for a girl who plays boy trolls? πŸ˜€

  3. Good luck on your recruitment!

  4. Nimrock Says:

    Chicken Pizziola subs are also acceptable in lieu of cake.

  5. yes, repgrind, we have room for girls who play boy trolls, mostly because we have alot of boys who play belf girls… let us know what you decide!

  6. Let me check…

    Okay we has a girl who plays a boy Tauren. Full up on them then. πŸ˜‰

    Looks like we have room for a girl who plays boy trolls.

    Come on over! Whisper one of the characters on the blog for a conversation.

  7. Your guild sounds interesting. What times do you raid? I’m on the west coast and not available to raid weekdays until about 7pm PST. I’m a hunter are you taking all classes or just certain ones?


  8. @Smiley: I am also on the West Coast (aka Slig)!

  9. @repgrind: If they can put up with me (chick playing a dude-Tauren), they certainly will have no problem with you! Admittedly, they have fun with that, but it makes me laugh!

  10. We usually try to start raiding around 7PM Central. That’s 5PM Pacific.

    No class restrictions, one of the benefits of our guild is we have a lot of people with multiple characters. I have a hunter, but raid as a ret pally due to group makeup.

    Wait..Slig is a girl?

  11. Well, I don’t see any of you on at the moment, but I’m goofing around on a troll priest named Zerbrez. He’s level 3 already because, you know, smite is so OP.

  12. No way… naaa ahhh…

    I joined you “guys” once before… but you wouldn’t come around to raiding oceanic times… or doing level 10 raids..

    Though Sy did give me presents…

    But Fikkle never gave me ransom…

    Anyway, I get a little scared around self-proclaimed Gnome lovers, cause there’s Gnome loving, and then there is Gnome LOVING….

  13. just avoid fik, he’s the gnome LOVAH

  14. Sy gave you presents, too, gnomer? Darn, here I thought maybe I was special. πŸ˜›

    That was super fun hanging out with you guys. I should do a post about it or something….and why didn’t I take any screenshots? doh!

  15. Don’t let Repgrind priest. Unless you have room for a raiding smite spec with a /lick macro.

    Trust me.

  16. Hey! I only /lick trolls….ok, and that one Forsaken rogue….but he always /licks me first! :p

  17. […] the Horde By repgrind So, the fun folks over at For The Horde posted yesterday that they are recruiting. I couldn’t pass up a chance to go hang out, so I rolled up a troll priest and set about […]

  18. “Sylus Says: Seconded, bring cake.” Thought you knew that the cake is a lie. lol

  19. Because he is not a true believer anymore.

    I think the gnomes screwed up his brain.

  20. […] in becoming one of us, the few, the proud, the odd and eccentric, leave us a comment on our recruiting thread. Until then, see you on the […]

  21. Youngbro Says:

    Been a fan of this blog for awhile, rolled a cow warrior on Dawnbringer named Flankstake. Give me a holler and I will be happy to chat. Been on Greymane, Youngbro is main if you want to check him out. Hope to see you in game. Thanks.

  22. I knew a Flankstake on Malygos…any relation by chance?

  23. Youngbro Says:

    No, just thought I would name him after the part I like to eat, and Ribeye or Porter House does not roll off the tongue so well. Wait, cow tongue, dont people eat cow tongue?

  24. My hunter’s Kodo mount is named Ribeye πŸ™‚

  25. You don’t have a hunter. Any characters on other servers don’t count.

  26. Does that mean Sy’s gnomes don’t count, either?

  27. My gnomes count, but only cause they so cute!!!

  28. For anyone who’s been following, Sy is the official “chick” of the guild, while Slig is just another one of the dudes….


  29. I’m no chick! My WIFE can vouch for that, and in other news, anyone else interested in joining this merry band of misfitts???

  30. Ohhh it’s one of those marriages…

  31. Priestgiblet Says:

    I have a Disc priest i could xfer over. I haven’t been playing him much lately but he is geared in an assortment of Epics. Its been a few weeks since i’ve played him and i wouldn’t miss not playing while waiting for an xfer. That being said i also don’t know how much i’ll be able to play come July since i’ll be in a military school. If you search me on armory, I do believe i’m the only Priestgiblet, if not i’m the one on Area 52. I also currently have the RAF going on so i could also level up an alt or two pretty quickly (currently working on an alliance priest and pally combo with some help from a friend). I’ll check back later or try contacting you or another officer in game sometime this weekend. Currently in the EU but will be back stateside pretty soon πŸ™‚

  32. Priestgiblet, we would be glad to have you, we aren’t quite ready to raid yet, as we are still rounding out our group, but we have alot of fun, and would welcome you with open arms. If you want to create an alt to come hang out one evening, let us know!

  33. Priestgiblet Says:

    I could just roll a couple and start leveling them to take advantage of my Refer-a-friend xp bonus πŸ™‚ Since i’m already off work, i’ll just go ahead an start a couple.

  34. Priestgiblet Says:

    at least until i get my priest moved

  35. I can’t xfer my toons off of Malygos, but I’d be happy to roll a DK and try and level him up to tank with/for you guys.

    At least he’d have a head start πŸ˜›

    And I’ve been told I’m a fairly decent tank on my warrior. Haven’t raided further than full Kara clears though. I put her on hold after the xpac came out, she’s only level 74 now.

  36. Try to find one of us in game and we’ll talk.

    Again, this isn’t about adding numbers but adding people that will fit into our guild.

  37. agreed with Pie, but so far, the ones that have come over, have been a blast! come on over aboo, just look for anyone in ashes of tirisfal, they’ll point you to any of us!

  38. jederus Says:

    Good luck in your recruitment efforts!

  39. Aboo…you’re on Malygos?? I’m on maly too…mostly horde, but sometimes I rendezvous as a gnome πŸ™‚

  40. Aye, Malygos is my home. Aboo is my main (Troll Rogue) and I have a smattering of other personalities there as well. NO Alliance on that server for me though. πŸ™‚

  41. ahhh…well I’m usually on Grubel (tauren shammy) over there. Small world!

  42. ahhh…well I’m usually on Grubel over there, but its been awhile. Small world!

  43. I absolutely love this intro to the guild! It’s honestly everything I would look for! Halkale gave me an invite πŸ˜€

  44. DrkAdonis Says:

    (Realized I submitted this on another thread that mentioned the ongoing recruitment — Whoops! I blame the RRS feed, so I don’t see this post every day! Yeah… that’s it!)

    Been trolling for a while, and I think that I may get back into WoW during the summer, now that I’m on break from college.

    Recruitment still seems to be going strong, and I don’t really have any β€œhome” to speak of in WoW anymore. I was wondering if, when I restart my account in the coming weeks, I could meet up with some of the guild and see if it would be a good fit?

    Everything I’ve read from this blog has made the prospect very appealing. Just wanting a sort of β€œtry-out!” πŸ˜€

  45. We’d love to have ya, I’m currently having internet issues, but there are several others in the guild around. When you get a chance to come in, talk to anyone in ashes of tirisfal, we’re still recruiting!

  46. […] Ashes of Tirisfal has grown and we’ve added good folks.Β  We are still open to adding a few more, so if you’ve wondered what it would be like to be apart of this crazy guild, whisper one of us in game and comment in this post. […]

  47. I am on Greymane “horde”. I have 4 80’s warrior, rogue, mage, dk. Whew! I need a life. I have a 73 troll hunter I am raising and looking for a home for her
    ” Yes I’m a crossdresser too”. I like to raid but have grown tired of the ultra military expectations. I’d like to have some fun also!!

  48. Hey yall. My name is Rob and I am 22 and currently live in Okinawa, Japan. I hav a 80 hunter and an 80 lock. My hunter is decent geared. It is 4917 GS atm, but will be around 5050 tomorrow. Your guild sounds like just the thing I am looking for.

    Oh about myself. I am a corpsman(medic with the marines) working with a squadron our here in Okinawa. I like to go out in town and drink and dance with the locals and on my down time, no life wow. I am a pretty laid back easy going guy and am just looking for a place in the game to call home ya know. Hit me up if you are interested in having a hunter jon your ranks. Thanks. Email is

  49. Heya Rob. The guild has actually not been doing anything lately. A few of us are rolling alliance toons at the moment, some in gnomeageddon’s guild, and some in crits and giggles. I’m still playing horde toons on dawnbringer. If you want to run around with me and nimrock we’ve ran to a larger guild that does some raiding, Omega. Give me a shout in game on Gozz or Redux for info.

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