The Mind of Sylus

Okay, so today is my day to post, and I’ve had zero time to play wow over the past week. Okay, not zero, I played for about 20 minutes last night doing a few argent tournament quests on Gozz… so to revise that last statement, I’ve had 20 minutes play time in Wow… So, it’s shameless plug time!

What have I been doing you may be asking? Studying. Yes, the dreaded bad word.  Some of you know I’ve been going back to school, trying to change my ways, and get a teaching degree. Yes, I guess I fit in better with children. I have alot of knowledge, and I want to pass that on. As many of you know, college is a series of hoops one must jump through so you can have a fancy piece of paper at the end that tells others you are capable of doing whatever it is you went to college to do. Yay.

As I want to blog, even when I have no wow time to play, I have created another blog, The Mind of Sylus. This is a scary place. I write about whatever I want to there, and I don’t care what anyone thinks. If I want to write about wow, and it isn’t my day to blog here, I can. If I want to blog about the amazing cheeseburger I ate, I can. If I want to rant and rave about how college is a waste of time, let me take the test and move on, I can, and I will!

If all you are looking for is anotehr “wowblog” this isn’t your place, but if you are interested in me as a person, stop on by and say hi!

~Uncle Sy


3 Responses to “The Mind of Sylus”

  1. Uh. Isn’t it called the WORLD of Sylus?? /runs and hides…

  2. […] So what does that leave me to write about? Well, he didn’t expressly forbid me from pimping my own blog, on which I wrote an eloquent essay about Blizzard’s missteps in the marketing of WoW. But that would be crass and shallow of me, wouldn’t it? Maybe we should add “cross-blog link-baiting” to Nim’s list. (Sorry, Sy.) […]

  3. I’m actually abandoning a profitable career as a mathematician to go back to school and become a teacher. Starting the Masters/Licensure program at U of M in a couple weeks. Took the Praxis yesterday.

    Remember to jump through the hoops! Try not to yell at the jerkhole holding the hoops while you’re doing it, too. I struggle with that one. Stupid hoops. Stupid person with a hoop. Grr

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