Coming for you Naxx

Okay so perhaps you’ve read about your misadventures in Naxx. Last night after a week of not raiding due to some real life stuffs, we went back in as AoT. Now to be honest some of us have been in Naxx and been successful with other guilds or PUGs. But this was a guild run and let’s be honest, it’s different. We added to people in to PUG the last two spots though. SPriest for the win too!

So how did we do? Spider wing down! Finally taking down the big ugly spider on our second try. Of course the main tank, myself and possibly the OT are dead at the end and DoTs are quickly killing said spider and we are screaming over Vent, go go go! Luckily the warlock got that pet that looks like an earth elemental (and I’ve totally Sy’d the name now) and was able to hold aggro on the last 30k health.

On to Plague wing. We down the first boss in a one shot after some really crazy wipes to trash. Note to self, that first PAT comes deep in the hallway, don’t let someone go AFK and face pull.

Safety dance was fail a few times. Oh and ret pally please don’t use Seal of Blood on this fight. Serious nub there. /blush.

To be honest safety dance was late in the night for most of us, for me it was hot in the room my computer is in and I was way tired and not on my best game.

Raiding as melee is so much different than raiding as a hunter.


5 Responses to “Coming for you Naxx”

  1. For the record, I can dance. Like a pro. I may be big and covered in armor but I’m like Warren Sapp. “Dancing with the slime-flares of doom.”

    My pump-up music? Men Without Hats, duh.

  2. Oh and I forgot the best part.

    Nim singing “We Can Dance” during the dance. Of course I was laying on the ground dead before that point, because let’s just say Seal of Blood is bad.

  3. Hah, my guild is doing our first official run thru Naxx this week, too! Kinda the same situation, we’ve all joined Naxx pugs before, but have never ran a raid group ourselves. It’s waaaaaay different, isn’t it?? So much fun tho!

    Our biggest hang-up so far was the “tank toss” before Thaddius; our Warlock and Rogue kept getting tossed instead, which was like “WTF,” and of course led to some extremely hilarious wipes. xD

    Good luck getting through to KT, guys ;D!

  4. We did great, the only thing I even sort of am not a fan of is when we grab pugs, as we had to do last night, is when we do stupid stuff, ie pet pulls b4 we are ready, DC’s during boss fights, going afk for long periods of time, etc. Not that these are bad during guild runs, we as a guild understand this. It’s the people we bring with us that I feel bad for having to put up with us! Not that any of us are immune to those stupid things happening, but I stillfeel bad for the ones that don’t know us enough to want to put up with us!!!
    ~Uncle Sy

  5. I’m too sexy for this dance…

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