The New Deal.

No, not that New Deal, but us here at 4theHorde have devised a new way of doing things around here. We aren’t doing this for selfish reasons either! We have you, the loyal 4theHorde readers in mind for this one! What we are going to do is quite simple. There are five of us writers here on the blog, and there are five days during the work week. We have decided that to guarantee we have new information up every day, important or not, we would assign each of us a day to be responsible for! I know, us, responsible?!?!  What the crap?!?!

So, here’s the lineup we have chosen.

On Mondays begin the work week with Uncle Sy.
On Tuesdays sit a spell with Nimrock.
On Wednesdays take a walk with Slig.
On Thursdays sit and have a slice, with Pie.
Finally, round out your work week with Fikkle-Fridays.

We are going to go with a free-for-all system on the weekends. If any of us wants to post, well, any of us can have at it! So, we hope you will all enjoy the new format, and hopefully this will give you all more reason to come back by everyday! You know you need a little more horde in your life!


7 Responses to “The New Deal.”

  1. Oooh, well more posts is always good news =) Hope the new schedule won’t get in the way though.

  2. Na, I think we’ll be fine, the five of us communicate daily, mostly through shinanigan filled emails, but no, we don’t for see stepping on each other!

  3. pitrelli Says:

    A debating post for the weekends would be interesting, maybe pick a flavour of the week gripe or subject and give your individual views on it. Just an idea, anyway keep up the good work 🙂

  4. @Pitrelli- I love the idea….I’ll discuss it with the others. Yes, if we were in lost, we would be the others…

  5. @Pitrelli- Also, I liked the blog got over there, added you to the roll, keep up the good work as well!

  6. I prefer “Tuesdays with Nimmy”

  7. pitrelli Says:

    Thanks for the add much appreciated

    Yeah I just thought the weekend debate would be something a bit different and since you are all pretty mad it would be interesting/humorous to see your thoughts on different aspects of the game both big and small.

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