To kill or not to kill, that is the PvP question

elekk Back story (feel free to skip this part)

My Belf Hunter, Calysong, has been waiting for Pie’s Druid, Naciasto, to catch up to her level. As such, I’m not supposed to play her cuz, you know, that just makes life harder for him. Trouble is, the Hunter is VERY fun to play. So, as you all remember, our April Fool’s joke spawned some toons that have actually seen playing time. I’ve gotten my Alliance Hunter, Amaera, up to level 32 on Maelstrom, a PvP server.

The gankage begins

I get ganked, but not as often as I figured I would. Had a harrowing run through the Barrens to Thousand Needles, but it turned out to be completely uneventful. I admit that the adrenaline combined with constantly watching my “Track Humanoids” map was fairly exciting compared to PvE.

While questing here and there I’ve seen about 5 Hordies, also questing, who would’ve gone down easily if I’d attacked them, but I did not. Not sure if it’s my natural carebear tendencies or because I just can’t bring myself to kill Horde, but I just figured, “Meh,” whatever. I don’t really have the blood-lust for it. (Yet?) Didn’t really matter anyway because it seems like as soon as they saw me and Timber, they R-U-N-N-O-F-T.

And now, the confusion sets in

But see, being new to this PvP stuff, I’m not sure what the unwritten rules are — or even if there are any rules. For example, I got on the boat from Auberdine to Teldrassil and a ?? level Belf DK got on board with me. We did the emote-flirting thing (mostly because I figured if I took off my top he wouldn’t kill me), but he didn’t seem to want to kill me anyway. Got on a few more boats with Horde and nothing happened. Got to Booty Bay and nothing happened in town. So I began to wonder if there was some sort of unspoken truce in these places (unlike the outright sanctuaries of Dalaran and Shattrath).

Then I logged in today, having logged out at a Booty Bay Inn, to find myself instantly dead, courtesy of one Orc appropriately named Fighty.

So now I am confused. What are the rules? Should I have been killing those questing lower-level Hordies on principle? Should I expect to get killed anywhere? Or are there taboos and other etiquette that I don’t know about? Please, enlighten me…


15 Responses to “To kill or not to kill, that is the PvP question”

  1. I think there aren’t too many unwritten rules. If you aren’t looking for a fight, flirting works well, unless you’re a midget gnome…then I’d just run! I think you just have to watch the other players, and be aware of their mannerisms…if they are looking for a fight, there isn’t much you can do!

  2. @sylus: Gnomes don’t need to run… they just use their AoE “Drop Pants” attack.

    They also rely on the “Oh isn’t he cute” defense, the “he’s only a little gnat of a gnome.. ignore him and he will go away”

    @GD: Of course, you will probably find (as a general rule) that Horde have more honor…

    Well honor isn’t the right word… it’s just that Alliance are out for revenge for all the wrongdoings that have been perpetrated on them in RL, and Horde remind them of their parents…

  3. Oldest PvP rule:

    If its red…its dead…

  4. Orcs aren’t very good with written rules, let alone the unwritten kind.

    Especially ones named Fighty.

  5. Holdor Says:

    I played now on pvp reals for more than 3 years.
    I got killed from time to time, but very very rarely.

    I think in most cases we help each other or at least we wont work against each other.
    Thinks usually look for more trouble if
    A) one side is in number huge advantage somethin 2vs1, they usually seem to feel bigger and more going more likely to attack you
    B) There have always soem ?? ganking lovies, the unwritten rule is: They are dumbass and they know it. They usually got namecalled and stuff like that. No honor to be achieved bay killing lowies or even killing from behind.

    Everything chanes if you go to strangelthon this is no qeusting area this is pvp. If you don’t like it. go there very late in the night or skip it.

    ?? are running there and are hoping that you bring your not pvp used to main also.

    So be aware.

  6. dorgol Says:

    There is only ONE rule on a PvP server: Corpse Camping is frowned upon. I level 80 can kill a level 20 and the level 20 is expected to shrug it off. The ONLY exception to this rule is when someone attempts to gank and fails. That person can be camped to make an example of / teach a lesson.

    Sometimes there are standing “no fight” zones (usually related to a PvE event).

    There is no Stranglethorn Vale – there is Stranglethorn Hell.

    If you are outnumbered, you are a target.

    If you are playing a “popular” or “overpowered” class, you are a target.

    If you are playing a “weak” or “underpowered” class, you are a target.

    If you are attacking a strong quest mob, you are more likely to be helped than ganked – and you are expected to return the favor.

    If you can do anything “humorous” to an enemy player, you are less likely to be gank. My mage has used Engineering to great effect here (Mind Controlling and then /dancing).

    Calling for help in General chat will get you ridiculed.

    Calling someone out on realm forums will get you ridiculed.

  7. I look at PvP servers like grade-school play grounds. If it’s aggressive, hit it, bullies back off if you make their lives as miserable as they are attempting to make yours. If you CAN’T, (?? ganking you…) then remove yourself from the area.

    Do not, under ANY circumstances ask for help from anyone but your immediate circles of friends. I.E. your guild. If your guild isn’t around and you can’t fight back, leave the area.

    If you have no other option, going crazy will sometimes work. On the play-ground, this scares people. In WoW, 100’s of suicides will usually bore them and they will go away.

  8. I should add that just because it’s red, does not mean it’s aggressive. This is not Felucca. Red = Dead is only an option if you are an experienced pvp’er. If you’re not, Red = Dead will force you to become one. Because they will start hunting you…

  9. BTW, this is the 300th post on 4thhorde.

  10. Grats on the crit of text for 300!

  11. @gnomeaggedon: you should talk! =)

  12. pitrelli Says:

    I love pvp realms because much is down to player choice and decisions. I also find the community is largely more ‘tight knit’ than any other type of realm, bexause of that i wouldnt rule out asking for the occasional bit of help in general or defence chat.

    Heck if im helping guildies on my main in STV i will frequently ask if there are any high level gankers in the area that need a lesson by someone that can and will fight back.

    At the end of the day it does come down to what kind of player/person you are. I am the kind of player who will take a note of a players name if they gank me and hope that in the future i cross paths with them. I myself on occassion have went through fazes of just killing any alliance i see – or attempting to even if they do out level me or out gear me. On the other side of things I have been known to help an alliance finish off a mob they may have been struggling to kill, sure id probably kill them afterwards for the laughs mwahahaha.

    You will find that the more you get ganked the more you are inclined to gank. After STV i went on an alliance killing spree for a good amount of time. Dont however limit yourself to sticking to certain rule sets – make your own and break your own thats my advice 🙂

  13. WOW, 300th post, we are AWESOMESAUCE! And very modest and humble here at 4theHorde!

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  15. […] most of a year bwahahahah… yep this post is going to be a spark post where the ideas caught light from a post by Slig over at For The Horde. (Side thought, as I can’t seem to exist without them, multiple […]

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