The Comment that Became a Post.

Let me preface this post with a statement.  From April 1 to present, I have been living an extended april fools joke. This post was born out of a comment that I almost posted a few minutes ago in Fikkle’s reply post to our April fools post…Keep up here Pie.

YOU ALL SUCK. I think I am the sickest of us all. I have always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS  been TOTALLY ANTI-ALLY! Now I am so caught up in all of this shinanigan-ness that I have an entire ARMY OF GNOMES!!! I have a gnome rogue, a gnome warlock(which is going to lvl with or without these shmucks) a gnome warrior, a gnome mage, and a gnome death knight(to say I have one). A STINKIN ARMY OF GNOMES!!! You heard it right. I am becoming a fan of gnomes, AND NOT JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE A LEAN SOURCE OF PROTEIN AND THE FAT THEY DO HAVE IS GOOD FAT, LIKE FISH!!! I have been the extreme butt of this joke. For that I hate you all. Die in a gnome fueled fire. Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme. I’m really seriously a bit upset at myself for falling for the gnomes so fast…. I FAIL with a capital PH. And now I am stuck admitting to the world…..

My Name is Sylus, and I’m a gnome rogue…..

Your Pint Sized Friend,
~Uncle Sy


6 Responses to “The Comment that Became a Post.”

  1. Let me be clear.

    I think Blizzard has done a great job in making the lore allow you to see both the good and bad with both the Alliance and Horde. If you get into the lore and into the little “extras” that they put into the races, you can love them all.

    I think what makes some of us, across the WOW community, hate certain things, is what makes WOW special. The people behind the characters.

    The constant bouncing, jumping Legolaszzz NElf Hunters irritated me as a person trying to be the best hunter I could be. Is that the races fault or the people who just want to be l33t? That gnome rogue that is hard to target because he just so dang small? Okay this is the race issue and the fact that I stink at PvP.

  2. OMG, best use of Snapshots EVAR!! (And I normally hate those things!) ROFLMAO… great post and great pics, Sy.

  3. My boyfriend loves the effect of pygmy oil because he likes gnomes too! You should probably keep a stockpile of them to feed your addiction lol =)

  4. Pygmy oil is for alchemy, not for gnome making.

  5. I WAS a diehard Horde lover (No not while I was a Gnome).

    I actually used to stir WoW Alliance playing incessantly…

    After 2 Horde toons, and a collapsed guild, my fiends and I “disappeared” to a new server, and to protect our identities, rolled Alliance.

    Tried Humans for about as long as it takes to say… “They run funny… funny bad that is”.

    So Gnome was the G.O.

    Now whenever I feel myself missing my Horde toons, I just take my Gnome down to Org, and check out the view.

  6. okay okay serious fer the horde? yeah i have a level 80 undead warlock and level 80 tauren warrior…..but nobody can defeat my level 80 gnome rogue. i am for the horde but my gnome is overall better than both my horde members.

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