Stuck at work Blues!

So, here it is, a very amazing Saturday, mid morning. I’m stuck inside, at work, with no wow, but, lots of interwebs! Okay readers, it’s time to earn your keep! No, I don’t want your money, your goldz, or your cheeseburgers. Okay, maybe a cheeseburger, if you feel like bringing me one, but that’s a story for a different post. What do you recommend for a slow day at a retail place. I have interwebs, I have a creative mind, and I have red bull(One must stay awake!). Anyone have any awesome flash  games I should go check out? anyone have any awesome sites I should go read? Help a blogger out here! I can’t even write a great post, as I have no screenies with me! ARRRG!

Bored and BOREDER,


4 Responses to “Stuck at work Blues!”

  1. I will give you trinkets!! Funny site: … Here you can look at new sites on the web: … Here you can look at your family name(s) and where they came from or are currently: …Here you can practice speed reading: … Here you can look for yardsales in your ‘hood: … That should get you started!

  2. I hate the Work Blues! I am so not looking forward to another long week. I would have traded you my Saturday. Took my 3 girls to Hannah Montana movie.

  3. Okay, Abruzzi wins. I would rather be at work, than go to ANY Hannah Montana movie…. You win the “my weekend sucked” award!!!

    I didn’t see pie much this weekend….or Fikkle for that mater….Were you guys watching the enw hannah montana movie????

  4. Sweet I always wanted that You win the “my weekend sucked” award!!! Don’t get me wrong I love my girls, but HM is starting to get to me 10 times worse the the Barnie phase. Thank God for letting me find Wow! @Game Dame thanks for the WowBash site it will get me though another long week. For the Horde 4 life!

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