The First Ever Fikkle Friday!

….er, wait….Maybe not. Heya folks, It’s Sylus again. I’m so sorry if you were all excited for the first “Fikkle Friday” post, but we have good reason. Fikkle is doing some top-secret-Canadian-James-Bond type stuff again, (would that be double-eh-seven?)so here we are in the Blogosphere, without a Fikkle. Don’t Fret, no, no, no. Uncle Sy got your back!

Hey, you in the back, yeah you, the one in the shorts,getting up to leave…SIT DOWN!  Just because you thought you were getting Fikkle, and ended up getting stuck with me doesn’t mean you aren’t going to be entertained! Don’t make me break out the clips of Fozzy Bear doing his comedy routine on ya!

Okay, so I had to break out the clips of Fozzy the Bear doing his comedy routine…but hey, that was a classic….

There…Now sit back, and enjoy the rest of the show…er, rest … of… the… post?

Anyway, so yeah, I took this amazing screenshot the other day when i was out waiting on a druid to show up for the Chillmaw kill. I was messing around with Bestial Wrath, and the new spirit beast. Over a light background, this cat stinkin disappears, leaving just glowing red eyes, and that evil looking smoke. Not to mention, I just look totally evil with those goggles as well. Take a look for yourself.


I swear my spirit beast isn’t that evil! Here, he looks VERY creepy, enough to scare me! In fact, I believe I’ve seen him somewhere before…


That’s one scary cat….Okay, so I’ve never seen that cat before, but I believe they are both of the Debil Bobby, the Debil. That’s what mah mamma always said.

Everyone, you are now free to leave. Enjoy your weekend, earn some rep, and find you a spirit beast!



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