I’m a Bad Hunter

Okay, we all knew this anyway, but now I am about to be a hated hunter as well. First off, let me say, in my defense, Halkale, aka Pie, was the only one in guild at the time. Secondly, I did a who, and there were no horde hunters in the zone… With that being said, I have a confession to make…. It’s too painful to say, so I’ll just show you…

wowscrnshot_050209_093758The Death of Gondria.

Okay, hate me. I was doing my daily quests Saturday morning, and I had to go to Grizzly hills to kiss stinking frogs, yay. Afterwards I figured I’d fly north to Storm Peaks to have a shot at the white bear mount from the big blue ladies. Wouldn’t you know, two of the spawn points for Gondria happen to be almost in a direct line between frog kissing place, and big blue lady place. There she was, standing right by the stairs in ZD. I did what any good hunter would do, I checked my friends list, checked my guild, even checked who all was in the zone….noone that wanted it on all occasions. Halk would have taken it, but something about all 5 pet slots full, which I totally understand, even with 5, we need more Blizz!

So, I decided that rather than letting this spawn go to waste, I’d stick around a minute, then put Gondria down, and I did. I’m a bit disappointed in how much she shrinks, even at lvl 80. My Gondria in the picture is like a quarter of the original size! So, hunters of Azeroth, I ask you a question, what would you have done in this situation??? …and fyi, after killing her, I found out she is not on the list for the extremely rares in northrend….the other spirit beast is, but not gondria….weird. She did however drop almost 20 gold in one of those adventurer’s bags, and a blue ring…gondria’s something or other. So hunters, am I a bad orc? or would you have killed her when no other hunter could have her?

Curiouser and Curiouser,

~Uncle Sy

PS, I am now champion of Org, and TB. Two down, three to go, then it’s Gozz of the Horde!!!



9 Responses to “I’m a Bad Hunter”

  1. I would have done the same thing. As a matter of fact, I spent so much time as BM, whenever I am in SB, I find myself spamming my /t Loqu macro. I swear the minute I find him, he is dead. Even though, I really should buy Dual spec but I can’t justify 1k gold just so I can have a spirit beast.

  2. In Gozz’s defense, he did ask, even begged me to come get him/her.

    I have Lok and I have a ghost saber I’ve had since I was level 25ish. I don’t need another cat/spirit beast. Plus when we party up, we can see who’s spirit beast just face pulled the boss.

  3. @Smart001- well, for his/her sake, I hope you don’t find SB!

    @ Pie-We all know the answer to who’s spirit beast just face pulled, Vrugore…wait, HE CAN’T FIND ONE!!!! ZING BURN YO!!!

  4. Dude you are OBSESSED with “doing bad things.” You are a naughty, naughty boy. I smack your wrists with my ruler! Okay, no, seriously, I would’ve done exactly what you did: checked for guildies, etc., and then my BLOODLUST FOR RARES would’ve kicked in (possibly even before the checking part) and I would have kilt her reeeeeeal goooood. I have a crazyhead about rares. See it = kill it. Immediately.

  5. I managed to grab Loque with very little real effort. No epic flyer – I just camped myself in one of the known spawn locations one day and waited for Loque to in essence “pick me.” He did – and I’m a happy hunter.

    Well – now that I’m PvPing again – I went from BM to Survival and have missed my lazer kitty quite a lot.

    Now that I’m 1000 gold poorer (and finally have my own epic flyer…6000 gold poorer…natch) – I can have my spirit beast and with the click of a button – my burst damage too.

    That said. Once I *find* Gondria – because I will – I *might* kill him. But I’m more than likely going to give a shout out on General just in case there’s some poor hunter still looking for him.

    I’m a care bear like that.

  6. Carebear hunters FTW!

  7. Oh and BTW, you are a bad hunter. You need to stay with just the Rogue. Oh wait, rogues suck. You need to be the priest. Yeah that’s it.

    Be the Priest.

  8. lol…

    I would have put the call out far & wide… Hell I would have logged onto a Horde alt, just to make sure the word got around…

    Then, as I saw the 1st hunters arriving… I would have roasted and carved up the beast and offered it’s singed flesh around…

    Of course, I then would have gone to the Blizzard account page and paid for a server transfer…


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