Long Story, but there’s a Contest at the End!

Hello Interwebs! How ya been? Good? Great to hear! I’ve had a crazy two days since patch 3.1 dropped. (I’m not counting Tuesday, it was 7 server time before it went live) Before the patch ever dropped, one of my first goals was to go out, camp in Zul’Drak, and fine the new spirit beast, Gondria. Well, after about 12 hours, spread our over two days, I have attained my first goal of patch 3.1 I HAVE GONDRIA!!!!!

Before we get to the good stuff, a contest, I have a story. Yeah, you know you like stories. It all started Wednesday night. I got home from class at around seven in the evening server time. I checked my auctions and headed out to Zul’Drak, armed with a handy dandy notebook with the coordinates of the confirmed “Live” sightings of Gondria. (I’m always a bit Leary of PTR sightings for things like this, one quick code change and he spawns in different spots than what was on PTR) So, I found the three spots, marked them in my borked cartographer,(yeah, I need to update mods now that spirit beast is mine) set up a target gondria macro(easy /target Gondria) set it to my one key, and began flying. During this time I had a rousing interaction with a dirty male night elf hunter. He shoo’d me on several occasions. I am usually a pretty easy going hunter. I don’t get too worked up over much, but his guy stank of nelf-huntard-ness. I just knew that if I found it first, this guy would kill gondria before I got her tamed….One of those, “If I can’t have her, no one can” kind of guys.

I have to admit, I’m kind of one of those guys…So I brought up in guild chat my moral dilemma. The Conversation went something like this….


So there ya have it. I was all geared up to either get the spirit beast, or kill her myself. No other hunter, especially a NELF HUNTER was going to get it!!!

Needless to say, before I went to bed Wednesday night, I didn’t end up taming Spirit Beast. So, It’s 2:30 in the morning Thursday morning…Sylus here can’t sleep. He has visions of spirit beast dancing through his head. I got up, and for about thirty minutes pathed the same triangular path I was growing overly accustomed to. No dice. Back to bed. The wife, aka Mrs. Sy gets up way too early every morning to get around for her bring home the bacon teaching job. This morning was very odd, i followed her out of bed. Yes, up at 5:30… I got a cup of coffee, and headed straight for the computer. I had to tame the beast. I started pathing and for the next five and a half hours flew the same redundant path I had flown the previous evening.(Minus the 20 minutes for a shower, as I had to substitute teach that afternoon) So, No beast…But I did meet a wonderful night elf, that changed my thoughts on the “tame or kill” mentality I had. You see, flying around in the same path for hours at a time can make you downcast. It can make you bitter. Nelfs shooing me makes me even more bitter though. Then along came Kasanagi. A female night elf with a pleasant disposition. After several passes (She was camping one  of the particular spots) she began to wave. Me, not really looking for a wave, more expecting s shoo, or a spit, waved back. After about 45 minutes of the same routine for me, I get a whisper from fellow hordie hunter, who asked me what I would do if another hunter found the spirit beast first, and I found them taming it…I hesitated. I repressed the bitterness  down inside of me, and told them that I would throw down a trap to help, and /salute. Hunter Pride and what not. They then began to tell me that they would do the same, that this person was the female night elf that was camping Gondria. Over the next ten minutes we had a great discussion, and I actually got to know this NELF, this alliance toon…and I was back. I had let myself get in the way of taking pride in my actions, and doing the right thing even if it was to a dirty night elf. So, I had a huge change of heart, thanks to a new friend Kasanagi.

I didn’t find spirit beast that morning…no, I went to school and subbed for half a day, then got home and started my path again. or three more hours I flew the same wicked triangle. One of my guildies, Vrugore started his search as well. I just knew he’d find it first….But, sorry V, I GOT MAH SPIRIT BEAST!!!!! At 6:15 server time, I found him!!!! I fumbled with my keyboard, unmounted, abandoned my pet, threw a freezing trap down, and hit tame…Those ten seconds are the longest ten seconds I have ever experienced in the world of warcraft to date. I was so excited. All of the stories about how hunters are flipping our when they find spirit beast were dead on. I didn’t experience this when I tamed the first spirit beast, no, but I didn’t put in tons of hours camping him. I found him while on a routine mining loop… So this was HUGE for me! I went crazy, and I am pretty sure ruined a few guildies hearing in vent.

So, I say all of that, to get to this very awesome conclusion.


That’s right folks, I’m having a naming contest! If you come up with the name, that I end up likeing enough to use, I will send you a code for an unscratched footsteps of illidin card!!!!

This can be yours! Just send me a name for the new spirit beast, and give me a reason why I should use your name, and this code could be yours!!!! Make it serious, RP, funny, whatever, I don’t care! If I use your name, you win a code! It’s that simple! You have one week from today. Good luck, and be creative!

~Uncle Sy
(Gozz and his new beasty)


33 Responses to “Long Story, but there’s a Contest at the End!”

  1. Notadrood

    Not a druid.

    Since everytime the spirit strike hits someone in the guild wonders where their MOTW buff is.

    alternately: Nomotwu

  2. Not bad, not bad, reasons for the alternate name? Just like the way it sounds? I thought about naming it Notvrugores, sinse I got it, and he didnt, but that’s just evil!

  3. Alternate name is NO MOTW U cuz No MOTW For U was a bit long…and NOMOTWFU seems rude.

  4. Xikar – That name just sounds sharp, like cutting edge sharp.

    It is also a brand of cigar cutter that is considered amongst some to be the best cigar cutter you can get.

    That is what I will name mine when I finally tame him.

  5. AMUN (AH’-muhn; Male): This would be a good name for a dominant cat; a strong but silent type that may very well have sired countless offspring. You see, Amun was the god of fertility, reproduction, and sexual power. Due to this attribute, he was also considered god of agriculture. His name signified “the hidden” or secret operations unknown to man. He was the chief god, King of the Gods, not unlike his counterparts ZEUS and Odin. With his ruling might over the gods, Amun soon became associated with the Pharaohs. With the combined powers of regeneration and royalty, Amun became linked to the sun and the great god RA, becoming known as Amun-Ra, which pretty much consolidated his status as supreme god. As with many religions

  6. Akemi. It’s a japanese name meaning bright or beautiful. I think it sounds nice too 🙂

  7. BTW, I am not eligible (my choice) for the card. I was just tossing out names to see what people thought. I have to name my own spirit beast. Of course mine is the old bland one…heh

  8. Doom
    Hauraro (northern wind)
    Iraja (born of the wind)
    Irirangi (spirit voice)
    Seda (forest spirit)
    Hukapapa (frost)

  9. BTW, noob question. What’s the code good for?

  10. tamed him finally

  11. oh i named mine fluffykins, in honour of the Brothers Tauren video

  12. The code is good for the footsteps of illidin card linked in the post….gives you glowey green flames wherever you step!


  13. YUKIKO

    Gender: Feminine

    Usage: Japanese

    Other Scripts: 幸子, 雪子, 由喜子, 由貴子 (Japanese)
    From Japanese 幸 (yuki) “happiness” or 雪 (yuki) “snow” combined with 子 (ko) “child”. Alternatively, it can come from 由 (yu) “reason” with 喜 (ki) “joy” or 貴 (ki) “valuable” combined with 子 (ko) “child”.
    straight sexy

  14. Good suggestions, I have a favorite, but the week is still young! Keep the suggestions coming!

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  16. pitrelli Says:

    I think ‘Bastet’ would be an awesome name, it pays homage to the egyptian goddess if you are into mythology


  17. Loque Balboa.

  18. tamed him new video, had to edit it

  19. Very cool Vid Kus! Keep up the good work, and if your hordie toons ever need a home, give us a yell, Ashes could use more GOOD hunters like you!

  20. And just what, exactly, are you implying, my dear Sylus???!?

  21. CamelToe

    Because of his shoulders in your screenie, obviously! 🙂

  22. “Saber” would also work. He looks like the ghost of a saber-tooth. Not very creative, but appropriate.

  23. Micans Oculus

    Translates to Glowing Eye. Either would be appropriate singly as well if two part names are not allowed.

    Porro Dentis (Dentibus)

    Translates to: Long Tooth (Teeth)

    Personally, I like Dentibus.

    “Venit” – (see suggestion in my first comment!)

  24. I’m implying that we only want good hunters, to match all of the good hunters we have!!!! Duh.

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  26. Pablo the purple spirit beast.

    Or Tim…

    Or Cliff…
    yeah, Cliff, strong and simple.

  27. Onak

    If I will I’ll tell you what it means.


  28. Edrohehtrof
    Just to balance out and mirror:

    to reveal your secret Gnomish personality:

    Cause it’s got to be an Orc interpretation of Fleet-Thing… and
    it was you, not the NightElf that one the booty…

  29. Wow guys, thanks for the great responses! Just one more day until I pick a winner!

  30. Youngbro Says:

    Baracus – Mr. T’s character in the A-Team (B.A. Baracus)

    Razboi – which is Romanian for war

    Muan – in south american folk lore he was a demon who would take a cat-like apperance

    Montecore – the Siegfried and Roy tiger who attacked Roy (kind of insensitive to Roy but I doubt he plays on your server)

  31. I’d name it Nekami or Murasakami. (Portmanteaus of “cat spirit” and “violet spirit” in Japanese.)

    You could also go the slightly silly route and name it Gauze, a translucent fabric used for bandages… a bit of an ironic name, as well as a head turner when the two of you are out together.

  32. Thonto Says:


    What… no one remembers Inspector Gadget?

  33. […] there’s Gondria, or as Grubs dubed her, Akemi from the naming […]

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