It’s Thursday already?

Real life has been kicking my butt lately. For those that don’t know, I moved back home to live with my parents as they are getting older and have some health issues. My dad was recovering from cancer at the time, and it was only supposed to be a short time gig. It’s turned into more of a long time thing though. Sadly, my complete restructuring of my career, which had to happen for me to move back, has been slowed by the lovely economy and a bad decision for a job, which I no longer have.

Add to that my parents continue to have health issues, the biggest reason for me moving back to help them. The latest, my dad’s second back surgery in a bit over a year. Monday I spent all day at the hospital as we had to be there 2 hours early to get checked in and allow them to prep him. Plus a couple hours for surgery and then 2 hours plus on recovery and the realization they moved him to his room without notifying us. Hospital waiting rooms are not all that comfortable.

Tuesday was spent home sick. And then my father got home from the hospital and I had to run around and get the things he needed. Suffice to say, my playtime is curtailed with this adventure.

So, you are probably all bored to tears right about now. What am I doing, when I get a chance to play? Basically, I am working on my lowbies. And respeccing. Oh and then respeccing again. For those of you who don’t remember, I basically have 10 characters on Dawnbringer, including one of each class. Each class has had two talent point wipes. And my druid has had 3. That’s a lot of talent points to replace. /nelson laugh at Fikkle.

Currently, Slig and her baby hunter and my druid are leveling together. I am playing Naciasto as feral, because Sum durids is bare

I have yet to visit the Argent Tourney. I have specced Halkale since the last respec, only because I can’t call my spirit beast (by the way–named Gauze) unless I get my 51 BM talent.

I know this post isn’t as cool as Sy’s or as cathartic as Slig’s but I wanted you all to know what is happening.


11 Responses to “It’s Thursday already?”

  1. first off, we all know my posts aren’t “cool.”
    secondly, dude, we all know family comes first! I’m just grateful that you were able to be there for your family! Anyway, if you need anything, let me know, I may be a few hours away, but I’m always here to lend a helping hand!

  2. And duh, we haven’t talked in a while, which spirit beast did you get? I am so out of the loop!

  3. Caring for sick family posts = cool.

    I have helped 2 family members move on and not in the Ghost Whisperer sense.

    It’s a hard gig, physically, mentally and of douse emmotionally.

    Hope WoW and it’s community provide some relief, even the *Mage* blogs

  4. pitrelli Says:

    Sounds a rough time chief and cant be easy for you, nice to see family are coming first (as they should).

  5. Cathartic in game < catharsis outside of game. Which you have in spades, dude. Thanks for letting us in on what’s going on! Sending you and the fam good vibes…

  6. Pie, it was awesome running into you before WG, even if we didn’t “actually” fight the fight together…. Meh, we lost that one anyway…
    Family first yo!

  7. BM raid/farming spec is so not good for doing bgs. I am seriously thinking I will make my second spec a surv/MM type PvP spec. I won’t ever be good enough to be good in arenas but I’d like to destroy folks in bgs. I was doing well when I could stand next to the cannons and rain down on the allies who attacked. Although I think I like attacking better…

  8. yeah, attacking is so much better!

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