We Have a Winner!!!!

First of all let me say that I was totally blown away by the responses we received from this contest! We had twenty eligible names for the contest, and let me tell you, I had a very hard time picking the name!Before I tell you all who I chose, let me take a minute to run through some of the names I was totally into. First of all, if I was going the silly route with this pet name, i would totally call him Gauze. Tesh suggested this name because Gauze is a translucent fabric used for bandaging. sprit beast is translucent, and my name is Gozz. PERFECT! I just don’t feel thta the silly route is the way to go for this majestic and rare beastie! The next name I fell in love with, but ultimately decided not to go with was Baracus, submitted by Youngbro. I was a HUGE A-Team fan in the 80’s, and who doesn’t like Mr. T??? But we all know he’s a night elf mohawk. If I were a night elf I’d totally name him this, wait, but if I were a night elf I’d be 13 years old and crying because this studly orc tamed him instead of me!!!! BURN! No, seriously, I love the nelfs….Okay, I like a few of you, not all of you though, you still smell funny. Moving on….

Guys, there were so many good names to choose from! The Winner of The Footsteps of Illidan Code is….

AKEMI!!!! Congratulations to Linzie!!!

I’m so thrilled that this contest went over so well. Thank you everyone for entering, and look forward to the next great contest! Who Knows, next we may be renaming Fikkle’s orc hunter when he turns him female….Does anyone else question the RP side of how this happens? Just curious.


Until next time, enjoy your loot Linzie!

~Uncle Sy


4 Responses to “We Have a Winner!!!!”

  1. Oh wow…I wasn’t expecting that at all 🙂 I’m so glad you liked it and thanks so much for the epic loots!

  2. Grats Linzie! I’m going to assume that you have already emailed me, I’ll go check it and send you the code!

  3. I am shocked and deeply saddened that CamelToe was not among the top choices. 😦

  4. As am I aboo, as am I!

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