You got PvE in my Bg’s!!

I’ve written before, both here and on other sites, the dichotomy of my opinions on achievements. On the one hand I feel it’s a pretty cool way to distinguish one’s self, especially by way of titles. On the other hand it seems like a lot of work for something so inconsequential to the actual mechanics of the game. Besides a person with obsessive compulsive tendencies has a hard time getting anything done with so many holidays following on each others’ tails.

Last year, when achievements first appeared on the scene, I swore I would only do achievements with tangible rewards attached to them. I also decided that I wouldn’t worry about the proto-drake for the holiday meta and I would only do rep achievements in my spare time. I hoped these limitations on myself would help allieviate some of the stress of so many disparate achievements. At the time I picked one or two titles that I thought would work for each of my characters (ie. “Brewmaster” for Nimrock, “Guardian of Cenarius” for the Druid) and decided to let the over-achievers achieve.

That lasted until I discovered Stinkers the Mini-pet. I already had a soft-spot in my heart for mini-pets so I had something like 38 when the chase for Stinker started. And that’s the chink in my armor: being half-way there on most of the achievements. In my mind I figure as long as I’ve already gotten most of the pre-reqirements for a given achievement, what’s the harm in finishing it? That’s what lead me down the rabbit-hole of Noblegarden. I started out collecting eggs for the Spring Bunny only but on the way there I collected nearly all of the clothes for the other achievements. What’s the harm?

Now, in the last 8 or so months since the achievements system debuted, the downward spiral of minipets > holidays > holiday meta titles > “What a long, strange trip” meta has lead me to this:


I hate PvP. I’m not geared for them, specced for them, my computer can’t handle them, I don’t have the patience for them, I don’t have the patience for the people in them, I don’t like corpse-running and I definitely don’t posess the “Eye of the Tiger” pain-bringer, kill or be killed, hating the “bads” mentality it apparently requires to be a good PvP’er.

Why then, do I find myself running around in their territory? Did you know that all the things required by the Children’s Week “School of Hard Knocks” achievement are the exact opposite of what you’re supposed to do in BG’s?

In WSG you’re supposed to capture their flag, not sit in your flagroom waiting for them to capture yours. In Eye of the Storm it’s mathematically beneficial to cap towers, not flags. In Arathi Basin, you’re supposed to protect your nodes, not let other people capture them so you can re-capture them. I don’t even know what you’re supposed to do in AV. Last time I was in there “choke-points” were valid and Horde started about a mile further up.

And do you know what happens if you show up in a BG with an orphan? You get lambasted by your team and camped by the opponent. But now I’m so close to getting that achievement done, I can’t stop. So tonight I’ll be dragging my orphan into more conflict, hoping to get to the flag fast enough to get it and get out.



8 Responses to “You got PvE in my Bg’s!!”

  1. Heh, the School of Hard Knocks was the only achievement I didn’t except for UK one.

    I just couldn’t see forcing my way through those BG’s. I AM competitive and I DO have that “Eye of the Tiger” thing. But it’s the PEOPLE in those stupid things….

    How many times do you have to explain to someone that dragging that stupid flag from the center of the EotS is a USELESS proposition prior to having three towers capped before people will listen? Let me give you a hint, it is nowhere NEAR the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a lolipop.

  2. I love pvp as of late, but I hate holiday achievements. Orphans in this game are all blood elfs and orc’s for us, yeah, the orc’s are cool, but that little magic addicted 5 year old can get left in the bg’s! Oh yeah, even if I wanted to do them, play time during the last week before finals….zilch.

  3. If you cap farm when AB first starts with your orphan out, it gives you the acheivement. My bf jsut finished his achievements for Noblegarden that way…

  4. noblegarden is poo. Okay, maybe I’m just bitter I didn’t go out and do them…

  5. Nimrock Says:

    Personally, I thought Noblegarden was one of the better “new improved” holidays so far. None of the meta-achievements for the title were based on the RNG and I didn’t have to PvP.

    I don’t mind wasting my time on something, it’s when I’m in a position that I feel everyone is working against me that I start getting frustrated. Especially since I’ve still got to assault a tower in AV and run a flag in EoTS and the holiday is almost over. I can’t imagine how hard it will be if I’m that close and don’t get it…

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  7. Holiday Battlegrounds are the Heroic Achievements of PvP….

    Need to take down KT with less than 200 frost resistance… try taking down WSG with only yourself of Offense.

    Need to take down General Bjarngrim with lightning, try EoTS without towers…

    You get the picture…

    I suggest they leave these achievements in year round… at least that way the people that don’t know how to BG get something out of it… I mean really, is it any different to normal BGs? At least now there is a reward….

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