Bring the class not the player.

Miss Elf (one of my “first reads” by the way. You know when you’ve been away for a couple days and you’ve got 1000+ posts? First read.) asked a question that has been bouncing around in my brain ever since. If you could pick any healer and any tank for a night of heroics, what classes would you bring and why? You can’t change classes from instance to instance and you have to assume generally equal gear and skill.

My opinions have changed many times on this question and I’ve spent more than a few minutes discussing with my friends the relative merits of various tanking classes over the years. Being predominately a warrior tank I must admit my biases but I’m also able to attest to the mad AoE skills of paladin tanks in BC. In thinking on the topic however, I’ve come to have several different modes in which to organize my opinions.

Let me re-state. These are my personal preferences based on my time spent playing this game. I’m in no way positing that these classes are the best at what they do, only the classes I’m either comfortable with or the classes I like to have around (even for asthetic reasons only).


If I’m the tank: Warrior. We can do everything and we can do it faster, stronger and more efficiently than ever.

If I’m the healer: Anything but a DK. They’re just too spiky to make me comfortable.

If I’m the DPS: Paladin. It’s purely a buff thing.


If I’m the tank: Shaman. Earthshield makes me feel warm and cozy all over, like I’m wearing a velvet tracksuit wrapped in a snuggie.

If I’m the healer: Druid. It’s just so dynamic I can’t get enough. My druid is quickly becoming my levelling main thanks to dual specs.

If I’m the DPS: Any class that keeps his mouth shut about me pulling aggro all the time  😉

All in all I feel like the people I play with are more important than the classes they play. But from a RP/lore standpoint I’d much rather have a druid or a shaman healing me than a priest or a paladin. The Light tickles too much.


7 Responses to “Bring the class not the player.”

  1. Hrm. Tough call Nim.

    I’ll examine the tank options from a DPS perspective because I typically play that role. Working on the other roles though.

    1) Warrior:
    Used to be just great single mob tanking. At level 70, raiding, MD and run through one rotation and FD and usually that gave the warrior enough threat to stay ahead of me, as long as I FD when I could and MD at times too.
    Now: Multi Tanking is a breeze. In fact, I think preferred. No threat issues, MD not needed except to cement in the adds to give the healer a bit more wiggle room.

    2) Pally:
    TBC, hands down the best AOE tank. Once a pally tank was given a few seconds to run through one rotation, nothing was dragging that mob off.

    Now: Same thing. Probably my favorite trash tank, especially in undead or demon areas.

    3) Druid:
    TBC, just soaked the damage and better than a warrior at multi mobs, even with a pally up to 2 or 3 mobs. Had to be careful with threat, until the bear could build some rage and begin doing some of their things.
    Now: Same thing as warrior and pally now, threat is no issue, aoe tanking is still great, even better.

    Easy to pull aggro at the beginning, you just need to let them get their diseases on. Then no threat. Great for runnners because can bring them back.

    Overall: I’d DPS’d more behind a warrior main tank. AND I have had some great ones. Had some great pally tanks and some great druid tanks. I’ve also had some bad ones. If you don’t build threat, your dps will hate you. Even with the threat mechanics being what they are now, I’ve still been threat capped by bad tanks.

    Still, in this case the tank comes down to buffs. BOK is nice, but Mark is nicer, in my opinion.

    Healer? I don’t care mostly. Actually all of them except shaman bring a nice buff to me.

    My perfect setup would be pally tank and priest healer, with a cat dps. Yeah I know I just reversed my earlier comment. But LotP is so tasty.

  2. “Any class that keeps his mouth shut about me pulling aggro all the time”

    lol…took the words right out of my mouth. As a healer, I tend to like the DK tanks over everyone else. Now, 85% of DKs don’t know how to spec or how to use their cooldowns correctly, but when you have one that does….it makes life easy.

    Good read, nice blog

  3. As a disc priest, I like healing DK tanks. I can even get some DPS in by Devouring Plaguing their target and watching it spread. But honestly, to me it doesn’t matter.

    As a disc priest, I prefer disc priest healing. The perfect combination of instant heals, hots, shields, fast heals, big heals, and group heals. Really, there isn’t an encounter that doesn’t fit disc. Lots of movement? No cooldown PWS, renew, PoM, 2 ticks of Penance in .85 seconds… Aoe Damage? Again, no cooldown on PWS and hasted PoH after each one. Oh, and Penance.

  4. @Pie Don’t forget about SoE granting agi.

    @thedoctor I have raided with some DK’s that know what they’re doing and that’s where I’ve seen them come into their own. DG in 5mans drives me nuts though. I really don’t think I’ve been around enough DK’s at the top of their game to draw real conclusions.

    @Fiak Disc priests…I totally forgot about disc priests! Is it just me or do those guys seem like the biker dudes of the priesting world? They were looked down on for so long and now they’re totally slinging shields and knocking me around with penance.

  5. Nim,

    Because holy priests have that little healy angel after they die, disc priests should have a 10 second form when they die as well: No powers, just their ghost standing there looking pissed off and giving whoever killed them the finger.

  6. Priestgiblet Says:

    “As a disc priest, I like healing DK tanks. ” -Fiak
    I agree 100% with that. DK tanks are hands down my favorite to heal as a Disc priest (when played properly of course). In the guild i started raiding with back in tbc my experience was limited to a pally and druid tank combo. If i had to pick tank healer combos here is what i would think may work pretty good. I’ll probably forget a class but oh well.
    DK tank -> Disc Priest or druid
    Warrior -> Any healer would be fine
    Druid -> Holy priest or a Shaman
    Pally -> Any of the healers

  7. Priestgiblet Says:

    oh and i forgot, i love that idea for the death angel of a Disc priest. Our survivability is better and i’ve found i can take quite a beating so me dying ain’t an option 😛 On a side note when i was doing Kara with my former guild (it kinda fell apart) the running joke was my Domination of the death stats on recount, most people might have 3-4 deaths while i’m running at 17-20. Generally it was the trash that got me. One time in particular i got killed on every pull leading up to the first boss (drawing a blank). But since i’ve been raiding at 80 as disc i’m usually one of the least likely to die 😀

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