An April Fool’s Joke Gone Wrong: Why Altaholics Can’t Joke About Starting Gnew Toons

So earlier, For The Horde posted an April’s Fools joke as did many others in the Blogosphere, I’m sure.   The basic idea was “We represent the Horde.  What could be the most outrageous thing we could do?” 

Roll Gnomes of course.  (No offense to Gnomeaggedon, who is most tolerable for a Gnome.  Except when he’s off Gnomesnatchin.)

Thus the joke was born and For The Horde had an April Fool’s post.  Until we actually started talking about it.  Somehow, as most of us should’ve been working today, an epic email chain formed.  It was indeed so epic, that gmail eventually started a second thread because we had reached the 100 replies limit.  Gnone of us had gnown there was a limit.  I’m sure gnot many people do.  There is a limit.  It’s 100 emails.  Ya, epic.  Anyways, throughout the email we joked with the idea of rolling the gnomes to get screenshots.  Then we had an insider (pun intended) start reserving gnome gnames on Coilfang.  Then Sy realized that he has Horde toons on Coilfang.  It’s a pvp server. Phail.  Nim does as well.  As do I, although I have an empty account on that server, so I had options.  Then we decided we gneeded a gnew server.  Several gnames were tossed about.  Then we figured that we could actually get out and level these guys for the gnew blog that Pie started.  Didn’t see it.  Have a look.

Ultimately we decided we were actually going to try a Pox Arcanum-style group once a week and get out and level some Alliance toons.  And if we’re grabbing our swords to fight the Hordes, we gneeded a pvp server.

Eventually, we settled on Maelstrom as it satisfied many criteria.  It’s an Arpeeeee server.  Sweet.  It’s a PvP server.  Die scum!  It’s a medium population realm.  We’ll leave the Q’s to Euri.  It has a cool name.  Yes, this was a requirement, although I’m gnot going to the out the individual who required it.

In the end, we settled on the fact that gno one gneeded to roll anything specific, and how we roll both here at For The Horde and there at Grab Your Sword, is that you play what you enjoy.  Luckily for me, I totally called dibs on the Dwarf character.  And I totally made Butters re-roll.  This is what the roster looks like:

Fikkle: Dwarf Warrior (Tank)

Pie: NElf Druid (Heals)

Sylus: Gnome(!) Rogue (!!!)

Slig: Draenei Hunter (Deeeps)

Nimrock: Gnome Mage (Bi’cuts’n’Graaaavy)

Ya, we’re a motley crew.  Which, ironically, was a gname suggested for the guild we will eventually create over there.  It was vetoed.  We’re still trying to think up a great gname.  It’ll come to us.

Anyways, we rocked Dun Morogh, all five of us together, completely obliterating everything.  As Pie gushed like a sap (get it, cause he’s a drood) in the email chain, hanging out and groupin up together like that is so much fun its unreal.  We’re probably only gonna get limited play time with these characters, as in once a week, and they may eventually fall by the way side, but even if they gnever get to level 20, they will always be a blast to roll out together.

And that, my friends, is why altaholics cannot joke about starting gnew toons.

Evidently, the joke was on us.


— Fikkle

Grab Your Sword!


15 Responses to “An April Fool’s Joke Gone Wrong: Why Altaholics Can’t Joke About Starting Gnew Toons”

  1. GollyGosh, So Gmany G’eees
    Gnobody would Guse that Gmany G’eees in Greal speech Gwould they?

    Sounds awesome… maybe I should reroll NomeSnatcha there as well… Hell, by the time you folk are 55, I will be 56!

  2. Melissa Says:

    I’m mostly alliance, but I love rolling new horde toons. Waking up lazy peons has to be the best starting quest of ANY zone!

  3. Lazy Peons is in fact one of the best quests ever.

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  5. ….I still hold reservations to this….but I am finding that I kinda, sorta, in an ensy-wensy, tiny little way, am liking my gnome….

  6. I’m assuming that the puns with all the small references to your gnome were totally intended… That being said, I knew you would dude, because its with all of us.. This group is going to be so much fun to roll together…

    Wait 4 It!


  7. Okay. If you are wanting to make the rogue work for you, I can play a dwarf pally until later, say 55, then I’d like to roll a gnome DK, for the fun of it!

  8. Seriously, just pick a class. Gah It’s like YOU guys have altitist or something

  9. Pie has a point, fix your line up! I think I’m going with the lock or the rogue for the group….Imma let you guys vote.

  10. or my rogue, we are on a pvp server, stealth=life!

  11. Alright I thought we said no DKs…? And if anyone rolled a DK they BETTER be sending me cash for bags!!!!

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  15. Nice theme of the website…

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