The Monday Mayhem

I’ve got a doosey of a post for you fine readers today! I’m all over the map and then back again! I’ve got a few pictures for you, I’ve got a quick statement from the mind of Sy, and I’m going to introduce you all to the lady that was clever enough to name my new spirit beast. Yeah, action packed folks, action packed.

First off, the Argent tournament is well under way, and the dailies are AWESOME! At some point this week I was able to go out and take on some commanders, lieutenants, scouts and foot soldiers with fellow blogger, and hunter Grimshott, aka Fikkle. It was a blast, and I got this awesome screenie.

Good Times.

Grim is also quite the fan of my spirit beast(and a bit jealous I’m guessing!) He had the pre-BC skin(minus cool see through and smokey effect) cat from Winter spring! Doesn’t it look sweet alongside my spirit beast?


In other News, Gozz acted out the March of the Penguins. Good Fun

That one on the left is the outsider, he may not get to huddle with the rest of the group when it gets cold…poor guy.

So, Gozz made Champion rank in the  tournament, and was awarded his squire. I’ve named my squire Steve. Squire Steve. I’ve also found the absolute BEST THING EVER to do with the Papa Hummle’s Pet Biscuits.

Steve has hit Puberty!

I’ve had some time to do some PVP on a newly 80 Sylus this week., First of all, leveling subtlety SUCKS, why I did this I’ll never know. I’ve switched to a mutilate build, and LOVE IT! I’m killing clothies left and right, and now have a bit of resilience, so I’m not getting knocked down left and right! Great. So, as I was waiting at the graveyard I popped open my honor pane, and what did I find? Blizzard is now figuring daily honor in Binary…Awesome.


Stinking BINARY!

Okay, Next, I wanted to take a moment to back off from the game and take a look at how I am perceived as a person playing this game. Not how is Sylus perceived, is he perceived as  a total killah-l33t-pvpbbqpwner? No, how am I perceived, as a person, while interacting with my guildies, trade chat, pugs, etc. I’ve been a jerk in the past. I’ve cut down people that didn’t know what they were doing, and honestly, didn’t deserve it. I’ve griped at guildies over stupid things, and I’ve even bashed on people behind their backs. I’ve totally ignored people that didn’t deserve it as well. I’m a jerk.

I’m not proud of these things, and I want to do something about it. I’m letting you guys know here at 4theHorde, that i want to be a better player, a better role model, and more accessible to the people around me in my game environment.

I know alot of people separate themselves from their toons. I have a hard time doing this. These characters are an extension of me. Sure, it’s a picture of an orc or an undead running around in a fantasy world, and I do encourage the RP, but I’m also the one behind the avatar. If I’ve mistreated you personally, sorry. If I’ve sluffed you off as a “noob” and moved on, sorry. I’m not here whining to anyone, I’m just taking a quick minute to try to right a few wrongs. I love the community in this game. I love the fact that I have some great friends that play wow with me, and I even have some great friends I’ve made while playing this game. These bloggers here at 4theHorde are definitely among those friends!  I really appreciate you guys, and just wanted to take a minute to tell you. Have fun guys, and I’ll see you in Azeroth and in all corners of the interwebs. Tell your Buddies you appreciate them, it doesn’t make you look as sissy as you think!

Truly Appreciative,

~Uncle Sy


7 Responses to “The Monday Mayhem”

  1. @Sy /agree My R/L friends call me by my main character name: Aboo. I talk and act the same in-game as I do in R/L as well. I have a hard time seperating.

    Where in the heck is the Argent tourny being held!? I want one of those ginormous lances! 🙂

  2. It’s being held in the very north east of Ice crown. Just look for the horses with metal guys on their backs, can’t miss it!

  3. Sy, I do not believe you ever were as big of a jerk as you claim to have been. I’ve never seen even CLOSE to that side of you. I mean, you had the hugest moral dilemma about what to do about the Nelf camping the spirit beast with you — and most of us were telling you to kill the beast if he got it before you did, but you thought that would be too jerkish.

  4. I unfortunately have been that big of a jerk. I try not to make it a habit, but it’s happened. I do owe a few people that apology. Just because you haven’t seen it, I’ve done it. Either way I’m not going to dwell on it, I’m just going to try to be the better person!

  5. Well you were nice to me… Once anyway… the one time I think I managed to log on when you guys were awake…

    While I think there are 9 more steps.. it’s good you have started

  6. yes, It is good!

  7. […] the long-page-loading screen-shots post, […]

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