Slig’s status

In these recent weeks where some of the guildies have had pressing items to take care of in real life (IRL), I figured that by way of keeping communication lines open, I’ll let you know what my main toons on Dawnbringer are up to.

He got his flower/bunny suit from Noblegarden, which you can humiliate him for here. He hasn’t done any dailies for a while or much raiding due to one thing and another. Sliggeh be lone-yee!! He heals 4 hugs!

I was having a total blast power-leveling this hunter, especially after Nimrock escorted me to Bloodmyst Isle so I could pick up a ravager pet. I’ve named little biter Mystie so that she doesn’t get too homesick. Calysong has her chicken mount, but is waiting for Pie’s “bare durid” to come level with her.

Solar needs to just buckle down and get some quests done. Nim and Rayha were going to let Solar tank some instances but we have rarely been online together lately.

You’ve already heard my heroic gank revenge story and since then I’ve only been gotten one other time – for the humiliating reason that the Hordie wanted to pick up the Make Love Not Warcraft achievement. I tell you, lying with your face in the Duskwood dirt wondering what the heck just exploded your chest, the last thing you want is your corpse to be molested by the perpetrator. It felt icky, I tell you!

So that is what is up. Please, share! Tawk amongts yowrselves… g’won.


5 Responses to “Slig’s status”

  1. Yeah, I hope we can all get on at the same time soon! Sy and Gozz have been lonely as well! One more week of classes, then finals, and I’ll have more free time to get with the guild!

  2. My son and I just started toons on Dawnbringer, I think. Dawn something. I had never played Alliance, nor had he. And I could never show my face on Malygos as alliance. So I told him I’d do it, if we picked a different server.

    *POOF* Dwarf Hunter – Aboo. 😛

  3. hey, well, look out for any of us in ashes of tirisfal! if it’s dawnbringer!

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