The Cost of Nobility

1. Haul your pet bunny wabbit all over creation for booty calls.

2. Get turned into a rabbit and sit around in boiling water waiting to lay an egg.

3. Eat yourself sick on chocolate.

4. Kiss an innocent bystander, just because he/she happens to be wearing a dress.

5. Spam trade chat for 18+ undead ladies to play dress up with.

6. Pray to your various gods that you will see a dwarf female.

7. Spend hours and hours in Bloodhoof village using such sophisticated forensic logic as “I saw it first” and “I was here before you.”

The Face of Nobility

The Face of Nobility

Yeah, I’m real Noble.



7 Responses to “The Cost of Nobility”

  1. The only way that pic could be funnier is if it was the Elegant dress, lol. That dress is so bridal

  2. The Elegant Dress makes my hips look so big though. I think the Spring Robes are much more flattering.

  3. Pugnacious Priest Says:

    awe thats so sweet!

  4. Gotta love the dress….why am I not shocked at the ears? Oh yeah, You’re a Final Fantasy Geek too! Love the shot Nim, but I agree with HP, you look good in the Elegant Dress. Your hips can handle the dress, definatly not to big!
    ~Uncle Sy

  5. Re: #7

    You forgot “Go find your own spot!”

  6. There are no female dwarfs. If you think you have seen a female dwarf it was a male with a shaved beard. Dwarfs reproduce asexual. You’ve just got male dwarfs laying fetilized eggs.

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