Noob follies with a side of gankage

gankage Hi there, Slig here. So you may recall that our April Fool’s joke was really on ourselves. I started a Draenai hunter named Ame… Amae… Amaera?? Heck with it, let’s just call her Amy. I took the RPPVP server thing as a challenge so I leveled her up to 25 so far.

I’m very excited to report that I got ganked for the first time in Lakeshire the other day. Woot! Why am I so excited, you ask? Well, first of all, you gotta do it sometime, so it’s best to go ahead and get it over with, ya know? Second, I actually outsmarted the ganker! Here’s how it went down…

Wandering along in beautiful downtown Lakeshire gathering quests. Screen freezes for a second and I think, “Dang lag!” Then the screen unfreezes with the lovely message, “You are dead.” Indeed, I am.

Now how the heck did that happen?? Oh. I see. Troll Death Knight running over to the next lowbie and cutting him down in one shot. Then I realize: OMG, I just got ganked!! COOL!

So I run back to my corpse and figure I’ll just go on my merry way. Resuscitate and start walking down the Lakeshire strip mall again… and then BLAMMO! Ganked again!

Now I’m just annoyed. I’m thinking, “Great. She’s going to camp my corpse and I’ll have to log off and come back later to get any questing done. I mean, how can a lowbie hunter beat a DK??”

Hmmmmm. What resources do I have? Especially ones that she doesn’t have? Well, I can’t stealth. My pet is as useless as I am. But she can’t stealth either. And… I CAN TRACK HUMANOIDS!!! And, hmmmm, here I am right by the lake.

hidingSo I rezzed while she was off my radar and dove into the lake, deep into the water so that she couldn’t see my nameplate. Then I watched her little dot come onto my screen. She went back to the place I died. Went along the strip mall. When she was riding away from me, I took a breath of air under the bridge and went back down. She rode right over the bridge – my heart was thumping. She started to ride to the other side of the shire with her back to me. I made the short dash from the lake to the gryphon master and hopped on a bird just as she was turning around to come back for me. I /waved as I flew off to the safety of Stormwind.

Awesome. Yes, I was pretty proud of my wiliness. But I wasn’t always so smart…

Stupid noob things I have done

  1. I started playing on the Alliance side. The first time I saw a tauren player in Ashenvale, I became deathly afraid he would kill me. I didn’t know anything about “being flagged” and I wasn’t on a PvP server. All I knew was that he was going to kill me. Sweating, with my heart racing, I hid behind a tree. Yes, behind a tree.
  2. An Alliance quest had me looking for a goblin in Splintertree Post. I tried to waltz right in the front door of the post and kept wondering why they were trying to kill me! I mean, the QUEST told me to go in there, guys!!
  3. Also in Ashenvale, I saw a Horde bat fly overhead. I knew nothing about flight paths. I told the person I was questing with that we were being attacked from the air!!
  4. When Slig was a young’un in Thunder Bluff, some kids messed with my head. One kid was standing on the elevator ledge, threatening to jump off. The other kid was trying to convince his friend not to jump. They saw my shaman coming and he jumped. I was freaked out! I took the elevator down and rezzed him. Then the other kid jumped. And I realized they were punking me. So I just walked away and made the other kid do the corpse run.

I’ll probably do another post on my noobtastic adventures cuz I’ve got a lot of em. But now it’s your turn. Go ahead! Admit some of your dopiest noob WoW beliefs or pratfalls.


14 Responses to “Noob follies with a side of gankage”

  1. Well, the big one we all have to fess up to at 4theHorde is the April fools joke… I have an army of gnomes now.

    Way back in the day, when I was a lowbie in my 40’s or so, I heard about this battleground thing called a “twink” yeah, so I decided to roll a hunter and get him “awesome” gear. I recently went back and looked at his stuff…
    Spirit gear, check.
    Strength gear, check.
    Sy is a nub, check.


  2. Spirit gear for a hunter! Twinkage extraordinaire! I love it!

  3. He wasn’t totally speirit gear, but yeah, he had a few pieces with it on it….NUBZOR=SYLUS

  4. You totally pwned that DK!

    Biggest noob thing for me was with my 1st toon, a hunter, a Tauren Hunter, yes I was 4theHorde before I saw the flashing lights of Gnomerergan.

    I wouldn’t under any circumstances DISMISS my worg. I loved him too much, I didn’t want to *permanently* dismiss him.

    In the end I decided there had to be a better way of putting him away than dying.

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  6. Lactic Acid Says:

    Ahh my Alliance NELF hunter was siting around in +strength gear ….shudder (maybe I was trying for a melee build back in the day :p )

  7. Lactic Acid Says:

    Wait – I just read Gnomeaggedons comment… Gnomeaggedon you may have killed me, from the giggles – that I need to forward ^_^

  8. Nimrock Says:

    My favorite of all my noob moments:

    Sy and another friend of ours started playing wow before me so when I finally got a computer able to run wow they already had some money saved up. I had been playing for maybe a couple of hours when Sy offered to give me some gold.

    I said “no need, I’ve already got like 98 gold.”

    They were stunned (this was back when 1 gold was a big deal) until they figured out that what I thought was gold was actually copper.

  9. @Nim: LOL… that’s a GREAT story!!

  10. Nimah loves the copperz. He has mad copperz skillz!

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  14. […] in any case Slig has a great post about just this kinda situation over on For the Horde. GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

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